Prepare Yourself for a Heavy Monsoon 2022 in Pakistan

Update: July 5th, 2022

As it was predicted that the monsoon heavy rains would begin at the end of June, however, it got delayed for a few days in some parts of Sindh. Hence, a series of light rain took place in Karachi from the 4th of July with sunny mornings but showers in the afternoon and evening. In addition, people witnessed on 5th July 2022 heavy rainfall at various places in Karachi. Furthermore, many areas of Pakistan are already having heavy rains like in northern and central regions.

The major problem is rain during the Eid ul Azha season, which combines a mess of rain and the blood of sacrificed animals. It is due to the poor infrastructure and drainage systems of most of the cities. Now it depends on how people handle this situation.

Happy Rainy Season!

There are many kinds of weather 365 days a year, and each weather plays an important role in the sustainability of nature. From January to December and vice versa, all these weathers have their roles in contributing to the ecosystem of the world. That’s why Monsoon 2022 in Pakistan is what we will discuss here. Moreover, if you know about the estimated period of rain, you can prepare yourself in a better way. We will share everything about Monsoon 2022 in Pakistan along with basic information about this weather type.

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About Monsoon

A season that introduces rain through heavy winds from northeast and southwest regions. Normally, monsoon weather in Pakistan starts in June and lasts till September. However, some countries have a different range of months. For instance, in Asia Pacific countries, this season moves from May to December, while in Northern Brazil and Northern Australia, it moves from December to March. It all depends upon the positions of the countries on the equator. 

If we discuss countries with the highest monsoon seasons, they are tropical countries with the maximum rain throughout the year. To illustrate, Central America, India, Sri Lanka, Asia Pacific, and Northern Australia are the regions with tropical climates most of the year. Because of sharing similar climatic conditions with India, Pakistan also gets the monsoon season for 1/3 of the time in a year. Now the question arises, “When will the monsoon start in Pakistan in 2022?”. Let’s have a look at the information below for it.

Monsoon 2022 in Pakistan

Monsoon 2022 in Pakistan
Citizens pray that this monsoon 2022 in Pakistan brings joy in this tough time amid the trials of economic and environmental calamities.

If we discuss monsoon 2022 in Pakistan, from north to south, the entire country gets a wave of heavy rains with different variations. Where northern and central regions get the heaviest rains while a little but good enough to fill the water reservoirs in the southern region. Since some parts of Southern Pakistan are coastal areas, they get much higher rains than the rest of the parts and the previous year. Likely, Karachi, Gwadar, Ormara, Pasni, and Pishukan are those coastal cities and villages. Even if you look at the Pakistan weather map on weather updates websites, you may see an impact of the monsoon.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, heavy rains may arrive from the mid or end of June in Pakistan. While a complete series will start from July till mid-August. Likewise, the series of rains had begun in the twin cities, Rawalpindi and Islamabad with drizzle and cloudbursts leaving the capital with urban flooding. However, the management took control of the situation but as per monsoon 2022 prediction; these monsoon rains’ intensity could be higher than average in central and southern parts of the country.  

Damages and Calamities

July and August have the heaviest rains in entire Pakistan. Where cloudbursts and floods are major problems, which challenge the entire infrastructure of some regions. Because of lack of attention and poor management, urban flooding is becoming common in Sindh. Here, people have to deal with these calamities with the help of social welfare organizations in Pakistan. If you want to survive monsoon 2022 in Pakistan, you need to follow the below tips.

Safety Tips for Rainy Season

Safety Tips for Rainy Season
Whether it is day or night, side mirrors partially show anything in the rain and the best way to let others see you from side mirrors is by turning on the headlights.

Since the monsoon 2022 in Pakistan could get worse, so do the daily life activities. Because the infrastructure is not good enough, it can hardly bear the aftermath of these heavy rains in Sindh. As a result, urban flooding might occur in most areas, especially in Karachi. For that, people can take precautions to save themselves from fatal accidents.

  • Avoid touching any kind of pole in the rain.
  • Don’t stand under any tree since they can catch thunder.
  • Wear rubber footwear when using any electric appliance at home.
  • Keep your kids away from electric wiring or places where the risk of electric shock is high. Also, keep an eye on them when they are playing in the rain.
  • Don’t walk on waterlogged roads or streets because you may fall in uncovered drain holes. (Try to walk on the side of the road without touching anything).
  • If you are riding a motorcycle, make sure you can follow your front vehicle’s wheels to avoid falling into any puddle or drain hole.
  • Drive slowly and use headlights even in the daytime so other vehicles can see you in the rain.
  • If you notice any broken electric wire hanging in the logged water, stay away and call for help to handle it because it could be a lethal situation.
  • Stay far away from billboards and streamers because they often fall during monsoon season.

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This monsoon 2022 in Pakistan is already on its way, meanwhile, you can prepare yourself to face any unlikely or disastrous situation. Also, remember to take precautions and share with others so they can also save themselves in these heavy rains.

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