Beat the Summer with -10 Degree Winterland Karachi

Ever imagined spending time in a place filled only with ice? A place with minus degree temperature and lots of chilling activities to do is what this Winterland, Karachi, is about to bring. Many of you must have watched frosty places in western movies and also dreamed about visiting them but it was not possible in Pakistan. 

But things have changed now. Since this place came into existence, an overwhelming response took place and everyone is just asking the same question “Is Winterland, Karachi, open today?” Also, many people are willing to know what Winterland Karachi’s ticket price is. Read below to explore everything about this place.

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With more than what you expect, this place has a lot to offer for kids as well as even for adults. Likewise, people from every age group visit this place to enjoy the weather that they have always watched just in the movies. This is the moment to live that fun.

  • -10 degree centigrade 
  • Ice-cream parlour and ice cycling
  • King Kong vs Godzilla ice models
  • Slides, buildings, and sculptures of ice
  • Penguin world and space world
  • Ice characters and animal figurines
  • Great Wall of China’s ice model
  • Marvel’s characters of ice
  • Igloo and an extensive tunnel

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Winterland ice sculptures
Famous movie, Ice Age’s models are also here. (Image courtesy: Official website of Winterland Karachi)

Now when it comes to the categories, everyone wants to know how many ways they can have fun. Similarly, you may rejoice here along with family and friends in multiple segments of this Winterland, Karachi.

  • Live Snowfall
  • Ice Slides
  • Ice Sculptures
  • Merry Snow Round
  • Ice Air Hockey

Important Info

  • The total time limit is 60 minutes for the snow room.
  • Jackets and gloves will be provided to the visitors.
  • Must carry a ticket with you.
  • Any kind of eatable, tobacco and inflammable object is prohibited.
  • Visitors should arrive 10 minutes before the booking office before the session starts.
  • The size and accuracy of accessories and equipment may vary.
  • Once you buy tickets, you can’t return them.
  • Tickets do not apply to children below 2 years.
  • If the session does not take place on the given schedule, you may have a refund or ask for a reschedule.
  • If anyone has a medical condition (allergy, dizziness, and nausea) or pregnancy, they should avoid entering the cold room.

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Timings and Days

If you are wondering about Winterland Karachi’s timings, have a look at them here. You will find two different schedules in a week depending upon your leisure time. 

Monday to Friday: 3 pm to 12 am
Saturday and Sunday: 1 pm to 1 am

How to Buy Tickets?

One thing you need to know is you can’t buy tickets on arrival. You will have to buy tickets before the event. Either you can buy online, on-call, or visit this place. If you want to buy on call, you may dial below contact number. Besides, if you want to buy online, here is what you can do.

  1. Visit website
  2. Click “book now”
  3. Now click on your desired ticket
  4. Select date, time slot, and number of tickets
  5. Click “add to cart” then “checkout”
  6. Now fill in your billing details
  7. Click “place order”
  8. Now select any online  payment option ATM card/IBFT
  9. Pay and finish

Ticket Price

Ticket prices vary with the size of the group along with discounts.

Considering the facilities and environment, the Winterland, Karachi, the price has multiple packages. These packages have discounts also, which you may see below.

Single: Rs. 1500
Group pass A: Rs. 5,500 (4 tickets)
Group pass B: 7,500 (6 tickets)
Group pass C: 10,500 (9 tickets)

Address and Contact Number

People who desperately want to know Winterland’s location in scorching summer. Here is its address as well as contact details.

Winterland Address: Winter Land, PAF Museum, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Faisal Cantonment, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

Winterland, Karachi, Contact Number: 0304-111-7669 


That’s it! We hope you are ready to enjoy your summers with your kids during summer vacations. Moreover, you may try Gorakh Hill, the coldest spot of Sindh, or visit these amazing places of Pakistan to expand the thrill you are seeking in your vacations. For more informative blogs, visit Jagah Online’s blog section. Also, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Instagram for amazing content. (Cover image caption: Official Facebook page of Winterland, Karachi.)