A Pathway to Better Learning – A Rise Scholarship Program

What is a country without great leaders? What country without an empowering generation? Such is the need of country Pakistan. However, to bring the finest opportunity to the youth of Pakistan, Rise is a go-to platform. The purpose of the Rise program is to find talent spread around 170 countries worldwide.

Moreover, people who look for great opportunities must consider signing up for the rise program. Not just that, the RISE scholarship program supports the selected talent for life but also evolves them into a leader who serves their country. The program enrollment starts from the age of 15 to 17, offering scholarships, learning opportunities, and mentorship. Let’s dig in and find out how the program will help Pakistani youth. Also, read about top universities in Karachi.

What is the RISE Program?

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Rise Scholarship gives opportunities to study better for a brighter future.

The slogan of the Rise is Rise is for Life, which provides the benefits for a lifetime to the individual global winners. It is a worldwide community that connects the youth of different countries on the same platform. However, they collect the students from high schools, camps, and science fairs, and scratch the best of their performance. The opportunity is given at a very young age which helps them out throughout their life. Undoubtedly, Rise Scholarship provides support to brilliant minds who have less access to the world’s developing opportunities.

How to Apply for Rise Scholarship in 2022?

The Rise Scholarship program encourages young youth 15 to 17 to participate in the challenge. However, the application process followed the videos, projects, and group interviews. In such a way, the applicant finds various options to present in the race for the global winner. Also, read about TDF Science Museum and its wonders.

Steps for Application Processing

Stage 01: Introduce Yourself

To participate in the rise program, the first step is to set your profile. All you need to visit the site: https://www.risefortheworld.org/apply-to-rise

Afterwards, Complete the Rise and Hello world profile. It requires your background information and a talk about your talent. After it, record a 2-minute video of a challenge promptly. Moreover, for presenting in a better way here from global winner experts and strengthening your profile by the key points.

Stage 02: Create Your Project

Work on an individual project which illustrates your interest and abilities. However, you can develop a new product, software, business, social or political movement, research, create music, art, film, documentary, or anything you like. A complete empty canvas is given, and you are required to paint it in your own way.

After you submit your project, you can join the rise community. Over there, you can meet and interact with other members and participate in workshops and activities. However, participation is optional but highly encouraged.

Stage 03: Quiz 

The last part includes project revision and the puzzle quiz. The quiz doesn’t require any background study. Besides, you need to be yourself to complete the quiz.

The Rise Scholarship deadline is around June-July 2022. Among various participants from all over the world, only 500 will get shortlisted for the advanced level. Additionally, the final level is based on the interview, where they look out for your motivation, problem-solving skills, and teamwork abilities.

At last, the final screening will proceed, and the 100 global winners will be selected. Moreover, the final global winner announcement will be made in late 2022.

What is the Eligibility to Participate in Rise Scholarship?

The age group to apply for Rise is 15 to 17. The applicants applying for Rise 2022 must be 15 to 17 as of July 1, 2022. The applicant was born on or between July 2, 2004, and July 1, 2007.

Benefits of Rise Program

The benefits included in the Rise Program are as follows:

  • The participants applying for the Rise can access the global community of leaders, accessing the free online courses and opportunities.
  • Access to gain funding and opportunities to experiment with ideas and solve tricky challenges.
  • Invitation to the Residential Summit
  • Career Counseling and Mentorship Services throughout the lifetime.
  • A Network to Global Winner to connect with each other.
  • Scholarships for Higher Education, graduate scholarships and need bases scholarships.
  • Funding is provided to start a social enterprise.
  • Technology Package for working on innovative ideas.

So, this is all about the rise scholarship program. However, there are various other programs, including the Fulbright Scholarship and ADB Japan Scholarship program. You can go through these blogs to learn about them.

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