PM Vows to Alleviate Poverty with Kamyab Pakistan Programme!

PM Imran Khan to set an example for the rest of the world! 

Islamabad: Scheduled to launch on the 9th of August, Kamyab Programme is all set to alleviate the living standard of the ones living below the poverty line. 

At the annual ICCE summit 2021 that took place on Monday virtually Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the launch of the Kamyab Programme and declared that the initiative will become “an example for the developing world to follow”. 

According to the plans about 40% of the country’s population that currently lives below the poverty line will be provided access to education, health and housing.  PM Imran Khan further promised, “One member from each family will be given access to technical education and IT training which is quick to impart and opens up earning opportunities easily”. 

Truly caring for the citizen’s health, the Prime Minister added “Every family will get a health card with a limit of Rs. 1,000,000 which can be used at any hospital”.

 To encourage the younger generation to develop their entrepreneurial skills, a member from each family will be given a chance to take interest free loans, to start a business. 

Housing Finance 

During his speech, Prime Minister Imran Khan pointed out that under the guidance of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, the government has worked to make housing more affordable to the people of Pakistan by encouraging banks to give out loans. The Prime Minister mentioned that only 0.2% of housing loans are given in Pakistan, the percentage is lowest in the region.  

PM Imran khan further explained that the reason why many individuals are forced to encroach on land, is because they do not have the finances to buy a property of their own. To help the citizens be able to buy their own property, the government has subsided interest on housing loans.

 He added that with the help of this programme, “A big revolution in this sector”.

If you are interested in a low income housing finance scheme, similar to the one PM Imran Khan talks about, check out our detailed blog on “Mera Pakistan Mera  Ghar”. 

Increase Exports

During the speech, PM Imran Khan stated that Pakistan is a big market, followed by him asking a question “Why do we still import?”

He added that the government has steadily removed the barriers limiting the exports, and has now added incentives to encourage individuals to increase exports. He emphasised the importance of exports by adding, “Only through exports can Pakistan bring down its current account deficit” 

Climate Control

Bringing the summit’s attention to climate changes, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that planting trees is the only way the country would be able to save itself from the dangerous weather patterns that have built up.

He mentioned that every city has a master plan which will hold a designated area for a green zone. He further added that by doing this, managing the cities would become much easier. 

In the month of July, PM Imran Khan launched the biggest plantation drive in the country, ‘Ten Billion Tree Tsunami’. Along with planting trees, the PM aims to recharge wetlands, regenerate mangroves and create green jobs. 

The program aims to bring almost 4 million Pakistani families above the poverty line. 

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