5 Interior Door Handles You Need to Try for Your Home

Our homes define our lifestyles, where from a wall paint to a door knob, everything matters. Whether it is an apartment or a bungalow, everyone has options to decorate their homes the way they like. Similarly, when it comes to the grace of your doors, interior door handles play an important role. Likewise, we all have been using popular door handles for ages according to our door designs. This is why there are those different types of internal door handles that you need to have a look at.

5 Types of Interior Door Handles

Interior door handles play a significant role in capturing the attention of your guest. The reason is the first impression when they see a shiny handle on a door which grabs the whole focus of a person. Have a look at these below.

Door Knobs

Door Knobs
One of the oldest evergreen interior door’ handles is a door knob.

No matter how modish a lifestyle you get, these door knobs will remain the same. Yes, there could be slight changes but the design, function, and sustainability will always be classic. However, they have been upgrading with time with new material and colour schemes. No matter what kind of home you have, these door knobs as interior door handles will always complement your stylish doors.

Pull Handles

The next one is pull handles, which are great for glass doors and heavy gates. Not just are they powerful enough but also augment the beauty of your door. Whether it is aluminium or brass, they will always work as heavy-duty handles. In addition, you can use them on your balcony gates or main gates for an elegant look. Now, in this modern era, these handles are also becoming lavish for the ornaments of doors. Likewise, you may find interior door handles like these anywhere.

Lever Handles

Lever Handles
Evergreen style, which you would always love to have.

A classic lever handle can hardly be replaced. Yes, the reason is its unique feature of operating a door. Moreover, new designs are augmenting values in the gates because these interior door handles are becoming more elegant with new features. People use them in apartments, houses, bungalows, mansions, and other types of homes. Also, modern and classic colour combinations are possible because of evergreen metallic plating.

Keyed Entry Door Handle

It is a great combo of lever handles and keyed door handle because this type will give you a secure as well as an alluring design for your door. Many modern home designs have this kind of lock for a state-of-the-art lifestyle. If you are looking for a safe and secured lock along with a gleaming look, these interior door handles are for you. Also, have a look at these modern bathroom designs for your home.

Electronic/Smart locks

Electronic Smart locks
New era, new style, this is what you need in this world of smart technology.

Thieves can’t pick your lock up if it is secured with a digital system. This is what smart locks are about. Also, remote access will give you complete control of this locking system. Whether you want to use a keypad lock or thumb impression, this modern door handle will keep your home safe. With the help of a Wi-Fi system, it will keep you connected with it. As a result, you can have an alarm/warning on your mobile via an application. Also, try these smart home techniques.

How to clean brass door handles?

Having brass interior door handles is great but they tarnish with time, which you need to be careful with. However, there are some smart hacks to clean these popular door handles. In this way, you can recover the old look of brass through these easy ways.

  1. Lemon with baking soda

Half a lemon with 1 tsp of baking soda will make a paste, which you need to apply on brass handles and then leave for 15-20 minutes. After that, wash it well with water or wipe it with a damp cloth. You may also try it for carpet cleaning at home

  1. Tomato ketchup

Apply tomato ketchup layer on the brass handle for around half an hour and then clean it with a wet cloth. Moreover, you may wash it thoroughly in a wash basin after it dries out. Now your internal door handle will start gleaming back.

  1. Hot water and dish soap

Another way of cleaning is using dish soap and warm water. Just add a few drops of liquid soap to a bowl of warm water and then either clean it with a cloth or dip those handles in that bowl.

  1. Vinegar, salt and flour 

1tsp salt, 4 tsp flour, and ½ cup vinegar are what you will need to clean these brass handles. They will bring back the lost shine of your brass handles instantly.

  1. WD-40 spray

Not just for operating jammed machinery but also for cleaning purposes, this is how you can use this famous oil solution in different ways. Spray it on brass material and clean it with a cloth. As a result, you will get a shiny surface back of your brass door handle. Even non-brass metals can be cleaned through it.


You must be wondering about how to know what kind of interior door handles you need. Here are some interior design ideas, which you can read to decide on the perfect combination for your doors. It also includes door paint and furniture designs. 

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