Bringing You Close to Wild Life – Virtual Zoo in Islamabad

Coming face to face with the wildlife, standing between white lions and the herd of African elephants sounds so thrilling. However, the question arises is it possible to enjoy such wildness without harming the animal? Well, Yes! With virtual reality, you can experience the wonders of wildlife with your naked eyes. But how is it possible? A virtual zoo in Islamabad brings a home experience to visitors and animal lovers to enjoy the serene nature of wildlife. Moreover, Pakistan will soon inaugurate its first Virtual Zoo in the coming months. Let’s find out more about it.

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Pakistan to Present First Virtual Zoo in Islamabad

Model of a dinosaur in park
The virtual zoo in Islamabad is entertainment for kids as well as adults. 

The Islamabad Zoo, whose location is on Pir Sohawa Road, was completed in 1978. Marghazar Zoo has a total land of 82 acres under the administration of the Capital Development Authority of Pakistan. The zoo became popular by partnering with a Japanese Garden and refuge for leopards, deer, and Indian gazelle found in the proximity. However, with the running years and lack of facilities for the wildlife, in May 2020, the High court ordered the closure of the Marghazar Zoo. Besides, the order includes transferring animals to the animal shelter, leaving the zoo to reconstruct. Also, have a look at these top shopping malls in Islamabad.

Explore Virtual Zoo 

Moving forward, the trend of virtual zoos around the world is growing massively. Indeed, the explosion of covid-19 and its variants keep us apart, but the internet and virtual reality were here to the rescue. In such times, kids found themselves exploring the world through virtual reality, zoos, and aquarium posts. You can find HD TV screens with moving animals and kids enjoying their day at home. However, the concept of bringing the virtual zoo was a top talk, and following that, the authorities presented their views on transferring Islamabad Zoo into a virtual zoo. At last, it became the land for public entertainment. For instance, animal documentaries, animatronic models, virtual galleries, 3D shows, HD movies, and many other informative shows will take place on the premises regularly. 

Nonetheless, the remaining part of the land will be used to rescue the animals and build a rehabilitation centre for animal care. According to the statistics, around one million visitors stop by Islamabad Zoo per year. Furthermore, the loneliest Elephant in the world, “Kaavan”, remained in the Islamabad Zoo till November 2020. However, due to the lack of proper treatment, Kaavan was relocated to Cambodia on 30 November 2020. Also, explore Hingol National Park and its wonders.

Emerging Project of Virtual Zoo

Fish in aquarium
Aquatic life is shown with the help of virtual reality. 

The Project objective is to develop a unique platform that digitally provides entertainment with the learning experience. Additionally, the visual appearance of the zoo is quite appealing, which may increase the tourism of the city. 

Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) Chairperson Rina Saeed Khan, in a meeting with Dawn News, says:

“As 25 acres are too much for the rescue and rehabilitation clinic, it has been decided to use two-thirds of the land for public use and one-third for the clinic. We will treat injured animals and release them into the wild. We have two bears but they cannot be released in the wild as one of them is deprived of ears and the second one lacks teeth.”

Furthermore, she added:

As we cannot put animals on display, there will be a digital display of animals so that our children could have knowledge of them. IWMB member Imrana Tiwana is also working on it. We have been collaborating with the CDA, and soon PC-I will be approved

Additionally, with this communication, the project work is going on. And by the end of the year, we can see a complete building of the virtual zoo. Besides, it has been clear that no animal will be captive; after proper treatment, animals will go back to their natural habitats. However, the zoo will be accessible to the residents of Islamabad. Not just students but every age group will learn about the importance and the safety of wildlife. Further, the management will announce ticket prices and the timing of the virtual zoo in Islamabad once the operations begin. Also, visit these amazing places in Islamabad.

Importance of Virtual Zoo

An elephant pair
Explore gigantic elephants in a realistic way with VR. 

Invading into the personal habitat of animals could be dangerous. Unintentionally we can harm their lives. Therefore, the concept of a virtual zoo is evolving day by day. Similarly, it is an excellent opportunity to learn in-depth about wildlife. Apart from this, a virtual zoo gives a great message about animal freedom and its importance for animals to stay connected with their family and grow in their natural habitat. 

Hope you have understood the concept of the virtual zoo and are also excited to visit this place. In the meantime, if you are in Islamabad, you can visit Monuments in the city and the Margalla hills. Also, explore Gorakh Hill Station and its red mountains. Besides, have a look at tourism in Pakistan and mesmerizing places.

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