Wall Clock Designs to Turn Your Ordinary Walls into Special Ones

“Time doesn’t stop for anyone”– Anonymous. 

It is a sentence that shows how important it is to keep up with time. Many people quoted it in the past. Some of us cash out time wisely while others ruin it to regret it forever. Everything depends on how we consume it. Similarly, the time factor decides how serious you are in your life and how you manage your schedule accordingly. Therefore, clocks have been keeping us on track since they were invented. It is something that we all have in our homes, offices and the rest of the places to stay connected with our schedule. And here come wall clock designs, of course, nobody wants to have a boring wall clock design in their place. Will you?

We all have different styles and preferences that we imply in our valuables to match our personalities. Likewise, every room has different wall clock designs according to their arrangements. For instance, a bedroom has a different wall clock design, the dining room has a different one, and the study and drawing rooms have totally different designs. Let’s talk about all the wall clock designs to help you to decide what’s better for you.  

Evolution of Wall Clock Designs

Evolution of Wall Clock Designs
The evergreen pendulum wall clock that brings a sense of royalty.

From pendulum wall clocks to print wall clocks, they have evolved a lot. Still, you may see many people using those antique wall clocks in their houses as a sign of inheritance. In addition, you may also see ultra-modern designs that show a combination of wall clocks and creativity. We all have our own preferences. Nowadays, you will see creative wall clocks that exhibit the brilliance of an artist with a clock. All you need is a clock with a unique design whether it is a motivational quote, an art, religious calligraphy or even scenery. 

Wall Clock Decoration Ideas

Wall Clock Decoration Ideas
There are many walls clock designs but this one reminds you about your loved ones.

There are numerous decorative wall clocks where you do not need anything else for your wall. Just a wall clock is enough to do the job. Wall sticker versions are the best at the moment where you can use multiple wall clock designs. For instance, a bedroom wall clock can be surrounded by the art of flowers or birds, try out these wall stickers also. You can use motivational quotes around your wall clock, so every time you look at it, you will get a reminder for your goal in life. Have a look at these amazing wall frame ideas

Similarly, you can use religious verses around your wall clock to keep yourself a reminder about your hereafter. Also, colours play a key role in your life, just like your room’s arrangement also needs contrast with your wall clock. Each wall deserves a great colour combination with a clock. Besides, you may use artificial flowers for your home decoration.

Types of Wall Clocks

Types of Wall Clocks
An unorthodox design of wall clock that you would want in your study room.

Have you ever thought about using different kinds of wall clock designs in your house? Make sure you know about the types of wall clocks so you can choose the best wall clock designs. Normally there are two main types that further divide into other types,

  • Classic
  • Unorthodox

Classic ones are evergreen that we all have in our homes and offices. But the unorthodox or novel types are the most trending ones. These types of wall clock designs are something you need in your kids’ room or study room to make a creative and cool mindset. Everyone needs a room where unique designs and features are used to enjoy the peaceful time you need. Even some firms have unique wall clock designs to motivate their employees for creative ideas. You may also try these furniture ideas for your house.

Wall Clocks Prices in Pakistan

Wall Clocks Prices in Pakistan
A classic wall clock design that anyone can order online in different colours and formats.

As technology is updating, everything is becoming easier. Now you don’t have to visit physical shops to buy clocks anymore. There are better ways to buy with unique wall clock designs. All you have to do is search on the internet and find amazing wall clocks for your rooms. In addition, you may get them delivered to your doorstep. Just select your favourite wall clock and pay cash on delivery for it. It is as simple as that. Have a look at these clocks in JO Mall.

If we discuss wall clock price in Pakistan, there is an extensive range along with discounts. Starting from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 100,000 and onwards, these clocks have different worth according to their features. The more antique they are, the higher the worth they have. But if you are looking for unorthodox or novel wall clock designs, their prices range between Rs.700 and Rs.2000 with discounts. They are not that expensive and you can have multiple of them for each room. 


“People think they own time. They have watches and clocks and digital pulses. But they are wrong. Time owns them.” – Caroline B. Cooney, American author.

You can’t control time but at least you can manage it. Always try to do your best to decorate your home, because your home is a place where comfort begins. Whether it is about your walls, furniture, kitchen accessories, garden, or even terrace, it is your job to decide what suits you. That’s all from our end for you, hope you like it. Have a look at these bedsheet designs for your home and also learn these balcony safety ideas for your kids in Jagah Online’s blogs section. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more information.