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Everyone in this world has a unique character, mindset, skills, strength, physique, lifestyle and goal. Therefore, we must not compare one person to another just because of differences in qualities and performance. However, it all needs to be done at a junior level and each individual must have the freedom to choose their career according to their skills and mindset. Further, this is what we will discuss and share some information about top universities in Karachi; where a person can enrol and build their career in their own way. On the other hand, you don’t need to be an engineer if you can’t understand algebra, or a doctor if you can’t memorize a lot of information about human organs or any other field that does not suit you. Here are numerous HEC (Higher Education Commission) recognized universities in Karachi for your career development.  You may also apply for Fulbright Scholarship to study in US.

We all have a dream that we want to achieve, for that we study and strive for success while shedding blood and sweat. Make sure you gather enough information before taking admission to any of the universities below. Because once you enter your field, there is no way back.  We will share all the names so you can decide what’s best for you while choosing private or government universities in Karachi for admission. Furthermore, you need to visit their official websites for updated fee structure, program details and admission criteria. Meanwhile, you may read this blog to prepare your mind for your future endeavours. 

Medical Universities in Karachi

Medical Universities in Karachi
Dow University is a reputed name among the top medical universities in Karachi.

For all those aspirants who want to be a doctor, let’s have brief info about this field. In Karachi, there are many medical universities where the competition is really tough. Every margin of percentage counts during the admission process in government universities in Karachi. Those who remain left, try their luck with private universities in Karachi but the cost is high.

Medical universities in Karachi offer almost all the mandatory programs like Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), Doctor of Pharmacy (DP), Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Psychology, Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery (BHMS) and Biogenetics. Below are top government as well as private medical universities in Karachi, which can help you reach your career goals. 

  • DOW University of Health Sciences
  • Jinnah Sindh Medical University
  • Karachi Medical and Dental College
  • Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College
  • Baqai Medical University
  • Agha Khan University
  • Ziauddin University

Engineering Universities in Karachi

Engineering Universities in Karachi
Having admission on merit in NED University is still a goal of many.

Furthermore, the next one is engineering, where you can get the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (BE) or Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.Sc.Engg) or Bachelors in Computer Science (BS/BCS/) in any of the fields like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Electronic, Petroleum, Mechatronics, Software, Industrial, Computer Science, IT, Telecom, Bio-Medical, etc. Several government universities in Karachi for engineering provide the above programs but the same issue is here. Also, read about ADB Japan Scholarships.

Because of too much competition and a mammoth number of applications, just a few of the students are fortunate enough to get admissions. Likewise, students approach private engineering universities in Karachi to chase their dreams of becoming engineers. Below are PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) recognized universities where you may have admission. Even some of the business universities in Karachi like Iqra University, IoBM, SZABIST etc. offer a few engineering programs like electronics, telecommunications, and electrical engineering.  

  • NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi
  • Dawood University of Engineering and Technology
  • FAST-National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences
  • Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology
  • DHA Suffa University
  • National University of Sciences and Technology
  • Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering
  • Hamdard University
  • Bahria University

Media Science and Business Universities in Karachi

Media Science and Business Universities in Karachi
Image courtesy: Official Facebook page of Iqra University

Not everyone is interested in becoming an engineer or a doctor, some choose business and entrepreneurship to expand the horizon of trading. It includes marketing, human resources, finance, and supply chain. While media science covers all the verticals of media education like advertisement, production, photography, filmography etc. Below are private universities in Karachi for BBA (Bachelors in Business in Administration), MBA (Masters in Business Administration), BS (Bachelor of Sciences) in Media Science, M.Phil (Masters of Philosophy) and (PhD) Doctor of Philosophy that you can study. Since there is very little competition in the admission process, many students prefer to study these fields to follow their dreams in the corporate, business world and media houses. Below universities have different fee structures and standards but all follow a similar course outline regulated by the Higher Education Commission.

  • Institute of Business Administration
  • Iqra university
  • Institute of Business Management
  • Karachi School of Business & Leadership
  • Karachi University Business School (University of Karachi) 
  • Bahria University
  • KASB Institute of Technology 
  • Mohammad Ali Jinnah University
  • Greenwich University
  • Habib University 
  • Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology

Universities for Social Science, Arts, Law, and Other Fields

Universities for Social Science, Arts, Law, and Other Fields
Universities help students get exposure and prepare them for professional challenges.

 What about the people who don’t choose any of the above fields? There is an entire world of programs that can help you build your goals in your own way. Some people are good at communication, some are good at designs and art, while some are good at health sciences; Social Sciences, Religious Studies, Fashion Designing, Environmental Science, Food Science, Agricultural Studies, Statistics, Criminology, Law Studies, International Relation, Economics, Mass Communication, Sociology, and Islamic History. All these fields have a high scope in every field whether it is the media industry, food industry, or any field. 

  • University of Karachi 
  • Jinnah University for Women
  • Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education
  • Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences & Technology
  • Asian Institute of Fashion Designing (AIFD-IU)
  • Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture
  • Textile Institute of Pakistan


“You can’t compare a bird with a fish, neither a snake with an ant nor a tiger with an alligator. All the animals have unique features and styles of survival. The same goes with humans, you can’t compare a doctor with a plumber, an architect with an artist and a lawyer with a police officer. Everyone is an expert in their own profession. ”

We hope we have provided you with a lot of emerging names of universities in Karachi, so you can decide what is suitable for your career. It is a matter of career, life and growth, where you need to do further research on each university’s official website.

So, we wanted to share a brief view of options available in this city that can help you. If you are thinking about transportation to reach your university, projects like Karachi Green Bus Service and Orange Line Service can help you. Have a look at these top tourist places in Pakistan to go with your university friends in future. Visit blogs at Jagah Online for more informative content. Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.