Nestle Your Future with Gulmohar City Karachi

Gulmohar Group, the name behind the upcoming residential project, Gulmohar City Karachi. It is another prodigious name among the latest projects near Karachi-Hyderabad Highway. This entire development is under the umbrella of Riverlink Builders and Developers, which have been in construction for nearly 15 years. After the success of Gul Mohar Gardens in Malir, here is a superior and exhaustive project, Gulmohar City Karachi. 

Gulmohar City, Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway

Gulmohar City, Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway
Settle your family’s future in Gulmohar City Karachi.

Karachi city is getting overcrowded every year and the quality of life is obviously having a negative impact from this factor. To maintain a fine lifestyle and comfort in the upcoming years, you better start saving now. Because these savings can pave your way to a lavish and also affordable living in future. Are you ready to invest somewhere worth rewarding? Is this the place you have been saving for? Thinking about a luxurious life?

If, the answer is Yes! Gulmohar City is hardly 35 minutes of drive away from Bahria Town Karachi, where a new era is uprising for the residents of Sindh, especially of Karachi. Villas and Apartments with secured residence, recreational activities, education, entertainment, and all the secondary needs you deserve are about to be yours. This project is on its way already and the earlier you catch your spot, the better it will be. Prices are low at the moment and nobody wants to miss that. Do you? 

On the contrary, your answer is No, then just read this blog that will help you to change your mind and help to showcase you the specification of Gulmohar City.

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Gulmohar City Karachi Location

Address: Deh Babbar Band, Karachi-Hyderabad M9 – Motorway, Sindh.


Everything a person needs is here from healthcare to shopping malls. No more hectic lifestyle to tackle, let the serenity come to you. It is more than your imagination and you will be surprised to see the prices with these amenities. Your children will not only have a complete dynamic of entertainment but also educational facilities that will keep up with their cognitive growth. 

  • Security
  • Parks and fitness clubs 
  • Restaurants
  • Amusement parks and sports grounds
  • Health care facilities
  • Masjids
  • Shopping Malls
  • Education
  • Golf Club

Gulmohar City Prices

From 80 to 1000 square yards, the properties vary with an affordable price range. The best thing about Gulmohar City Karachi is that anyone can afford these prices who has a stable income. Even a person from a mediocre earning level can manage to pay instalments for at least one of the starting plot sizes.  

Residential Plot Prices

Rs. 9 Lac for 80 Sq Yd.
Rs. 14 Lac for 125 Sq Yd.
Rs. 16.5 Lac for 150 Sq Yd.
Rs. 21.5 Lac for 200 Sq Yd.
Rs. 26 Lac for 250 Sq Yd.
Rs. 31 Lac for 300 Sq Yd.
Rs. 45 Lac for 500 Sq Yd.
Rs. 83 Lac for 1000 Sq Yd.

Gulmohar City Karachi Payment Plan

As we have discussed the affordability of the above prices, the payment plan is much simplified for any one of you. All you need to do is keep a specific share of your income for this future residence, which deserves your attention and persistence.  

Facilities near Gulmohar City Karachi

Facilities near Gulmohar City Karachi
Restaurants at Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway are close to Gulmohar City.

Let’s discuss facilities near Gulmohar City Karachi to further simplify the profitability of this project. At the moment, there are a few core facilities available but it is about the upcoming era when everything will transform into a neoteric world. Furthermore, these facilities will be much closer to this Gulmohar City. If we look at the current situation, below are the facilities close to this project.

  • Jinnah International Airport Karachi is hardly 58 minutes of drive away.
  • Karachi Highway restaurants and water parks for an unforgettable family time are only 46 minutes of drive away.
  • Ziauddin University and DHA Suffa University’s highway campuses are just 20-30 minutes of drive away
  • Noteworthy neighbourhoods like Bahria Town Karachi and DHA City Karachi are only 30 and 25 minutes of drive away respectively.

Investment Opportunities in Gulmohar City Karachi

Now it’s time to talk about some investment opportunities that you or anyone else would like to miss here. Due to ongoing rapid development near Karachi-Hyderabad Highway, the property value may spike in future and those who already started investments on these projects will certainly have an upper hand in terms of high returns. As far as Gulmohar City Karachi is concerned, it is a whole new spectrum for a modern lifestyle with prices that are suitable also for middle and lower-middle-income classes. After the initiation of commercial areas, this housing scheme will be among the top business locations too because of malls and supermarkets. 

Furthermore, all the investors out there are looking for more opportunities, you can read about similar projects at Jagah Online. So, have a look at other projects like Kings Comforts, Al Madni Tower, and Al Madni Heights in Karachi. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.