Roshan Digital Account Pakistan-A Bonus for Overseas Pakistanis

Every state desire to be a part of developed countries or their trade blocs. Similarly, those who are in the category of underdeveloped countries focus to move into the category of developing countries. While those who are in the developing category focus on moving into developed ones. Pakistan is also in the same race to move into a better category by unshackling itself from debts and challenges. As a result, Roshan Digital Account Pakistan is one of the ways to succeed in this mission. 

There have been many huge developments in Pakistan in this decade, which are connecting Pakistan with foreign investors better than before. Furthermore, these developments include digital platforms for more convenience with less effort. In addition, these developments are the reason for Pakistan’s growth in multiple economic sectors. This Roshan Digital Account Pakistan is an initiative of the current Government of Pakistan, which is enabling ways of investment. Moreover, it is for overseas Pakistanis for financial and investment activities in Pakistan. You may also read everything about Pakistan Citizen Portal here.

What is Roshan Digital Account?

Roshan Digital Account information
Image courtesy: Roshan Digital Account Pakistan’s official Facebook page.

Roshan Digital Account Pakistan is a platform that can enable non-resident Pakistanis to help their relatives in Pakistan financially as well as invest in their beloved country without any physical presence and paperwork. Moreover, overseas Pakistanis can have bank accounts in Pakistan without any physical presence in commercial banks of Pakistan. As a result, they can invest and perform financial activities remotely. 

Furthermore, it is a digital way of having complete access to the bank activities in Pakistan by staying in foreign countries. Also, they don’t need to visit any consulate or embassy to activate and use this service. Just a digital device and internet access are enough to join this program. This service includes;

  1. Roshan Apni Car
  2. Roshan Apna Ghar
  3. Roshan Samaji Khidmat
  4. Naya Pakistan Certificate

Roshan Digital Account Benefits

Roshan Digital Account State Bank website on laptop
Image courtesy: Official Facebook page of State Bank of Pakistan.

If we talk about the benefits of having Roshan Digital Account Pakistan, there are some prominent ones you need to know.

  • No physical presence in banks.
  • Completely digital process regardless of which country you live in.
  • Payment of utility bills, e-commerce, donations, and transfer of funds.
  • Convenient mode of investment in Pakistan (real estate, stock market, etc.).
  • “Roshan Apni Car” features to buy a car remotely.
  • Choice of currency options for an account (PKR/foreign currency/both).
  • You can even remit your amount back from Pakistan to your respective country without any approval from the State Bank of Pakistan.

Who Can Have Roshan Digital Account Pakistan?

There are some limitations that you need to follow. Since it is for a specific segment, below are the people who can apply for it.

  • Non-resident Pakistanis who have NICOP/CNIC, Pakistani passport and POC.
  • Only for individuals but not for companies or institutions.   

How to Open a Roshan Digital Account?

The method of creating an account is pretty simple. Also, make sure you have all the mandatory documents to upload. In addition, you may also find information regarding documents after this section. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the official website of the State Bank of Pakistan.
  2. Select the “Digital Onboarding for NRPs/Roshan Digital Account” tab.
  3. Now a new page will open.
  4. Go to the section “Open an Account” at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click on your desired commercial bank’s logo to create your account.
  6. Choose the type of currency.
  7. Upload the scanned pictures of the required documents and your picture.
  8. It will take 48 hours for confirmation.
  9. Now you can transfer your funds to that account from your country of origin’s bank.

Documents for Account Creation

Man photocopying from machine
With the help of scanned documents, you don’t need any physical documentation for this process.

These are the documents that you need to upload for the creation of a digital account. Furthermore, your profile picture will be captured at the time of account creation. However, some banks may ask for additional documents to meet their requirements.

  2. Pakistani/foreign country’s passport.
  3. Document for the status of non-residence.
  4. IRS FATCA form (if an applicant is a US citizen).
  5. Documents for the source of income (employment letter, bank account statement and salary slip for employees) and (business letterhead, bank account statement and business registration document for business persons).

