10 Incredible Low Maintenance Houseplants in Pakistan

Our world is suffering from global warming and every time we use products that harm our environment, we get closer to worse. Greenhouse gases, CFC gas, HCFC gas and halons harm the protective Ozone layer around the Earth. As a result, harmful rays like ultraviolet rays are causing global warming rapidly. Not just is the temperature rising every year, but also glaciers melting to increase the sea level. That is why we are here to discuss the best low maintenance houseplants so we can at least do what is possible. 

Besides global warming threats, many of you would love to have plants in your home but the maintenance issues prevent you from having them inside your home. However, some of the best indoor plants require almost no maintenance for a long time. Hardly a small portion of water and sunlight but in weeks.  Let’s have a look at the best low maintenance houseplants for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle against harmful gases in your house. Furthermore, these plants are also adorable for home decoration. Also, have a look at these artificial flowers for your home decoration along with these plants.

Majesty Palm 

Majesty Palm
A beautiful plant to keep on your balcony.

A beautiful plant with health benefits is Majesty Palm which you would love to keep on your balcony. Although it is an indoor plant, it is better to keep it near sunlight because it can’t survive long without sunlight, unlike other indoor plants. It keeps the air clean and also enhances the beauty of your garden or balcony. Have a look at balcony safety tips for your kids.

Parlour Palm

This Parlour Palm is one of the low maintenance indoor plants with key features of filtering the atmosphere. It is highly effective against benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene particles in the air and purifies air in its surroundings. If someone does not have enough ventilation while using a heater or furnace, these plants can help with air purification. But you should not completely rely on them instead of having a proper ventilation system. 


Philodendrons are very common and also among the best low maintenance houseplants

Whether you want to grow them in soil or water, it’s up to you. Because they can grow in both conditions. Just like other low maintenance indoor plants, they also do not need frequent water and sunlight to survive. In addition, they are also good air purifiers and humidifiers. If you use them in a glass bottle as decorative, it will be an eye-catcher for everyone.

Pothos Plant

Devil’s Ivy is another name for it. Pothos are also good at removing bad odours from the room where they are placed. They don’t need sunlight to grow but it is better to keep them near sunlight. They clean the air by removing harmful chemicals from the air like benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. In rare cases, these plants can catch pesticides. Spray neem oil weekly only if you detect any pesticides on it. If the stem starts turning black, you might be overwatering them. They are definitely one of the best low maintenance houseplants you would want.

Spider Plant

A good health contributor with fine survival features is this plant. It can survive for weeks without water and sunlight but you should be gentle with it. To get the best low maintenance houseplants to benefit from it, keep it near indirect sunlight and also water it when required. Just like other plants, it is also a fine air purifier to protect you from toxins. 

Snake Plant

They remove toxic pollutants like formaldehyde from the air. These pollutants could cause serious damage to your health. It is better to keep this plant in your home as they also survive long enough without water and sunlight. But you must water them once in 1 to 2 weeks and keep them near indirect sunlight. Furthermore, it produces oxygen even at night unlike other plants, which makes it one of the best low maintenance houseplants. Another thing is that they augment the beauty of the room as natural decorative.

Aloe Vera

Keep your atmosphere and skin clean with the Aloe Vera plant.

They originated from tropical countries. This plant is a natural skin cleaner with anti-acne and anti-burn features. They are beneficial for your hair as well as for the air in your house. Numerous health benefits are in this plant along with air purification features. Aloe Vera is not just one of the best natural remedies but also the best low maintenance houseplants for you. In addition, they also look beautiful and decorative without much maintenance.


This most dangerous-looking plant is not as harmful as it looks. Instead, it helps purify the air without even requiring your maintenance. It is also a unique decorative for your home. You may water it once in 1-2 weeks although it is a very tough plant with features to survive in hot and dry areas. Prickly Pear, Chola and Dragon Fruit are some of the edible cacti and people eat them in some countries. You can keep them near sunlight although they don’t really need it.  

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen
It is not just a plant but also a piece of decoration as you may see in the picture.

Another name for it is Aglaonema. Because of its beautiful pinkish pattern, it is a natural home decorative. You don’t even need to worry about its maintenance. Chinese Evergreen is also among the best low maintenance houseplants you would want to have. They are highly beneficial for your environment as well as your house will look decorated.

Rubber Plant

These plants don’t require much care as well as they are also used for decorations. In this way, you get ornaments as well as plants together. Furthermore, they are great air purifiers for your home. You can clean them easily with a wipe or cloth as their leaves have a smooth and rubbery surface. If you want something catchy in your drawing room, try this beautiful and few of the best low maintenance houseplants.

Tips for The Best Low Maintenance Houseplants

  1. Don’t overwater them frequently, instead underwater them. Overwatering kills plants.
  2. Plants need a few weeks to adjust to a new environment. If their leaves drop off or start shedding just after you bring them home, don’t worry.
  3. Make sure the upper layer of the soil dries out before you water them again.
  4. Water them after every 1 or 2 weeks. Make sure to check the soil moisture every week.
  5. Underwater leaves start to droop and curl. Also, leaves start turning crispy with a brownish look because of dehydration.
  6. Stop watering them if they turn yellow. It is a sign of an overwatered plant. Wait for a week to water them again.
  7. Keep them away from direct sunlight or they will burn out.
  8. Most of these plants keep you safe from cancer-causing air particles like benzene, formaldehyde, monoxide and trichloroethylene. 
  9. Neem oil is a natural anti-pesticide for your plants.
  10. Keep these plants above 15 degrees of temperature and also keep an eye on the soil moisture levels in summers. They need to be hydrated often in hot weather.

That was all from us, make sure you look after them although they hardly need maintenance.  They are not just the best low maintenance houseplants but also your medical friends to help you against harmful gases in the atmosphere. If you want to save the world, make sure you avoid consuming plastic. Forests and seas are in danger, don’t forget to contribute to nature.

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