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Karachi underrated tourist destination the Chaukhandi Tombs

Karachi underrated tourist destination the Chaukhandi Tombs

Anyone who visits the Chaukhandi Tombs can never forget this experience. The memories stay with you for the rest of your life, but of course not scary. The intricate design and magnificent architecture of the cemetery leave an indelible mark on all visitors. This necropolis, on the provisional list of UNESCO World Heritage, houses many tombs of the ancestors of a local tribe. The carvings on these structures are one of the most unique features of Chaukhandi. These are typical of the Sindh region. Let's take a detailed look at the history and architecture of one of Pakistan's most famous cemeteries. CHAUKHANDI TOMBS - A TOURIST TARGET: The uniquely beautiful locations in Pakistan, as well as the vibrant culture and rich history of the region, are some of the many reasons the country has always been one of the best destinations in the world. Pakistan is known for its vast mountainous landscape in the north, but there are many historic sites in Sindh that are equally popular among tourists. The 600-year-old Chaukhandi Cemetery is one of those places that welcomes thousands of visitors from around the world each year. SPECIAL FEATURES OF CHAUKHANDI AT A GLANCE: Houses tombs of warriors of the Baloch families 1,160 different designs on over 600 graves Built between the 15th and 18th centuries Built in the form of a pyramid DISCOVERY OF CHAUKHANDI TOMBS: The earliest reference to the Chaukhandi Cemetery was given in a letter from the Scottish historian J. Macleod, which in 1851 was addressed to the British steward Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere. These historic tombs, however, were brought to the limelight by H. D. Baskerville, the deputy collector of Thatta in Karachi in 1917. In 1922, the site was included in the monument protection law. Dr. Jean Philippe Vogel was a Dutch epigraphist who worked for the Archaeological Survey of India from 1901 to 1914. He pointed out that the tombs belonged to the Muslims and were Muslim due to the Arabic script written on the tombs. The alignment of the graves was in the direction of Mecca - a practice that is only associated with Muslims. After independence, serious studies were conducted by scholars and historians. The tombs of these tombs were exhibited internationally, which aroused the scholars' interest in learning more about the works of the Chaukhandi Tombs. HISTORY OF CHAUKHANDI TOMBS: The Chaukhandi Necropolis is one of the most visited historical places in Karachi and is very popular with historians. It is attributed to the Jokhio tribe. The cemetery was built between the 15th and 18th centuries during the Mughal period when Islam prevailed. Apart from the Jokhio tribe, many Baloch tribes were buried here with Rajput roots. The reflections of the Rajput tribe can be seen in the way the graves are shaped. The monumental pedestals and slabs in the stepped tombs and the simple decoration of some tombs, such as a human face drawn by a child, point to Rajput's origins. In some tombs, which are based on Islamic beliefs, there are no human figures. LOCATION OF CHAUKHANDI TOMBS: The hotel is located 29 km east of Karachi and can be reached in about 40 minutes. These ruins are one of the best places in Karachi, as they speak volumes about skillful mastery of the masons at that time.

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Factors Affecting Pakistan Property Market

Factors Affecting Pakistan Property Market

Real estate is an important and promising industry in Pakistan. The real estate market in Pakistan has developed rapidly in both the commercial and residential sectors. This attracts not only local investors but also foreign Pakistanis. In addition, investing in real estate is the most common way to protect capital and earn a substantial monthly rent. Here are some of the factors that affect the real estate industry in Pakistan. New taxes: A blow to real estate development : Despite boosting the economy and job creation, housing and construction have not yet been considered a significant industry. Its contribution to GDP of 2.3% is still below the required threshold of 5%. In the election, private developers were looking forward to incentive plans but were instead charged a 16% tax on individual housing units. The tax is levied on the land costs without any other costs. This had a negative impact on real estate development as developers and contractors needed tax breaks and other incentives to double their contribution to GDP. The Situation of Law & Order: The law and order situation in Karachi has had a dramatic impact on real estate prices. They stagnate in safer areas compared to low-income areas where the situation is fragile. The prices in DHA have remained stable and those in phase 6 and 8 are even on the rise. While real estate prices in Gulshan, North Nazimabad, New Karachi, Lyari and Mauripur have fallen dramatically. The government is taking stringent measures to improve the situation and has tasked rangers and law enforcement agencies to provide a safe environment for the Karachites. Property prices are expected to be more stable, but investing in the Karachi market remains an uncertain option. Favorable Investment Climate for Expats: The government has recently approved an investment program for foreign Pakistanis seeking to invest in small and medium-sized enterprises in Pakistan. Because of this favorable government stance, investors and expats return to the market and property prices are likely to escalate in the coming weeks. As mentioned above, the real estate industry contributes positively to the country's economic growth, and it is the government's duty to legislate so that investors have a level playing field and avoid risks to the sector. Other Affecting Factors: Let us find out the current market position based on the factors mentioned above. A rare interest of foreign investors No state interest FBR Review Stability of the local currency against the USD Political instability Demand and supply gap in favor of the rare demand with a high supply of the buyer The lack of real investment - It keeps the market weak Artificially created claims of group manufacturers that lead to market instability. Fake Buyer within groups Reduced real estate times - 4 to 6 hours

