Food Street Rawalpindi- A Door Unlocked to Authentic Desi Cuisines

Rawalpindi is a bustling town located in Punjab. Moreover, it is connected to Islamabad’s capital city, known as the Twin Cities. The Locals are fond of Pindi due to its rich heritage and the authentic desi flavours, which might be difficult to find in the luxurious city of Islamabad. The famous food streets Rawalpindi attract locals, visitors, and tourists. 

Are you interested in knowing some fun facts about Rawalpindi? Let us tell you. Indeed, Pindi lacks architectural history, but despite it it is a fantastic place to wander. You can stroll around the streets of Raja Bazaar and get lost in the energetic gala of people. Further, it has an extensive road network connected to Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and goes up to the northern side. While staying in town, you can enjoy various Rawalpindi Street food eateries to treat yourself to the unique taste.  

These are some top food streets in Rawalpindi; let’s discover what it offers;

Kartarpura Food Street Rawalpindi

Kartarpura Food Street Rawalpindi
Shopkeeper in food street Rawalpindi serving food wearing traditional Pugg. (Courtesy:

Imagine a food day, followed by a wealthy, authentic breakfast, and end up with the delicious kheer, mouthwatering, right? Well, that is the claim to fame of Kartarpura food street. Moreover, it is the oldest and the busiest food street in the town. The small streets of Kartarpura always filled up with the delicate aroma of nihari, steaming paye, and the sizzlers of pathooras. 

Moving forward, the Kartarpura expresses the culture of Punjab. Moreover, the shopkeepers are found wearing the traditional Pugg (headgear) of various colours. Similarly, the other Punjabi accessions and the touch of their taste impact the authenticity to keep the tradition alive.              

Places to visit at Kartarpura Food Street

  • Kala Khan Nehari House
  • Al-Ghani Pathora House
  • Banni Refreshment Centre
  • Bala Tikka House
  • Zaiqa nihari stop
  • Data Nehari House
  • Kashmir Milk Shop

Saddar Food Street Rawalpindi

Food street Saddar Rawalpindi is enormously famous because of its pleasant environment. However, the motive of reconstructing the street is to bring traditional, continental, and fast food all in one place. However, Saddar food street is located opposite the Gakhar Plaza on Haider Road. 

Firstly, Saddar food street was established in 2015, with the efforts of Fahim Zafar Khan, executive officer of RCB cantonment. Later, due to the explosion of covid-19, it had to be shut down, unfortunately. While after some discussions and meetings in 2021, food street was revived again. This time the management focused on providing all kinds of food while keeping the quality. In contrast, within a few months, the street has become a go-to place for food lovers, families, and the residents of Lahore and Islamabad. 

Additionally, the street offers a wide range of food items, including; Fried Fish, Bar B Q, Chicken Karahi, Roasted Chicken, Meat items, Biryani, Shawarma, Corn Soups, Roll, Dahi Bhalay, Fruit Chaat, Burgers, Gulab Jamun, Kheer, Barfi, Rabri, Ice Cream and much more. Visiting this place is complete food satisfaction. 

Places to visit at Saddar Food Street

  • Food Express
  • Hot N Spicy – City Hut Foods
  • Chaska Refreshment and Fast Food
  • Butt Karahi Saddar Branch
  • Tasty hot ‘n Roll BBQ
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • OPTP
  • Tasty Hot n Food Shinwari

Pindi Food Street

Pindi Food Street
Pindi Food Street has a famous Habibi restaurant. (Courtesy:

The Pindi food street is the busiest food place located at Stadium Road. Whether day or night, food stalls are always crowded with people. Besides, the delicious aroma of food attracts people passing by.     

Moreover, the streets are full of varieties from all the regions. You are most likely to find stalls and restaurants of BBQ, Chinese, Continental, Namkeen Gosht (salty meat), Traditional Desi, Soups, Burgers, Deserts, and Fast Food. Families come over to the Pindi food street on weekends. Moreover, you will find a group of friends and locals taking a bite of the tasty food. 

A dedicated space is given to the families, where they can enjoy food in a highly secure environment. And the fact about Pindi Food Street is you will find food at economical rates, instead of hefty bills in Islamabad’s restaurants. 

Places to visit at Saddar Food Street

  • Habibi Restaurant 
  • Saffron Restaurant 
  • Shensha Tikka House
  • Pulao Khana 
  • Savour Foods 
  • International pizza & fast food
  • Khyber Shinwari Dastarkhwan
  • Italian Pizza

Here we come at the end of our foodie blog, in particular, Rawalpindi is a small town, but in comparison to food, it always wins. Undoubtedly, Pakistan is a land of traditional cuisines. Every city has a unique taste and culture in terms of food. However, if you are a huge food lover, check out our blogs on Food Street in Lahore and Discover Karachi Food Street.

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