Core Information About Fulbright Scholarship Requirements Before You Apply

What is a Fulbright Scholarship Program?
History of Fulbright Scholarship
Fulbright Scholarship Requirements
Eligibility Criteria
How to Apply?

Education is a necessity of every human in this world and no one has any right to prevent someone from doing it. That’s why every government provides mandatory modes of education to keep the literacy level high for the ultimate growth and development of a country. Similarly, student exchange programmes take place all over the world to share education standards and to develop better international relations. The Foreign Fulbright Scholarship Program is one of them, which grants scholarships to students from all over the world.

Every year around 8000 students study through the Fulbright Scholarship. Governments, higher institutes, NGOs, individual donors and private organizations contribute to this program. Before we go for the Fulbright Scholarship requirements, we need to have a brief introduction to it. 

What is a Fulbright Scholarship Program?

What is a Fulbright Scholarship Program
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It is a student exchange program between the United States of America and 160 countries, which enables students from all over the world to study and conduct research in US universities for postgraduate programs like Masters and PhD. In addition, it also offers an undergraduate program for those who are in their end of program i.e. 4th year with an age limit of a maximum of 25 years. 

This programme was started by Late Senator J. William Fulbright of the United States in 1946. Every year students, teachers, scholars and artists from all over the world and the US receive this grant to study and research in foreign countries and the US respectively. The purpose of this programme was to create better international relations with shared values. With the help of this program, people get exposure to excel in their careers. In addition, people have to return back to their native countries to teach in institutes or serve government sectors.

History of Fulbright Scholarship

The launch of this Fulbright Scholarship took place in 1950 in Pakistan, while United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) is the administrative body of this program. Every year the Fulbright Organization, the US Government, and the Government of Pakistan issue scholarships to 150 students (100 students for MBA and 50 for PhD) through verification of the Higher Education Commission. So far, over 9000 students from Pakistan and over 900 from the USA have completed their Fulbright Scholarship program.

Fulbright Scholarship requirements are not intricate and anyone can apply for it as it selects on merit without any discrimination. Furthermore, those who have average or low marks in their program can still apply but they will have to score high marks in GRE (Graduate Record Examination). Also, 2 years of working experience for the Masters/PhD program is one of the Fulbright Scholarship requirements.

Fulbright Scholarship Requirements

All the applicants need to know important information regarding Fulbright Scholarship requirements to avoid any problems later.

  1. This Fulbright Scholarship will cover expenses of tuition, air travel, health insurance and residence.
  2. Make sure your passport is ready as USEFP will provide assistance in the visa process also.
  3. Applicants must clear Graduate Record Examination (GRE) with minimum scores of 136 in quantitative and 138 in verbal sections.
  4. Applicants must clear the TOEFL test for fluency in English communication skills.   
  5. MBA applicants must have 4 years of bachelor’s degree (16 years of education).
  6. PhD applicants must have a Masters/M.Phil. degree (18 years of education).
  7. Students from programs like agriculture, water, energy, public health, urban and regional planning, education, arts and culture management, social sciences, mass communication, environmental science, journalism, data science, security and peace studies are encouraged to apply.
  8. All academic disciplines are eligible except Clinical Medicines.
  9. Physically challenged students are encouraged to apply for it.
  10. Also, students who belong to underprivileged areas need to apply for it. 
  11. Students must return to their native countries to serve them through teaching in universities or serving the government sectors.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria
One of these exceptions can nullify an applicant’s chances of completing Fulbright scholarship requirements.

Here are some exceptions that you need to know that are part of Fulbright Scholarship requirements. 

  1. Dual citizenship i.e. US-Pak will bring ineligibility for this program.
  2. Having close relatives as US residents i.e. parents, siblings, children and spouse will bring ineligibility for this program.
  3. Employees of Fulbright Organization or any directly linked US governmental organization along with their close relatives i.e. parents, siblings, children and spouses are ineligible for this program.
  4. Those who have received Fulbright Scholarships already in the past via any degree are not eligible. 

How to Apply?

The application period is normally from February to May. Make sure you follow Fulbright Scholarship requirements and the deadline, which is May 11th 2022 this year. To apply, simply visit the official website Applicants do not need to send physical documents to apply because online applications are the only way to enter the program. 

  1. Fill out the online application form.
  2. Scanned photocopies of transcript and degree from issuing institutions along with an explanation of grading scales. (After selection, both documents with HEC’s attestation will have to be uploaded).
  3. Three reference letters
  4. GRE score report


Every Pakistani needs to know about it as well as encourage others to do the same for a better future. In addition, go through the official website to gather more information to cover all the Fulbright Scholarship requirements. Also, encourage physically challenged students and those from rural areas to apply for it. 

Also, read about CSS exams in Pakistan for government jobs. Since HEC’s attestation is done via TCS, have a look at TCS tracking options to keep up with updates about your documents. Furthermore, read more blogs at Jagah Online and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.