Foreign banks may impose transaction charges. While, some foreign banks like JP Morgan, Citi Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and Deutsche Bank have lower charges between $5 and $9 because of coordination with RDA banks. Moreover, contact in case of any issue or complaint related to documentation problems. Also, you may read about online NTN verification here.

What is Roshan Apni Car?

A feature that can help non-resident Pakistanis to buy a car for their relatives in Pakistan remotely. Moreover, just with the help of Roshan Digital Account Pakistan, they will not have to follow any process or paperwork. In addition, the loan approval time is only 4 days from the date they submit their application.

  • 7% markup rate
  • Contract duration of 2 to 7 years.
  • 1.4% insurance rate
  • Both conventional and Shariah modes are available

For Lien Category

Floating Rate: SBP floor + 1%

Fixed Rate: 8.25% to 9.5%

For Non-Lien Category

Floating Rate: KIBOR + 1%

Fixed Rate: 10.25% to 11.5%

What is Roshan Apna Ghar?

Now overseas Pakistanis can also buy properties in Pakistan without having their physical presence. Furthermore, all they need to have been Roshan Digital Account Pakistan and they can complete the process online. Likewise, someone trustworthy enough can complete additional documentation in Pakistan on behalf of a non-resident Pakistani for the transfer of property. Also, learn how to check your assets online via FBR and NADRA.

Applicants can find properties to invest in from the available projects on the websites of RDA banks. Furthermore, they can invest in other projects from real estate developers.

  • Contract duration of 3 to 25 years.
  • Free property insurance.
  • Both conventional and Shariah modes are available.
  • Co borrower’s options for non-resident Pakistanis.

For Lien Category

Floating Rate: 1-year KIBOR

Fixed Rate: PKRV 5-year PIB

Bank can finance a maximum of 99% of the amount. While up to 40% financing for home renovation.

For Non-Lien Category

Floating Rate: KIBOR + 1.5%

Fixed Rate: PKRV 5-year PIB + 1.5%

Bank can finance a maximum of 85% of the amount. While up to 30% financing for home renovation.

What is Roshan Samaji Khidmat?

Another feature of this account is Roshan Samaji Khidmat, which allows non-resident Pakistanis to fulfil their duties of charity and donations in Pakistan remotely. Furthermore, it will help them stay connected with their religious as well as social responsibilities in Pakistan. Also, they do not need any account details of charitable organizations because the charity tab is already available on their RDA banks’ websites. These services include;

  • General donations and charities (zakat)
  • Donations for Ehsaas Program
  • Sacrificial duties for Eid ul Adha

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What is Naya Pakistan Certificate?

The last one is Naya Pakistan Certificate, which is an instrument that enables non-resident Pakistanis as well as local ones to earn a return on investment through different currencies. Namely, US Dollars, Pakistani Rupees, British Pounds, and Euros. Upon their maturity, investors will be able to earn Roshan Digital Account profit rate in different terms.

Roshan Digital Account Profit Rate

Time                       USD           PKR          GBP          EUR  

3 months                5.50%       9.5%          5.25%      4.75%

6 months                6%            10%           5.50%      5%

12 months             6.5%         10.5%      5.75%      5.25%

3 years                   6.75%       10.75%    6.25%      5.50%

5 years                    7%            11%          6.50%     5.75%

Furthermore, there are multiple benefits for the Roshan Digital Account holders.

  • No tax filing but only 10% upon generated profits.
  • Both conventional and Shariah options.
  • No approval from the state bank for funds remittance anytime.

How to Start Investing in NPC?

Simply follow the steps of creating an account that we have provided in the beginning. Once you create your Roshan Digital Account Pakistan, there will be an option for Naya Pakistan Certificates on your bank’s portal. Moreover, you may select the type of currency and start the process. In addition, you may seek help from your bank concerned with the currency exchange rate process. Also, read about how to register a company in Pakistan here.


After all the above information, we advise you to contact your country of origin’s bank for additional information regarding rules and regulations along with service charges. Also, contact your selected RDA bank in Pakistan for more information about Roshan Digital Account Pakistan to avoid any discrepancies. Meanwhile, we have covered the entire information to help you move forward.

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