Inspiring Tips and Ideas to Organise Kitchen Spice Rack

For smart cooking, you might be looking for a smart kitchen, where all your ingredients are within your range. It could be everyday ingredients or some special spices. However, a kitchen spice rack for such an arrangement will ensure you can grab an item quickly.

Whether your kitchen is small or a massive one, arranging the spices is the smart solution. If you have a lot of cupboards, you can easily forget where the salt is. You start looking in every cabinet, and this could be difficult and time-wasting simultaneously. These are some herb and spice rack ideas; now it’s your time to gather the spices and start arranging them on your favourite rack.

Spice Rack Tips and Ideas for your Kitchen

With the help of a spice rack cabinet, you can access the spice bottle quickly. You can place them alphabetically or put the daily used ingredients in the front. It depends on how typically you are using them. These are some of the best ideas you should consider.

Wall Shelves Spice Rack

Wall Shelves Spice Rack
Wooden kitchen spice holder

Looking for simple and elegant spice storage? We have the perfect idea for you, that is a wall shelf. Either you can DIY or purchase it from the market. Floating shelves are very accessible in the kitchen and great for small spaces. Three-step wall shelves can cover all your spices. You can dedicate each rack like one for spices, the other for sweets or sauces. 

You might be thinking that jars of cinnamon, cardamom, red pepper, and other spices might look odd in the front. Well, remove this thought because the arrangement of spices is practical and pleasing to the eye. You will definitely love this transformation. It will organize your kitchen and act as fabulous wall decor too.

Slide-out Spice Organizer

In the middle of cooking a delicious meal, realizing the missing bottle of essential ingredients can create a panic situation. You might be worrying about where the heck spice bottle went that you used over the weekend. This will turn into a complicated situation. Here comes a slide-out organizer where you can keep everything in sight. The pull-out feature can help you keep every spice at eye level. You can stash spices in two ways; inside and on the upper shelf. Depending on the number of spice bottles you have, you can look for various size options.

Wooden Spice Rack

Wooden Spice Rack
Wooden Spice Rack

Kitchen Masala Racks on the wall enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen. For this rack, you can simply DIY by using old wood that has been stained. This traditional look is inspired by the old stone kitchens. The simple wood spice loader will be useful to sort and display your spices. Additionally, it will bring a unique interior to your kitchen.

Countertop Spice Rack 

Free up the counter space by displaying spice jars on the countertop rack. Inserting all the spices in the counter rack enables a quick catch of the needed ingredient. Arranging all the spices in the rack will ultimately clean your counter, and there won’t be any clutter. You can store up to twelve essential spices. Furthermore, you can utilize this by adding your often used jars, so you can pick them effortlessly at the time of need.

Pantry Spice Rack in Kitchen Unit

Spices are undoubtedly the magic of any recipe. For making your recipe delicious, it is important to keep all the spices in your reach. If you have a pantry for food storage, you can dedicate a small space for putting all your spices. Pantry is a great storage solution; you can organize all your spices neatly and in a functional position.

Clearly, spices have different types and kinds. While opening your pantry, you can get confused looking around at jars and bottles. To get a clear picture of spices, the first thing is to decide how to store the ingredients. You can select bottles, containers, or jars. Decide with the one storing container and put all your spices in the same bottles. Such way it won’t look crowded or messy. The harmony of containers will help you find the right spice in a flash. Also, you can put a label on the bottle of each spice.

Spice Drawer

Spice Drawer
Spice neatly labeled in the drawer

The Spice Drawer is the saviour for quickly finding red chili powder and dried thyme. You can place your spices in a drawer and, after using them, simply put them in the drawer again. The benefits of putting drawers inside are that you can protect them from dust and away from the children’s reach. Therefore, enclosed storage is a wise choice.

Arrange the spices in a drawer that is easily accessible from the stove. Your kitchen is going to look sleek and organized as well.

The frustration of not being able to find the spice is real. It can turn a good mood into the worse, and you end up ordering an online meal. We have collected these amazing storage ideas for you; now you are familiar with spice racks and storing methods, what are you waiting for? Start organizing the kitchen spices in a better way.   

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