Mesmerising Views of Open-Air Restaurants in Karachi

Karachi- A lively city of Pakistan, surrounded by the hustle-bustle of people. On the other hand, you can find restaurants, luxury shopping malls, beautiful beaches and much more. No doubt living in Karachi is fascinating, with the gorgeous city view. Well, if you are wondering about open-air restaurants and buffets in Karachi, you can find that too. The gloomy and breezy summer days are back, which forces us to dine in. But a beautiful setup, including waterside dining and the city view, makes you go around the outdoor restaurants. In this blog, we have collected some open-air restaurants that offer fine dining and a gorgeous outdoor ambience.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic and the strict precautions introduced us to some outdoor restaurants. Well, the situation is slightly lighter, but these restaurants have successfully gained popularity with their outdoor charms. The list of outdoor restaurants in Karachi are:

  • Kolachi Restaurant
  • Cafe Aylanto
  • Cafe Flo
  • Charcoal BBQ & Grill
  • BBQ Tonight

Open Air Restaurants in Karachi

Kolachi Restaurant 

Open Air Restaurants in Karachi
Kolachi is a famous restaurant among Locals and visitors.

It is famous for its beach view and traditional cuisine. Kolachi Restaurant is situated on Do Darya with the cinematic view of blue water and the cool breeze blowing around. It has the traditional Asian and the continental food menu, including Sea Food, Steak, Desi Karahi and Handi (Pakistani Chicken gravy dishes), BBQ, Italian, and Tandoor. All the dishes offered in these categories are mouthwatering and delicious.

In short, the Kolachi is 100% recommended for fine outdoor dining. The ambience and atmosphere will make you revisit this place. Good food and a good view are all we want, and Kolachi provides you with this memorable experience.

Cafe Aylanto 

A firm favourite among the locals due to the sleek decor of outdoor dining in Karachi. Cafe Aylanto is a lavish restaurant serving the town’s best Mediterranean cuisine. Whether you want to have morning breakfast or evening dinner, you can enjoy your day at cafe Aylanto.

However, the cafe holds a special interest among the households of Karachi because of its versatile food menu. The menu includes Fettuccine with Prawn, Classic Lasagna, Truffle Pasta, Buffalo Mozzarella, Garlic Red Snapper, Oven Baked Fish, Grilled Chicken with Tarragon, Grilled Fillet of Chicken, Spicy Lamb Chops, Mexican Burger and many other mouthwatering dishes. Besides, it serves sweet dishes, including Chocolate Mousse, Fudge Cake, Chocolate Tart, Warm Apple Crumble, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, and Basque Burnt Cheesecake. Further, you can find the long list of food items on the menu.

Cafe Flo 

Cafe Flo
Cafe Flo is lit up by lights at night time.

The cafe Flo offers fine dining in the city of lights. It is located in the bustling streets of Clifton Karachi. It provides the experience of France taste, with a warm and comfortable ambience. Not only do people gather at Cafe Flo to enjoy the taste, but also events are celebrated with great joy and energy.

On the other hand, the unique exterior, quality food, and service bring cafe Flo to the top list of restaurants in Karachi. The iconic restaurant serves the best Flo’s classic penne pasta with sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, and parmesan. Further, you can find a large variety of soups, seafood, shellfish, meat items, salad, desserts, cocktails, and beverages. The menu offered by cafe Flo is classic with the fabulous touch of French taste.

Charcoal BBQ & Grill

The Charcoal BBQ & Grill is located in DHA phase 8 Karachi. The restaurant has an open view of hitting blue waves of the sea. Charcoal BBQ & Grill is a fine restaurant with outdoor seating. Nonetheless, spending a day at Charcoal BBQ & Grill with friends and family is the best time you can have. The restaurant offers delicious seafood, BBQ, and other mouthwatering dishes, which brings the audience to visit again. 

Pro Tip: If the weather is amazing and searching for outdoor dining, hit towards the Charcoal BBQ & Grill. Additionally, you will find the food prices less expensive compared to other restaurants. When visiting this place, we have collected a few favourites for you; Chicken Steak, Mushroom Chicken Steak, Charcoal Grilled Chicken, and Starter platter.

BBQ Tonight

BBQ Tonight
BBQ tonight is divided into three floors, the top offers outdoor dining.

Additionally, the restaurant has become the limelight for every Karachiites and visitor. The restaurant always remains crowded with people enjoying their meal. 

Pro Tip: To avoid standing in line for hours, it is better to make a reservation by calling them or via their website.

Karachi restaurants undoubtedly serve the best seafood, delicious biryani, desi cuisines, BBQ, and meat steak. Moreover, the list doesn’t end here because the restaurants are rapidly growing and bringing variation to the food, giving new exposure to your taste buds. With these fascinating outdoor restaurants, we end our blog here, however, there are plenty of restaurants that need to be explored. For now, we hope you enjoyed reading while planning where to head on for the next outdoor celebration.

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