Cost of Living in Pakistan: Statistics and Facts

Update (23 June 2022):

We can say that the cost of living in Pakistan is not as expensive as compared in many developing countries. However, the price rates of groceries, utility bills and transportation increase every month. Similarly, the annual inflation has escalated up to 13.6%, which is one of the highest in recent years. Moreover, this month, the price rates have increased to a large extent.

After the announcement of the annual budget for 2022 the local grocery price rates are skyrocketing. Hence, the current costs of foodstuff, utilities and transportation are mentioned below:

Utility Bills

According to NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority), the electricity utility bills have been increased by Rs4,20 fee per unit. Moreover, K-Electric has notified that the people of Karachi would have to pay a Rs 5.28 fee per unit.

Monthly Grocery

Cooking oil and Gee has increased to a great extent. Likewise, in the local markets, the price rate of cooking oil has expanded from Rs450 to Rs650. Although, Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturers Association (PVMA) Secretary-General Umer Islam Khan suggested that the retailing prices of gee and cooking oil will drop to regular rates soon.

Furthermore, as per some sources, after the enormous raise in the patrol process, the other grocery rates have been raised to Rs 20. This means that the inflation of foodstuffs such as milk, eggs, bread, potatoes, basmati rice and mineral water is elevated up to 9.2%.


The sudden rise in petrol and diesel prices has affected the transport system as well. Hence, the one-way ticket price of local bus services has been excreted up to Rs 20. This indicates that a 1-kilo mitre auto-rickshaw ride can cost you around Rs180.

Lastly, it is stimulated that annual inflation will be back to normal after the revival of EFF (Extended Fund Facility) by the IMF.

Living a glamorous life or choosing the simple one every step is the ultimate addition to the cost of living. However, a country like Pakistan with cosmopolitan cities attracts people to migrate here for a new life. Compared to many European and North American countries, the cost of living in Pakistan is less expensive. In other words, the term expensive depends on your style of living and preference.  

The cost of living can be determined by the money paid for the basic needs to maintain a particular lifestyle. While selecting the location and time for migrating, it is critical to know about the expense you need to pay. By this said, all the facts and statistics are mentioned here to get a clear picture of all the financial expenses for individuals who are thinking about relocating, retiring, shifting to another city for education, or moving to Pakistan. 

Spotlight on the Cost of Living in Pakistan

In any part of the country, you live in, the cost of living depends on three major factors. The first is family size, including parents, spouse, children. The expenses include hefty education costs, medicines, and other essentials. The second factor is living standards – luxury cars, dine-outs, and vacations enlarge the living cost. Lastly, the location you choose to live in, as cost varies from region to region.

Generally, in Pakistan, most people choose to settle in popular urban areas, including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, for better amenities and a standard lifestyle. These cities are the hub of everything and moderately expensive than other areas of Pakistan. Let’s look at the cost division for living a comfortable life.

Housing Cost 

Housing Cost
Unpacking the belongings and taking notes

Housing and accommodation are the biggest expenses one needs to pay. House rent in Pakistan is much less than the other cities of the world, including London, New York, and Toronto. The table below shows the approximate rate required to pay for the particular type of property. 

Rent in
Average Monthly
Rent in Lahore
1 bedroomRs 15,000
2 bedroomsRs 22,000
3 bedroomsRs 36,000
Rent in
Average Monthly
Rent in Islamabad
1 bedroomRs 25,000
2 bedroomsRs 42,000
3 bedroomsRs 55,000
Rent in
Average Monthly
Rent in Karachi
1 bedroomRs 22,000
2 bedroomsRs 34,000
3 bedroomsRs 48,000

Average Utility Cost

Average Utility Cost
Online payment of the utility bills

Internet, Telephone, Garbage Service, Electricity, Water and Gas Monthly Packages can cost around Rs 10,000 to Rs 14,000 for the property of one thousand square feet. Additionally, the SNGPL Bill and Electricity bill rates depend on the consumption. The cost surges during summers due to extra usage of AC and other cooling appliances.

Travel and Transportation Cost

People travelling on the local bus

However, Cost of living in Pakistan’s different cities like Karachi and Lahore provide public bus service to their residents, including Green Bus service, Metro Bus, and Speedo Bus. You can travel around the city with these convenient mediums. Similarly, you can expect petrol charges, taxes, insurance, and maintenance bill if you own a vehicle.

Mentioned below chart shows the transport cost in Pakistan.

Transportation and Vehicle Price in PakistanAverage Cost
One way Ticket (Bus Service)Rs 60
Auto Ride (1 kilo-meter)Rs 150
MS Petrol (1 liter)Rs 159.86
Monthly Van ServiceRs 7,000
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car)Rs 2,500,000
Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.6l 97 kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car)Rs 3,249,800
Transportation cost in Pakistan

Healthcare Cost

Healthcare Cost
Doctors performing the surgery

Pakistan Healthcare system is divided into two sectors, Private and Government Hospitals. Government hospitals are most likely to provide health services free of cost. All the medicines, checkups, and operations are done freely. However, Private hospitals are considered more reliable than the government. For private sectors, individuals are required to purchase their medical insurance and pay the bills out of pocket. The private company’s health insurance also provides some benefits to employees depending on the position.  

Healthcare ServiceAverage Cost
Family Doctor Checkup without InsuranceRs 500
Monthly health insurance for 1 personThe price ranges between Rs 5,000 to Rs 100,000. Depends on the level of insurance, add-ons, and deductible.
Table of health care facilities in Pakistan

Monthly Grocery Cost

Monthly Grocery Cost
Family doing shopping in the grocery store

The grocery bill depends on where you go shopping. While maintaining a good budget can save a lot of money. A portion of good quality food for the whole family can cost you around Rs 30,000 in a supermarket. The prices may vary from area to area. In posh areas, you will find higher prices than in other areas. Besides, using local markets for fruits, vegetables, and dairy products is cheaper than the leading supermarkets.

Grocery ItemsAverage Cost
Milk 1 LiterRs 160
Oil Pouch 1 literRs 450
Basmati Rice 1 KgRs 210
12 EggsRs 200
Boneless chicken 1 kgRs 450
Potato 1 KgRs 50
Tomato 1 KgRs 100
Golden Apple 1 KgRs 380
Mineral Water 1.5 literRs 60
Table showing the grocery cost 

Entertainment Cost

Entertainment Cost
Ferris wheel for entertainment

Pakistan is full of beautiful locations; you will find museums, sports centres, cinemas, beaches, amusement parks, and shopping malls. The expense of visiting these places depends on the city you reside in. Moreover, how far is the location from your house?

However, comparing Pakistan to other countries, you will find the entertainment here at affordable prices. The given table shows the average amount of entertainment cost per person.

EntertainmentAverage Cost
Meal in an inexpensive restaurantRs 240
Dine-In at an upscale restaurant  Rs 1000
1 ticket to the TheatreRs 800
Museum TicketRs 60
1 Ride at ParkRs 150
Tennis Court Rent 1 HourRs 1,200
Table showing Entertianment cost in Pakistan

 Note: All the cost mentioned above depends on the city you reside in. The changes in amount may vary due to update cycles.  

Cost of living in Pakistan is more affordable than in a foreign country. You can have a decent lifestyle on average wages. If giving monthly rents trouble you, you can buy your own property. Building your dream house is a big achievement; you can find properties, homes for sale, and plots at JagahOnline.  

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