Social Welfare and Non-Profit Organisations in Pakistan

Pakistan emphasises on giving charities and serving humanity. However, it contributes more than one percent of its GDP to charity. Studies show that the country gives around PKR 240 billion annually for charity purposes. Indeed, this is such a huge amount given to non-profit organisations in Pakistan. Besides, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan focuses on Zakat during the month of Ramadan, Sadaqa, and Fitrana. Similarly, you will find people participating in social work, donating, and volunteering for social causes.

How can a country flourish without taking care of its unprivileged people? How will they provide them with facilities? Without acknowledging their needs? Without talking about social issues? In such an instant, the NGOs are formed to give a comfortable shelter from the burning heat. There are many organisations who work for the benefit of humanity. So, Let’s find out what these non-profit organisations are!

Non-Profit Organisation in Pakistan

The list of Non-Profit Organisation in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Edhi Foundation
  • Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital
  • Aurat Foundation
  • Saylani Welfare Trust
  • Chhipa Welfare Association
  • JDC Welfare Organisation

Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation
Edhi Foundation provides a wide range of ambulances in the country

“My religion is humanitarianism, which is the basis of every religion in the world.” – Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Edhi Foundation runs all across the country, providing facilities and social services at best. Moreover, the Edhi Foundation has broken all the biases of community, colour, religion, and class discrimination. Hence Edhi set the goal to serve humanity which is the greatest religion above all.  

Further, the Foundation runs with the help of volunteers, who give their services at Edhi homes, maternity homes, and operating ambulances. Not just that, the organisation also takes part in international affairs by providing aid to refugees, natural disasters, and civil wars. They also supply Edible products and medical and surgical instruments.

Services Offered by Edhi Foundation

  • Ambulance Service
  • Edhi Homes & Orphanage Centers
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Educational Services
  • Children Services
  • Rehabilitation Center
  • Graveyard Services
  • Marriage Bureau Services 

Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital

Shaukat Khanum cancer hospital and research centre is the initiative of Mr. Imran Khan. However, the pillar of the hospital was placed when his mother, Mrs. Shaukat Khanum, suffered from cancer. Moreover, the project is spread across the country, with various centres working on awareness, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. 

Moreover, the hospital’s annual budget is around PKR 28 billion, with 3,544 staff. It provides completely free treatment, medication, and other services to the patients. It also gives the opportunity for education and training to the residents, workers, and postgraduate students. 

Services Offered by Shaukat Khanum

  • Clinical Services
  • Diagnostic Services 
  • Pharmacy
  • Financial Assistance Programme
  • Clinical Radiology 
  • Comprehensive Health Care Clinic

Aurat Foundation

Aurat Foundation
Aurat foundation works for women’s rights. 

The Aurat Foundation is among the Non-profit organisations Pakistan. The Foundation was established in 1986 for the welfare of women in the country. However, the mission of Aurat Foundation is to empower women and create a society where men and women are recognised as equals. Similarly, by providing them with rights where they can spend their lives with respect and dignity.

On the other hand, the objective of the Aurat Foundation is to enable women to access renowned knowledge and resources. Further, to provide awareness about the social concerns of women and their challenging issues. Lastly, encourage the masses to participate actively in the process of social change. 

Services Offered by Aurat Foundation

  • Women’s Learning Partnership TOT Programme
  • Strengthen the Female Role in Peace Building
  • Women Safety Audit in Public Spaces
  • Gender Equity Program 
  • Aawaz Voice and Accountability Programme
  • Workshops and Training
  • Seminars on Women’s Rights Awareness

Saylani Welfare Trust

The Saylani was founded in 1999 by Moulana Bashir Ahmed. Besides, the trust was established to provide food and shelter for the homeless. Later, it has grown with the services of education facilities, medical, Islamic teaching, and Saylani job banks. However, welfare trust is recognised worldwide. 

During the pandemic Covid-19, the Saylani welfare actively participated in providing services to the residents. The distribution of oxygen, food, Rashaan, and other basic necessities was provided by Saylani. 

Services Offered by Saylani Welfare Trust

  • Saylani Mass Training
  • Saylani Dastarkhan
  • Saylani Blood Bank & Thalassemia Centre
  • Saylani R.O Plants
  • Saylani Welfare
  • Sadaqah & Aqiqa Services

Chhipa Welfare Association

Chhipa Welfare Association
Chhipa Welfare Associate creates a door of happiness for the poor community.

Besides other non-profit organisations, Chhipa Welfare Associate creates a door of happiness for the poverty-stricken community. Further, they provide shelter, food, and necessities to them. Also, the Chhippa Foundation was founded by Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa in 2007 to decrease poverty and create a path for better education. 

Thus, it aims to serve the citizens without prejudice based on caste, creed, or colour for all instances, such as traffic accidents, unexpected circumstances, or financial crises. Its programmes encompass cash assistance and free or low-cost meals for low-income people. Besides, many general publics, charity firms, and the corporate sector provide funding for their donations service. 

Services Offered by Chhipa Welfare Association

  • Chhipa Ambulance
  • Chhipa Graveyard
  • Chhipa Jhoola
  • Chhipa Orphanage
  • Chhipa Women Shelter Home
  • Chhipa Old Home
  • Chhipa Ration
  • Chhipa Ritual Bathing Room
  • Chhipa Kitchen

JDC Welfare Organisation

The JDC Foundation was established in 2010 under the guidance of Molana Muhammad Hasan. The project was initiated by a group of young boys to work for human welfare. Moreover, the JDC welfare organisation is based on charity and non-profit organisations. The objective of this initiative was to serve humanity with basic needs, and by today they have successfully accomplished it. 

The JDC covers the mega city which is Karachi and various other parts of Sindh province. Further, the JDC plays an active role in the covid-19 situation by providing rations and other necessities. On the other hand, the “Wall of Kindness” campaign by JDC attracted international countries through social media. The project session was conducted in Karachi at the Expo centre.

Services Offered by JDC Welfare Organisation

  • Free Mobile Restaurant
  • Health Care 
  • Orphanage House
  • JDC Dastarkhwan
  • JDC Dialysis Center
  • JDC Educational System
  • Ambulance Services

Edhi Foundation, Chhipa, Saylani, JDC, and many other well-known NGOs in Pakistan actively work for the lower class’s well-being. However, these are the organisations where donors make charity contributions. 

Besides, the Kamyab Pakistan programme is also available for underprivileged people. Read the Fulbright Scholarship Program to know about opportunities in detail.

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