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How to Remove Ugly Scratches from Wooden Furniture

How to Remove Ugly Scratches from Wooden Furniture

You do not need a specialist to repair wood scratches. In fact, you can save a lot of money and do it yourself. There's a big difference between a trendy, distressed wooden table and a worn wooden table that has some nicks and scratches on its surface over the years. While the former can add value to your home, the latter can pretty much ruin your entire decor. If you have had the same wooden furniture in your house for several years, there is a possibility that these are now at least decorated with minor scratches and abrasions. If you have children or pets, the situation is probably worse. However, before you spend a lot of money on hiring a professional or replacing your furniture, here are some DIY wood-scratching hacks that can easily hide minor flaws in your tables and cabinets. What's even better is that you only need a few common household items to repair wood scratches and restore the surface. Find out if it really is a scratch: Your old coffee table may look desperate and downright shabby, but are you sure the surface is actually scratched? Mostly, a scratch on the naked eye can only be a scratch in the wax layer. If you regularly grow your furniture to protect it from moisture and discoloration, it is to be expected that the accumulated residue on the surface will have prevented minor scratches. The best way to find out if the surface is fine is to run your finger over the scratch. If you do not feel any abrasion, it is just a blemish that can be easily corrected in most cases. WAX REMOVAL OF WOOD SURFACES REMOVED: Although there are chemical wax removers on the market, you can go the simpler (and cheaper) way by making a wax remover at home. All you need is a solution of equal parts of white vinegar and room temperature water and a lint-free, soft cotton cloth. Start by removing the dust on your furniture with a clean duster. Then moisten a cloth with the water-vinegar solution and gently wipe the surface towards the grain to break up the wax deposit. Repeat this procedure at least three times before taking a dry cloth and rubbing gently against the grain to remove the residue. Be sure to turn the fabric continuously so you always use a clean side. Once you have removed the wax layer, you will see a smooth and scratch-free surface. You can either quickly apply a liquid wood polish or use those available in aerosol containers to protect the surface from further damage. Crayons: The use of crayons may be one of the best ways to fix scratches on a wooden table and chests of drawers. All you need to do is find a colored pencil that has the same color as your furniture and gently stroke it over the scratch. Once the wax has filled the abrasion, seal it with the wood polishing spray.It may be a temporary fix, but it works perfectly if you take care not to scratch the same spot again. Nuts: This is probably the best-known method of repairing scratches on wooden furniture. The method is pretty simple. To remove scratches from wood furniture with a walnut, simply brush the walnut's meat over the scratch in the direction of the grain until the oil from the nut sinks into the wood. If you cannot find walnut, pecans or almonds can help. It is important to note that this technique is more suitable for dark furniture.

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Know Each and Every thing about Jagah Online

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Every year, Jaga Online helps you to sell or buy property.
Search your home, apartments, office and shops in all cities of Pakistan with our Jagah Online brokerages. The leading real estate online portal of the country Jagah Online is the place of the country's market-leading independent commercial/residential real estate brokerages in Karachi/Lahore/Islamabad and all other cities. From selling and purchasing of shops to the office we make it simple for you. Looking for house or apartment in Gulshan Iqbal or any rental property in any city visit us right now. Our by-invitation-only network is based on a trusted relationship or unparalleled performance that end in exceptional customer experiences.

