Port Grand – The Zenith of Karachi Nights!

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Events at Port Grand Karachi

In the year 2011 after a massive opening, Port Grand immediately became the pearl of the city Karachi. At that particular time, the city was going through one of the very worst times in its history. Meanwhile, entertainment in the open air theatres and the vibrant nightlife culture of Karachi, was lost. