Best House Cleaning Tips to Make your Living Space Look Beautiful

Clear The Dust
Clean the Clutter
Clean Mirror and Glass
Clean The Surface
Make Your Bed
Clean when Cooking
Laundry Everyday
Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning a home is no doubt the most hectic job; for some people, maybe it is therapy, but for more, it is way too stressful. Working women, mothers, bachelors each and everyone want their living space to look clean. To solve your problem, we have collected the easiest and quickest tips to make your house shine. With these House Cleaning Tips, you can clean your house twice faster than before. 

During holidays, or before any occasion, deep cleaning of the house is mandatory, and there is no excuse. All members of the house get involved in the cleaning. However, a clean home is pretty satisfying. It is time to gear up your broom and go on a cleaning ride.

The Ultimate House Cleaning Checklist

Clear The Dust

clean the dust
Clean the dust from every corner of the house 

The first step of cleaning starts with dusting. Before starting with wet cleaning, try to clean parched dust from every corner of your house. You will probably find the dust from blinds, chandeliers, lamps, bookshelves, coffee tables, every room, and every roof. Get rid of the dust to proceed to the next step. Sometimes dust and grease combine, which become hard to clean. This mostly happens in the kitchen. Dip a cloth in warm water to clean such dusty Grease.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to clean the top of the fridge. Most of the dust gathers there and then falls off.

Clean the Clutter

There is no better time to declutter products that are taking unnecessary space. Check into every room and pick up each item such as coats, clothes, newspapers, magazines, shoes, and old sneakers that are not used anymore. Gather all the stuff and plan what to keep and what to donate. 

Apart from this, place everything to its place. During cleaning, we encounter so many missing things to avoid misplacing it is prior to putting the item where it belongs. Arranging and organizing everything will satisfy you every time you open the drawer.

Pro Tip: Invest in a mini cupboard with drawers. You can stash all your items at their particular place so they do not clutter your floor or kitchen counter.

Clean Mirror and Glass

Clean Mirror and Glass
Clean the mirror with a cleanser

Glass and mirrors get cloudy, dusty, or if you have little ones, you can find their handprints. To make your glass sparkle again, you can use glass cleaner, which gives a shiny reflection. Also, these cleaners come in a variety of textures and scents. Sounds fantastic but also expensive. 

For less expensive glass cleaning or chemical solutions, vinegar is the perfect cleanser. You can follow the given steps to make a vinegar solution.

Step 1: Take a bowl and add some water and white vinegar.

Step 2: Pour the mixture into an empty spray bottle and shake well.

Step 3: Spray on the mirror or glass for the perfect reflection.

Pro tip: instead of using cloth, you can use newspaper to wipe the glass. The newspaper has a very light material; it has soft fibre, allowing a smooth touch to the surface.

Clean The Surface

You can find house surfaces like doorknobs, door handles, switchboards, taps, tables, bookshelves, carpets getting dusty day by day. Make a habit of cleansing these high-touch places twice a month. You can use suitable products for the cleaning purpose, and once done, disinfect the surfaces to reduce the chances of covid-19 transmission.

Keep a Clean Home Tips and Tricks

wash dishes
Wash dishes after every meal

Assume how tense will be the situation when you forget to clean the spilled cup of coffee on the floor, and your guest is coming the next day. Mopping the floor or finding a floor cleaning service in Karachi could be problematic. Leaving the house untidy puts a very negative impression on your guests. It is better to keep your home clean before it turns out a mess.

To keep your house clean, you can do regularly 3 to 4 tasks, so you don’t need to put extra effort into the complete house cleaning. If your home is clean, you don’t need to look for house cleaning services. Divide your tasks into daily and weekly schedules, which is the secret of a clean house.

Make Your Bed

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. Following the motivational quote, it is true that waking up early and making your bed makes you a productive person. Once you wake up, rearrange all your pillows, fold the sheets nicely and place them at the edge of the bed. Smooth the bed sheet with your hands to make it wrinkle-free.

Cleanup While Cooking

The loaded sink with dirty utensils looks awful. It is essential to clean dishes after every meal and snack. Besides wiping your counter, place every item at its desired place. This habit will make your kitchen glance cleaner without worrying about household pests.

Laundry Everyday

Piling up the unwashed clothes for a week is a tedious task. It’s better to gather all the house’s laundry in a bucket to wash for the next day. Pop your all load in the watching machine before heading outside. Adjust the timer and let the machine make around. Once cleaned, dry the clothes and fold them the same day. Daily laundry is an excellent life-changing practice. Besides, you don’t need to work on weekends now.

Follow Home Cleaning Schedule

Indeed, everyone wants to live in a neat, clean, and shiny house. To keep dirt away from the house, schedule the cleaning task. Make a routine if you wish to clean your house in a day or a week. You can divide the home chores like one day for dusting and vacuuming and the next day for mopping. Besides, you can go along with small 5 min tasks, including washing dishes and organizing daily use items.

It’s time to wrap our blog with house cleaning tips. Although doing home chores is not everyone’s favourite activity, allowing yourself to spend some time while maintaining your house brings calm and positive vibes to the surroundings. With a clean house, you can plan interior designing to give your home a fancy look.

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