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Once you are clear on where you want to buy/rent a house, you can move forward with the process. Prices for all of the houses are available on the website, along with the structure details.

Specify your Demand provides options for the visitors where they can choose the property which matches their demands. You can select the size of the house and location for targeted results. You can also choose the number of rooms and set a budget bracket to view only the results which match your needs.

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Make an account on the Jagahonline website and register for free. You can choose to register as an agent or as an individual. Once you have an account, posting your property online has the simplest procedure.
Online real-estate is the preferable choice of both the real estate broker and individuals. Bringing your real-estate business online makes your job easier, faster and lets you make more money.

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You can see exactly where the House stands in a locality on the map. The location makes it easy for you to find the house when you visit.

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If you are looking to buy a commercial building, has many offers. Now you can buy a workspace with just a little research online. Narrow down your choices before visiting the potential buying sites and save tons of energy, effort and time. Enter your specifications in the search options and let the engine do the work for you. The online search acts like an agent, only it is faster and more effective. Find you’re the workspace for sale and deal directly with the seller, eliminating all middle men.

Find a Co-working spaces in Karachi

Property is expansive, especially in the big cities. Since necessity is the mother of all inventions, there is a new trend in the commercial system. Shared coworking spaces in Karachi are an increasingly popular trend these days where people share one office for their entirely different businesses.
Not only is a shared space cost-effective but a good start for new businesses. provides an excellent platform to all such people who are looking for shared workspaces.

Search for co-working spaces in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan.

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Save time on detailing your office interior and find a furnished office at in any city of Pakistan. It is as simple as putting in your demand in the search option and selects the best suited place from the list. An already furnished office available space can cost a little more but also save you from the hassle of settling in. You will find multiple options for a furnished office in our search. We provide an opportunity to the sellers and buyers to communicate directly and eliminate the need for a property broker.

Commercial Showrooms

Sale/purchase/rent an office place is one thing and looking for a reasonable commercial showroom is another. Commercial showrooms are more spacious so they are harder to find. is the right place for anyone who is interested in buying a commercial showroom. Enter your specifications in the search box and get a list of various options. You can choose the best one according to your demand and contact the owner directly.

Are You Looking For a Shop?

Jagah Online is a real estate online portal that helps real estate broker and customer sell and buys properties including shops. Furthermore, this website has more than 1000 shops available in commercial/residential area of Karachi and other leading cities of Pakistan. You can not only buy, you can also sell or rent your shop.

  • Buying of shops
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  • Getting retail outlets
  • Much more

Therefore, one can say that we are giving all kind of services. Our registered customer can receive daily updates of the property via notification. Apart from all this it is the largest online gateway. Similarly, all data regarding the prime location is given in the separate section.

Shop for Sale

Are you putting your shop for sale? Register at the web portal and post your shop with details of location and dimensions. It is as simple as that. Interested people will contact you themselves. Now you can sell your commercial property with just a single click.

Shop for Rent

For everyone who is planning to start their own business, now you can easily search and find the perfect location for your shop at There are long lists of shops for rent, choose the one you like and contact the seller for response.

Buy/Sell/Rent Shops

Our web portal has long listings of available shops. You can search for a shop which fits your demand and get in touch with the seller/renter or buyer. Are you searching for a specific shop?
If you are looking to find a particular shop, you simply need to enter your requirement in the search box and the search engine will provide you with a list of available options.

Find All Commercial Shops

People post a large variety of shops on our web portal including Retail Outlets, Mobile shops, Pan Shop, Milk shop, Cafes and shops for rent.
You can find the perfect location for the franchise you want to start. Find everything and anything at

Fast Running Shop Sale

Often time people shift jobs or homes and decide to sell off their running businesses. You can benefit from such opportunities and buy a running shop. Reduce the time and effort in starting a new business to almost zero by buying a running business.

Our Property listing portal is the key feature of Jagah Online. In these clients as well as property brokers also post their properties whether it is a house or apartment in commercial/residential property, showrooms, retail outlets or commercial shops. All features including price, size, and location are added to it. So you could get a clear description of the property. Jagah Online charges the nominal amount of money for this service.

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If you want a fast running shop sale or looking for a shop for rent, the procedure is that the client registers themselves with Jagah Online after the registration customers search property of their choice where they can get information about the other property and contact the seller.

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