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Kitchen Layouts 

Everyone wants a perfect layout of their house – what most people overlook, however, is the kitchen! It is important that your kitchen layout falls in place with the overall layout of your house. How will you decide that? Let us help you out! There are two types of kitchen layouts available: open kitchen and Close kitchen styles! 

Keep in mind the basic interior designing principles and design  your kitchen layout accordingly. On the other hand if you are renovating your kitchen here are  some tips for renovating your kitchen.

Continue Reading, and find out everything you need to know about them! 

Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen
An open kitchen plan extends into your dining room

When it comes to designing your house, few rooms require special attention and your kitchen is one of them. Open kitchen is a concept that has no walls, and open kitchen interior ideas are among the top trends. Usually an open kitchen plan gets extended into your dining room. Combining two rooms into one and it actually does look really nice. Most of the time people combine their living room and dining room all at the same time. Making a beautiful room combination that gives your house a different look. Open kitchen has a lot of pros and cons that we will discuss further in the blog.

Close Kitchen

Close Kitchen
Windows are added in a close kitchen plan to help in air circulation

A closed kitchen has walls around it. A closed space that looks like a separate room. Usually it has one or more doors but a standard close kitchen has only one door. Close kitchens usually have windows to help circulate the air. In some cases like in Pakistan, people use chimneys and exhaust fans for better ventilation. Close kitchens are great for privacy, but you cannot combine your closed kitchen with a dining room or living room. Although if your closed kitchen is big enough you can place your dining table inside it but make sure you don’t stuff your kitchen with unnecessary furniture. Like an open kitchen, a closed kitchen also has some pros and cons as well that we will discuss. 

Pros and Cons

Here is your chance to read about the benefits and the difference between an open kitchen and a close kitchen. If you know a thing or two about interior designing this is going to be really easy for you, as this part of our blog will give you a detailed perspective on which type of kitchen your house needs. There are many open kitchen designs that you may find very appealing. There are kitchen layouts and some types of kitchen that can make your house look appealing. 

Pros of An Open Kitchen

Cons of an Open Kitchen
There are a few disadvantages that come with an open kitchen
  • One of the major advantages of an open kitchen is that you get a lot of natural light and open space. Air can easily flow from the kitchen and around your house. Modern construction plans include open kitchens giving you more space and better lighting! 
  • As mentioned above, an open kitchen does not have walls. Your kitchen looks bigger and brighter. 
  • A unified design is what you can call it if you have an open kitchen. This kitchen layout compliments your house in a great way. The ideas to design an open kitchen are countless; it all depends on your creativity. 

Cons of an Open Kitchen

  • Tidiness will become mandatory in order to make your kitchen look sleek. Because there are no walls, your kitchen counter will be visible at all times. 
  • Less storage area! Yes we know, it doesn’t sound assuring, does it? Mostly open kitchen layout does not have many kitchen cabinets.
  • Choosing the colour combination can become challenging. You will have to choose the colour combination really carefully as it would be visible through every room. Before you decide to remodel, try to consult an interior designer or look yourself on the internet to help you save some money. 

Now that we have discussed the pros and cons of an open kitchen. Let’s move further to discuss the pros and cons of closed kitchens. 

Pros of a Closed Kitchen

  • One of the major reasons why a close kitchen is preferred is for its privacy. Most of the people working in the kitchen do not want people to see them working if they feel uncomfortable.
  • You will get a lot of storage for every kind of item that you have in your kitchen. Closed kitchen layout usually has many cabinets and a big enough cooking space. 
  • If you like formal dining then a closed kitchen is the perfect choice for you. This way you get to have a proper dedicated room separate from the kitchen where the whole family can enjoy a nice formal dinner. 
  • You get the freedom to design your closed kitchen your way. You can set the theme that is totally different from the rest of the house without getting worried about the color combination. 

Cons of a Closed Kitchen

  • The natural flow of air cannot be achieved if you have a closed kitchen, if the ventilation in your house is not good enough. You might want to set up an exhaust system, or use a chimney that can help you release the air outside. It will also block the natural light. 
  • The temperature will rise, you might want to spend some money to help you work in a normal environment. 
  • Last but not the least, your dining space will become minimal, and eating in a closed kitchen always feels stuffy. You might end up setting a whole new room just for dining purposes. 

Kitchen Layouts 

Kitchen Layouts
The most commonly used in Pakistan are L-shape, G-shape and One wall

There are five basic kitchen layouts that you can find. It depends upon what you wish to choose for your home interior. The five basic layouts are mentioned below:

  • L-Shape
  • G-Shape
  • U-Shape
  • One-Wall
  • Galley

The most commonly used in Pakistan are L-shape, G-shape and One wall. Most of the time you don’t get to decide your kitchen layout because it was already constructed before you bought the property. But if you are building your house yourself, you get the freedom to choose between any layout that you may find best for your house. 

Let’s discuss these kitchen layouts in a bit more detail:


The L-shaped layout is very popular among people. It includes working space on both sides. This works well when there are two cooks working at the same time. 


G-shape is a variation of U-shape kitchen layout. It has a mini fourth wall as an extra counter top. Same as L-shape it can also accommodate two cooks at the same time. 


The most versatile of all, the U-shaped kitchen layout is standard. This is the design that can let you work efficiently. It can also accommodate multiple cooks to work seamlessly. It has the most spacious storage space. 


Typically used in small homes, this layout can give you maximum efficiency. Although you might not have much space for storing. Single wall layout is typically used in one room apartments. Although you will have to make sure if you are left handed or right handed because you will need to take this fact into consideration. 


Galley kitchen layout is the ultimate layout. It is narrow spaced with maximum efficiency level. It helps establish an easy workflow, and this layout is mostly used in an open kitchen format. 

With this information our blog has come to an end. We hope that this information can help you in future when you are deciding between an open kitchen or a closed one. These kitchen layouts will also help you design your kitchen interior. Don’t forget to turn on your creativity!

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