How to Make a Small House Look Bigger in 5 Simple Steps?

The thing about small spaces is that they are easy to decorate and much easier to maintain. It doesn’t mean that small houses should feel confining and suffocating. Hence, when deciding on home decoration ideas, small rooms, everything counts from the color of the lighting to the placement of couches. In this blog, we will give you some interior designing ideas and tips to make your house look bigger. 

Let’s begin!

Tips to Make Your House Look Spacious and Bigger

If you want to reinvent your house into a bigger, better, and breathable space, we’ve rounded up 5 tips to make your house look spacious. We will take a look at each of them separately: 

  • Let the natural light in
  • Replace heavy furniture
  • Simplify and declutter shelves
  • Change the existing color theme 
  • Place mirrors in every room 

Let the Natural Light In  

Lights with clean windows
Lights coupled with clean windows

It doesn’t matter if your space has exotic lightings, nothing can replace sunlight or moonlight. It goes without saying that natural lights coupled with clean windows do not only produce a pleasant effect on the space, but it makes your house look bigger and spacious. 

If you want to make your apartment look elegant and ample, begin by cleaning the windows with a water hose and some newspapers. To get your windows sparkling, you can even invest in a stain remover bleach. Clean up the clutter around window sills. 

Once the windows are nice and clean, place up ceiling lights around the house. If your walls are higher, you can add a diverse style by making a gallery wall and placing mirrors of different sizes to reflect light. 

Replace Heavy Furniture 

Heavy furniture pieces such as armchairs, couches, and settees can take up a lot of corner space and make your rooms look less spacious. It can count as clutter if you’re trying to make any room seem bigger and breathable.

Keep the place clear and open. Remove heavy pieces of furniture. If the living room requires layering, you can replace them with something minimalistic, multipurpose, and sustainable.

On a side note, take a look at our guide for staining wood surfaces if you want to upgrade your old furniture or wooden floors. 

Simplify and Declutter Every Room

Clutter your shelves
showcase behind sofas with reading collection and exotic pieces

We understand that bookshelves and racks look exciting to individuals who like to showcase their reading collection and exotic decorative pieces. However, if you’re trying to make your space look spacious and breathable, the trick is to leave some space on the shelves and start decluttering the things that you don’t need. 

We don’t mean that you should throw them away, you can store them in a cardboard box and decide on later. Avoid stacking and populating the shelves too much since it can look like clutter on display. 

Moreover, a TV lounge can make your house look good and lavish only when you’ve enough space. If the TV is placed on a shelf, you can buy a few extra feet of floor space in just minutes by getting rid of the shelf. Mount your TV on the wall and make your space look larger. 

Change the Existing Colour Theme

Sticking to a consistent color scheme in each room or at least opting for lighter shades will complement one another and enhance the whole space.

Place Mirrors in Every Room

Mirrors in every room
Mirrors create space and reflect light

It goes without saying, mirrors make your space look spacious instantly and give them a great outlook. By placing mirrors in every room opposite to windows or door frames, you can catch a glimpse of the outdoors, making your space appear open and eclectic. 

Mirrors do not only help you get ready in the morning, but it’s a perfect way to create more space and reflect natural light. However, instead of casually leaning the mirror against a wall, mount it on the wall and save some floor space. 

This was our post with some Home Decoration Ideas to make your home look spacious, bigger, and better. We hope that you found something to declutter your house and turn your sanctuary into a breathable living space. For more home decoration ideas and interior designing tips, keep checking the home decor section on JagahOnline Blogs. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page.