A Guide to Karachi’s Green Line Metrobus Service

Route of the Green Line
Design, Features, and Infrastructure
Objectives of Green Line Project
Transport Challenges

Karachi is the megacity of Pakistan Spread over a 3,780 km² area, with a population of around 25-30 million. Such a significant population needs better facilities to have a comfortable life. The prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, inaugurated the Karachi Green Line metro bus project on Friday 10th December to accommodate that space. Initially, the bus was launched for trial operations. Moreover, the commercial operation will resume from 25th December.

The megacity transportation has always been in talks due to the absence of a proper transit system. Buses, vans, and other vehicles make their way to Karachi roads, but the issue of long routes, heavy traffic, no adequate schedule troubled the commuters for their regular travel. After the success of BRT Peshawar, work and progress on the first Green Line BRT Karachi project are up to the mark to serve the citizens of Karachi.

Green Line BRT Karachi is the largest metro bus route proposed in the past 50 years. Well, to get answers about what is Green Line project in Karachi? You are at the right place. We have rounded up complete information about the Green Line BRT project. Let’s have a look.

Green Line Karachi Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project

Karachi Green Line BRT Project highlights the Luxury quality bus that promises to deliver fast and comfortable service. The former government of Pakistan laid the project foundation stone in 2016. Although the project caused many operation delays, the present government has successfully resumed the project in today’s date. 

Green Line BRT Project is divided into various phases. During the  inauguration Prime minister of Pakistan said:

“No modern city can function without a modern transportation system, and Karachi is Pakistan’s engine of growth. If Karachi is prosperous, then Pakistan will become prosperous too”.

The high hope excites the resident for the new addition in their routes. The Karachi Green Line route has dedicated lanes and stations similar to the Green Line train. It will cover the 21 km distance between two parts of the city. Further, the project is extended to red, yellow, and orange buses spread over 112.9 km under the “Karachi Breeze” mega transport project.

Projected Route of the Green Line

Route of the Green Line

Karachi Green Line route is established separately on a 21 km long track to avoid traffic interruptions, along with the 22 stations accessible to the passengers.  Metro bus lane makes the travel fast, Around 135,000 passengers would travel daily with the comfort and flexible schedule.

The first phase will commute people moving around the south and central district. The Green Line bus route will terminate at the tower, as most government and private sectors are located near Merewether Tower. According to the new amendments, the first phase would carry passengers between Surjani Town and the Numaish Chowrangi. The upcoming phase will help commute people to Municipal Park at the Jama Cloth Market.

The dedicated routes for the first phase are these:

  •       Surjani Town
  •       Shahrah-e-Usman
  •       Shershah Suri Road
  •       North Karachi
  •       Nagan Chowrangi
  •       Sakhi Hassan
  •       North Nazimabad
  •       Numaish Chowrangi

Design, Features, and Infrastructure

Karachi transportation has always been a trouble for its commuters. Keeping that in mind, the Karachi Green Line metro bus project was designed with lavish infrastructure and technical features. In the first phase, 80 hybrid buses will run around to facilitate 135,000 passengers daily. The systematic buses have 40 seats, segregated for men, women, and families. Metro stations at each kilometer provide Green Line tracking, Green Line fare, and ticketing booth to facilitate the passenger. 

BRT Karachi jobs were distributed among 150 skilled drivers, working 12 hours transporting passengers. The buses are accessible for disabled passengers and those who use wheelchairs. Apart from these government of Pakistan shared a list of features which includes.

  •       Cell phone charging ports
  •       Prior seats for elders
  •       Automatic ramp for special persons
  •       Separate door for men and women
  •       Dedicated screens with station information
  •       Wi-Fi access
  •       Air conditioner system
  •       Escalator and lift to access the station
  •       Tripod Turnstile for access control
  •       Self-disinfectant system (for COVID-19)
  •       Vehicle location system
  •       Self-ticketing booth
  •       Thirteen emergency exits
  •       Camera monitoring
  •       Comfortable sitting

Objectives of Green Line Project

The main objectives of Green Line metro Karachi are:

  •       To commute passengers in a safe environment
  •       Reliable and affordable to students, workers, and families.
  •       Fast route and high-quality BRT Bus Service
  •       Less time consuming
  •       Standard quality of public transport system in Karachi
  •       Efficiently providing fast journey
  •       Security monitoring

Green Line bus Karachi is the first step in the development of Karachi. Not only it makes the passenger comfortably travel also enhances the troublesome transport system in Karachi. The new changes are seen bringing ease to some parts of Karachi, and soon we can see the establishment of BRT bus service in the whole city.

A metropolis city with transport challenges

Karachi is a rapidly growing city where transportation is challenging for the citizens. We have witnessed the damaged system, which creates an unwanted situation. 

Green Line Karachi can be considered as the convenient mean of travel than the regular buses. The procedure to travel by bus is to reach the designated station, collect the ticket from the ticketing booth, and after all, you can sit at your desired seat. Green Line fare is soon to announce, which is hardly 50 rupees. Additionally, there will be no queuing to pay onboard.

All the facilities announced given high expectation to the passengers. Well, this is the comprehensive answer about the Green Line metro Karachi. If you get the information and understand the routes make sure to try it. Looking for more similar informative blogs like TCS Tracking, you may visit blogs at JagahOnline. Also, you can send us your suggestions and feedback at blogs@jagahonline.com.