CDA Approved Commercial Construction on Srinagar Highway.

Islamabad: The planning wing of the Capital Development Authority officially approved the construction of commercial buildings on Srinagar Highway. 

Despite the fact that the 1960 master plan of the city stipulated that the Kashmir Highway, currently known as the Srinagar Highway, should have 1,200 feet of right of way (ROW), the municipal authority had obtained land in significant areas to comply with this requirement. 

However, in contradiction to the essence of the master plan, it has now been determined that private developers may utilize the remaining unacquired region in the right of way of Zone II for commercial ventures. The municipal authority has assigned this area specifically to G-16 and G-17.

Additionally, the regulatory body has made a decision to introduce a fee for commercialization of PKR 7,500 per square yard for commercial plots. Prior to this, a conversion fee was applicable to the entire plot area.

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