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Find everything property with Jagah Online - Pakistan's First Unified Real Estate Marketplace

Real Estate Gets Real At Jagah Online.

With Jagah Online, you will get to explore hundreds and thousands of different property options waiting for you on our website. We strive to gather information about properties that might be the best for our customers. With our website, you can browse and find properties with preferences that suit you. Find a home instead of a house with Jagah Online, be it an apartment, a flat or any other property type that may be on your list

There are Projects advertised on our website from all over Pakistan Projects are selected and specifically chosen to provide you with the best. With the ongoing surge in Pakistan’s Real Estate market, we have the most famous and top-notch projects listed on our website. Find the projects that you think have the potential to grow, invest today and be a part of these projects. If you are someone with your Real Estate project, you can advertise yourself at Jagah Online free of cost.

With one of its kind, Jagah Online has an unbeatable talented list of builders waiting to build your house. We have the most experienced and reliable builders that can provide you with the most sophisticated construction solution. Our builders are the master of consistency and quality. Whether it is an office or home that you want to build, our builders are few clicks away. With planning our builders will develop your construction plan within your budget. You will find Pakistan’s most admired and strategically sound builders to help you in all the constructions need that you have or dream of. Building your dream house shouldn’t be a nightmare! This is why you should get familiarised with our builders as soon as possible. Sign up today! At Jagah Online.

Have maintenance work pending for so long? Don’t know how to get the ceiling lights to change? Don’t worry! Because with Jagah Online, you will find thousands of electricians, handymen,plumbers , home maintenance services and much more. One thing that you can count is that there are no loose screws here.

Ustad is there to help you with all kinds of maintenance work that you need for your house. Our handymen are committed to delivering superior quality work and services.

Whether you are an independent property broker or you’re a real estate company – we have something for everyone. With our wide list of top rated agencies in Pakistan, find the jagah of your dreams with ease. The day we started working is the day we believed that we would provide our clients with the top property opportunities in different regions all over Pakistan. We have real estate agencies that help introduce people to houses they fall in love with, and then there are wedding planners.

Our traders will become the source of your property expansion. We at Jagah Online have a list of traders, and traders have the power to sell your Products. Find the best traders and quality selling from the team that cares, Jagah Online. Your products need the attention of a specialist. Don’t let this opportunity slide from your hand; find the trader you are looking for at Jagah Online and sell your items with the utmost ease. No limitations, whatsoever! With the help of a trader, sell the products that you have with Jagah Online.

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