How to Invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange- A Financial Advice

A marketplace where companies list out a wide range of shares for investors to purchase. For example, you are an investor further in the stock market companies offering a broad range of shares. For instance, you can choose the most suitable to buy and build your investment profile. Well, now this sounds tricky, and maybe you are confused. Let’s start from the beginning and learn about what a stock exchange is. How does the marketplace work? And how to invest in the Pakistan Stock Exchange?

In this blog, we have combined the details to grow your understanding of the stock exchange in Pakistan. Let’s find out.

Pakistan Stock Exchange History

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These stock markets heavily depend on international events and situations, where US Dollar plays a crucial role.

The Pakistan stock exchange is a combination of Karachi, Lahore, and the Islamabad Stock Exchange. The PSX headquarters is located in Karachi and was inaugurated on 11 January 2016. However, all the trading of stocks takes place in Karachi. With today’s date, the Pakistan stock market has a capitalisation of approx. PKR 7,756 billion ($52 billion), with the 375 listed companies.

Moreover, the Karachi stock exchange (KSE) was registered in 1947, and it was located on the stock exchange road in Karachi business hub, I. I Chundrigar Road. Additionally, by 2015 the KSE was standing among the top best stock markets in the world. Besides the transformation of the Karachi stock exchange into the Pakistan stock exchange, the major index tracking is still known as the KSE 100. 

The merging of Stock exchanges was to reduce the market segmentation and to create value by providing necessary technical expertise and assistance. However, the stock balance is owned by the general public, which includes local investors and foreign investors. Also, read about the cost of living in Pakistan.

How to Invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange?

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If you want to learn how to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange, you need to know the trends and nature of the markets.

There are two types of investments an investor can make. Typically, the market works the same all over the world. Companies raise their capital by sharing stocks with investors. Similarly, the investors buy shares in Pakistan to gain profit when the company earns. The typical investment in Pakistan is as follow:

Short Term Investment

The short-term investment allows investors to buy and sell the shares on a regular basis, while Day Trade is its other term. While dealing with short-term investment, you must have good knowledge about the market and the values of stocks. Experts are profoundly good at these investments due to the skills of financial estimation for every trade. 

Long Term Investment

On the other hand, Long-term investment requires a lengthy time to analyse the market value. The traders keep shares for the maximum time until the price reaches its peak point. As a result, such investment brings the maximum gain. Besides, it also includes dividends of 3 months. 

Steps to Invest in Stocks Pakistan

These are some of the steps that include the process of investment in Pakistan.

Step 1: To make your first stock exchange investment, you must open a brokerage account.

Step 2: Collect all the required documents, including; CNIC, Pakistan Bank account, salary slip, and a bank statement.

Step 3: Find a suitable brokerage for you, and visit the nearest brokerage firm for the opening of an account.

Step 4: Complete all the paperwork, and submit the required documents. Moreover, the process of account opening and licensing issues will take 1 to 2 weeks.

Step 5: Once you complete the given time period, you will earn a license to trade with PSX-issued stocks.  

Step 6: Now you are officially a part of the Pakistan stock exchange and you don’t need to visit the firm often. However, all the dealings and trading will occur online. 

Largest Pakistan Stocks Share Companies

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Top Pakistani and international companies have a strong hold on Pakistan Stock Exchange.

The PSX consists of 375 companies that are working in Pakistan. Furthermore, the most significant shares are of the below organisations representing 35 business sectors. These companies include the energy sector, building and developing industry, oil and gas, consumer products, fertilisers, and cement, holding the largest capitalisation in the market. 

  • Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDC), a fuel company.
  • Pakistan Petroleum Limited, (PPL), a fuel company.
  • Lucky Cement Limited (LUCK), a construction material company.
  • Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited (PAKT), a tobacco company.
  • Nestle Pakistan Limited (NESTLE), FMCG company.
  • Engro Corporation Limited (ENGRO), a conglomerate.
  • Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC), a chemical fertiliser company.

Benefits of Investing in the Pakistan Stock Exchange

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Many people invest in stocks to earn lucrative returns.

Capital Growth

Capital growth is a long-term plan where the stocks fluctuate with the prices. In short, the selling of a share above the purchase price is a capital gain. For example, you have to purchase a share at a small price but after a period of time, the market value of the particular share increases. In such a manner, an investor can gain profit through long-term investment. 

Benefits for Shareholder

Different market sector companies, including retail, finance, agricultural, production, and hospitality, bring various services to their shareholders. However, to obtain discounts and other benefits, the requirement is to own a given number of shares. With the complete requirement, a shareholder gets exceptional coupons and discounts on the purchase of goods. 


With the long-term investment, an investor can earn dividends with a gap of every 3 months. Moreover, at the end of the financial year, shareholders get the company’s profit in terms of cash. Undoubtedly, if you own many shares, you can earn dividends at every financial end of the year. 


Market liquidity refers to the trader quickly purchasing and selling the product without facing any change in the value of the assets. However, this is the best part about shares, which you can easily buy and sell without the broker’s involvement. 

So, that is all about the investment in the Stock Exchange in Pakistan. Now you are clearer about how to buy stocks in Pakistan. Moreover, before taking any financial step, it is important to get the proper advice from the master of the field. Also, learn these 4 ways to decide rent for your property.

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