Did You Know These 7 Decorating Trends to Avoid in Pakistan? 

Decoration all around the world changes so rapidly because we all love to follow trends. Each trend brings something new to us, which makes our style update. Similarly, we love to decorate our homes to feel good as well as to impress our guests. Now the question arises about decorating trends. What are some of the decorating trends to avoid?

Some trends are really soothing but on the same hand, they are also outdated and make your house look vintage. No one wants to look old or like a grandparent in a young or middle age. Because your decoration style shows your true spirit. Whether it is your floor, roof, furniture, or walls, you must know when to change them. In addition, some decoration ideas can also help you with that. Meanwhile, you may have a look at these outdated home trends.

Everyone in Pakistan must have at least one of the below-mentioned elements in their homes. These old-fashioned decorating ideas can really make your house look unappealing.

Popcorn Ceiling

Ceiling of popcorn pattern
An old design that would make your ceiling look awful, is also one of the decorating trends to avoid.

Some people love smooth ceilings while some love the texture on them. When it comes to texture, popcorn style used to be trendy but not anymore. It makes you look behind the times because of its obsolete features. Furthermore, it is not easy to clean with a broom, this texture also collects dust in it that makes the ceiling look ugly.

Matching Furniture

Furniture, tv and sofa
Matching furniture is a redundant trend. If you use two different colours, they will give a great contrast to the room.

In old times, people used to have matching furniture, but this is not a trend anymore. It looks very old-fashioned if we look at the options we have in this mode of world. This combination makes you uncomfortable and sometimes your eyes feel exhausted. Likewise, this matching-coloured furniture trend makes armoires & wardrobes out of style.

Furthermore, If you really need unique furniture, you better go for the evergreen design with contrasting colours. Having the same colour furniture is becoming one of the decorating trends to avoid. Your furniture must be of different colours that can bring contrast to your room. 

Shag Carpets 

Orange shag carpet with TV and chairs
Not only are they hard to clean but also give a vintage look to your room.

You don’t want something in your home that can make you look like cave people, do you? That’s what shag carpets do with your house when you use them on your floor. However, they used to be cool but not anymore. In addition, it is better to keep them away if you want to have a nice look for your residence. You better consider it among decorative trends to avoid.

Metallic Furniture

There was a time when metallic furniture was a thing but not anymore. It makes your house look like a hospital as this trend has gone on for a long time ago. First, they make too much noise when you use them. Second, they start to rust if you live in a coastal area. Some people use them as low-cost furniture but that is a different thing. If you have an option and budget for new furniture, you can definitely switch to wooden furniture with state-of-the-art designs. You can try painted furniture trends 2021 or the latest one that suits you.

Faux Flowers

faux flowers
Either use real ones or switch to low-maintenance houseplants but faux flowers are not a trend you would like to follow.

Flowers are great if you have them in your garden or in your room. There is an alternative, which is faux flowers. Faux/artificial flowers had their prime but not now. It is better to find authentic flowers that can provide health benefits as well as a natural look. If you want to know about faux flowers, this is how people use them. Things get better when you use low-maintenance houseplants, which provide air filtration as well as work for decoration.

Paint Sponging

Wall paint and wallpaper play a crucial role in enhancing your house’s worth. The better the wall paint is, the better the house looks. In addition, these things contribute to maintaining your mental peace. Now comes paint sponging, which was a soothing trend but now it has come in the list of decorating trends to avoid. Paint sponging looks ugly because of modern decoration’s dominance. People use decent wallpaper or primary colours as wall paint to keep things simple. This feature is among outdated interior design trends that you would not like to follow now.

Terrazzo Flooring 

The majority of the homes in Pakistan have terrazzo flooring for sure. You must have witnessed them either at your own home or in your relatives’ homes. It was a trend that took everyone with it but not anymore. Even in some offices, people still have this terrazzo flooring because of old flooring designs. If you are thinking about home renovation and you already have terrazzo flooring, you need to go for some changes. It is an obsolete design as well as one of the decorating trends to avoid. You may try these flooring designs also.


There are still many decorating trends to avoid but the above ones are the most prominent to look for. There are also other ways to decorate your home because home renovation depends upon your creativity. You may also try these interior designs in your home. Here is how you can make your house look bigger. Read more blogs at Jagah Online and also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.