Your Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Bedsheet Design!

Thread count of a Bedsheet
Best Fabric Content for Bedsheets
Preferred types of Weaves for Bedsheets
Best Bedsheet designs for 2022
Sizes of Bedsheets

Bonjour! If you are looking to buy new bedsheets, look nowhere other than this blog. After day long hard work, you deserve to rest on comfy bottoms. It doesn’t matter whether you have a luxurious Roman bed or a small single one. Anything that matters is the material and the bed sheet design, it is swaddled in. Meanwhile, it is no rocket science to choose from a variety of bed sheet designs. However, there are some complications which should be given full attention if you desire a fancy bargain. So, we have brought you nice tips and suggestions to enjoy the latest bedsheet designs in 2022. It is a must-read blog before you head to buy a vibrant bed sheet design of mediocre fabric. As a matter of fact, welcome to the ultimate bed sheets buying guide.

Thread Count of a Bedsheet

Thread Count of a Bedsheet
Determining the thread count is good but not necessary to some extent

A thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal fibres intertwined per square inch of a fabric. To cut to short, the higher the number of threads counts, the more breathable a fabric would be. It is supposed that higher thread count materials are softer and become even softer by time. However, the quality varies from fabric to fabric. In addition, thread counts in a fabric also adds up to bed sheet design quality. A mere higher number of thread counts does not guarantee the best material. Since many fabrics perform really well in lower thread counts. Meanwhile, it is suggested to opt for products categorising within 200 ~ 800-mark count.

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Best Fabric Content for Bedsheets

Best Fabric Content for Bed Sheets
It is important to find the best fabrics for bed Sheets (courtesy: Global Textiles)

On every bedsheet, you will find Fabric Content mentioned. This refers to the materials used to manufacture the product you are looking at. The preference for fabric and bed sheet design is totally dependent on personal likings. However, we will share the best fabric content for bedsheets which you should consider.

  1. Cotton
  2. Polyester
  3. Linen
  4. Silk

Let us give you some briefs about these fabrics.


Cotton bed sheets are the most popular among all

No doubt that cotton should be the foremost choice when it comes to buying a bedsheet in Pakistan. Since the weather is quite dry most of the time in a year, cotton resists well. Meanwhile the fibre is soft, affordable and cool which makes it popular. However, choosing the durable best cotton bed sheets can be challenging since there are many fake cottons in the market.


Polyester does not shrink even after many washes

Are you frustrated by those wrinkles in your cotton bedsheets? The answer has come to such concerns in the form of Polyester. Along with being wrinkle free, it is also cheap and soothing. Unlike cotton, polyesters do not shrink after several washes. However, there is a loophole while choosing it over cotton, polyester is not rich in comfort.


Grey Linen Bed Sheet Plain Design

Since quite a time from now, Linen has been in demand for new bed sheet designs. Linen shares the same prestige as cotton while opting for a bedsheet. Even though it is not luxurious, it will help a bit on special occasions. Similar to cotton, buying real linen might be stretching.


Cyan Silk is quite royal to bedroom mood

Special bedrooms require special attention and silk is the second name for attention. To create the mood for love, relaxation and tranquillity, silk is the best option. Meanwhile, bed sheets designs made with silk cost a lot higher than usual bedsheets. It is also considered fancy to be considered for bridal bed sheet design.

Preferred Types of Weaves for Bedsheets

We won’t stop here, there is much more to know before reaching any conclusion. Find out the best bed sheet design for yourself within these weaves. Some of the preferred types of weaves for bed sheets are;

  1. Percale
  2. Sateen
  3. Jersey
  4. Flannel

Some of the useful information which you should know are shared below:


It is a famous saying that Percale’s finely bound weave quickly achieves a traditional one-thread-over-one feel. On the other hand, Percale bed linens are created from lengthy Egyptian cotton; which further gets processed to remove any impurities and coloured organically. The fabric has a plain, matte texture and is extremely breathable; thanks to the pattern. Meanwhile, it is also distinguished because it gets softer with each wash. Percale bed sheet designs are cool to the touch and ideal across all weathers. However, it is exceptionally soothing during warmer seasons.


This bedsheet fabric is often stronger and thus more densely woven. Sateen bed sheets design is recognised for its lustre and stretch and are stitched to generate a silky matte finish with a bright sheen. It has a smooth, welcoming feel to it, making it ideal for cosy to nestle in cold winter months. It’s produced using the four over and one under method.


If knitted over good quality cotton, jerseys are about as comfy as t-shirts. However, it’s crucial to remember that the higher the cotton grade, the better the jersey will feel. The Jersey knitted bed sheet designs are similar to those of delightfully comfy t-shirts. Meanwhile, the stretchy suppleness makes them wonderfully relaxed to sleep in.


Flannel offers a comfortable and gentle feeling courtesy to its combed surface on one or perhaps both faces. The smooth, fuzzy pattern of flannel makes it great for cold because it traps heat and keeps you warm. The majority of flannel bed sheet designs are composed of 100% cotton. Meanwhile, It’s a medium-to-heavy-weight cladding.

Best Bedsheet Designs for 2022

Best Bed Sheet Designs for 2022
Following are some of the best bed sheet designs for 2022

Let’s help you out in finding some of the best bed sheet designs. We have gathered the latest bedsheet designs of 2022. Following are some of the popular bed sheet designs with prices;

Pattern Floral Bed Sheet Design

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A very popular texture for your bedroom could be this pattern of floral bed sheet design. You may experiment with different colours according to the wall colours of the room. One may use such bedsheets for special occasions.

Price: PKR 2,400

Rose Petal Bed Sheet Design

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If you are a desi family, then roses are a must in bedrooms. Somehow it has become tradition to have at least one rose petal bed sheet design on your sleeping place.

Price: PKR 2,800

Plain Stripes Bed Sheet Design

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Little bit cheap but sober to watch. Plain stripes can turn out to be a nice addition to your bed sheet design collection. These can be used while having family gatherings.

Price: PKR 1,500

Sea Waves Bed Sheet Design

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A little bit exceptional, sea wave texture can help out to be a nice thing to cover your mattress. Meanwhile, a variety of colours can be experimented with according to the mood of the moment. 

Price: PKR 2,200

Sizes of Bedsheets

Sizes of Bed Sheets
Sizes of latest Bedsheet designs.

The study ends with learning the size of your bedsheet. It is very necessary to determine your mattress’ depth first. If you possess an extraordinary mattress, the queen or the king won’t help, of course the sizes. It is very emphasised to measure your mattress depth and then look for a fit size of bedsheet. Following, shared are some standard sizes of Bed sheets.


Fitted: 91 x 191 x 40cm
Flat: 180 x 275cm

King Single

Fitted – 107 x 203 x 40cm
Flat – 200 x 275cm


Fitted – 137 x 191 x 40cm
Flat – 230 x 275cm


Fitted – 152 x 203 x 40cm
Flat – 255 x 275cm


Fitted – 183 x 203 x 40cm
Flat – 285 x 275cm

On this note, we should sum up our comprehensive ways to choose a bed sheet buying guide. We hope you will visit us soon. You can also visit our products at JO Mall. Meanwhile, stay connected on Facebook and LinkedIn.