Explore the Fascinating Mysteries of Hingol National Park 

Pakistan is a country, where you will find any kind of climate and land. How is that possible? Well, it is because of its unique geographical location, which makes it a place of adventure. Whether you are looking for mountain ranges, valleys, rivers, beaches, or even forests and natural parks, you will always be wondering about the hidden secrets of this land. Hingol National Park is one of them, which we are going to discuss below.

The government of Pakistan declared this place a reserved in the year 1988. While its access was given in 2004 when Makran Coastal Highway was inaugurated. This park covers around 6000 square kilometres of land, which stretches to different districts of Balochistan, which are Lasbela, Awaran, and Gwadar. Another thing is its name, which came from the Hingol River near the Arabian Sea. Let’s see what’s so special in this place.

Location of Hingol National Park

The Makran Coastal Highway will help you live an unforgettable road trip with these gigantic mountains of this region.

Description: The Makran Coastal Highway will help you live an unforgettable road trip with these gigantic mountains of this region. 

In the extreme south of Pakistan, between Karachi and Ormara, right above the Arabian Sea, you will find Hingol National Park Balochistan. Moreover, Makran Coastal Highway /N10 will connect you to this park, which is around 200 km from Karachi. This makes it a journey of 3.5 hours via car. However, once you enter this region, you will witness an astonishing view of the rocky landscape along with Makran Coastal Highway just like the view of the Karakoram Ranges at the Karakoram Highway. Also, have a look at tourism in Pakistan.

Princess of Hope

A rock formation depicting a princess standing against the odds as a sign of hope.

This statue or rock formation is one of the focal points of this park, where most of the tourists wish to witness it. Due to the rarity of these sculptures in Pakistan, you can barely experience this kind of landmark. Basically, it was a natural rock formation in Balochistan just like the rest of the hilltops in that region until it was named Princess of Hope Balochistan. 

But how did it get the name “Princess of Hope’? Well, if you go back to the year 2002 when an American celebrity, Angelina Jolie, visited Pakistan as a goodwill ambassador of the UN, it was the moment when she named this sculpture ‘Princess of Hope’. The reason was its stature as if a woman is standing alone against the powerful winds and nature in this nowhere land. Thus, it caught Angelina Jolie’s attention, which is one of the top tourist spots in southern Pakistan.

Sphinx of Balochistan 

Not just in Egypt, you may find sphinx also in Pakistan.

Now comes this mysterious Sphinx of Balochistan or you can call it the Lion of Balochistan. Some experts call it a natural rock formation while some claim that it was carved by ancient civilisations. Because there are some pillars under it, which could be a sign of uncovered historical landmarks. Also, read here about Gatwala Wildlife Park.

There are only two ancient sphinxes in the world at the moment. One is in Egypt, while the other is in Pakistan. But very few people know about this one. Another thing is its location, which is right at the top of Hinglaj Mata Temple. This is another famous place, where people from Hinduism travel here to perform their religious duties on special occasions. Also, some believers claim that the sphinx is there to protect this temple.

It is still a mystery about the presence of this sphinx, far away from the Egyptian Sphinx. Had the Egyptians travelled to Balochistan 4000 years ago? Is it just a rock formation and nothing else?
Historians are still searching for clues. Moreover, some historians assume that this Sphinx is older than even the Egyptian one. Let’s see when its truth will be revealed.

Chandragup (Mud Volcano Balochistan) 

This mud volcano is one of its kind in Pakistan, which you can find in Balochistan’s Hingol Park.

If you are planning to experience stunning volcanoes, have a look at this one. But this unique volcano erupts mud, water, and gases instead of lava, which is safe for you to visit. If we discuss its height, it is around 300 feet high, where you can climb without much struggle. This place, Mud Volcano Balochistan, is a place worth visiting. Also, read about Gorakh Hill.

Animals in Hingol National Park

Caracal is one of the many wild creatures in Hingol National Park.

Here comes the other side of the adventure, the wildlife of Hingol National Park. Here, you can find over 200 species with the likes of Sindh Leopard, Ibex, Marsh Crocodile, White-Footed Fox, Yellow Monitor, Urial, Egyptian Vulture, Asiatic Wildcat, Persian Leopard, and Spot-Billed Pelican. This list of wild animals will keep going, which you can rarely find in Pakistan, except in the northern areas. Make sure you don’t get close to these animals. 

Kund Malir Beach

Live your moment at this reposeful beach at the end of the day with a beautiful sunset.

The last but also the pacifying one, the Kund Malir Beach. In addition, it is among the top beaches of Pakistan, where you can spend a tranquillizing moment of your life with your loved ones. Its prime location in the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Oman, attracts tourists from all over the country. Moreover, you can go camping at night to watch the fascinating sky full of stars.


  1. Make sure you go with a tour company because if you are going alone, don’t forget to carry food since there is hardly a food point in this place. 
  2. You may also experience mobile signal issues since there are no mobile towers in this area. The reason is the preservation of this ancient place.
  3. Keep a complete backpack for your tour to avoid any issues.


These landmarks are in entire Pakistan from north to south, all you need to do is explore. However, tourism in Pakistan has begun to boom once again. Besides this Hingol National Park, you may have a look at Deosai National Park in Gilgit, which is quite an opposite because of weather conditions.  To read more adventurous blogs, visit Jagah Online’s blog section and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.