JagahOnline Empowering Women For A Better Future.

I aspire to have women holding leadership positions in my company. Sana Sheikh

JagahOnline Desk: JagahOnline celebrated Women’s Day with great enthusiasm, recognizing the invaluable contribution of women to the organization. The event included various activities such as games and interactive sessions that aimed to highlight the importance of women in the workplace. 

The celebrations concluded with a cake-cutting ceremony and the distribution of souvenirs as a token of appreciation for the women’s contribution to the organization’s success. The administration’s efforts were aimed at making today a joyful and entertaining day for their female employees and making them feel that they are valued in their own place.

During a session, Sana Sheikh, the Chief Performance Officer, praised the efforts of women in the organization and expressed her aspiration to have more women in leadership positions in the company.

Overall, JagahOnline’s Women’s Day celebrations underscored the importance of gender diversity and inclusiveness within the workplace, stressing the essential need to empower and support women.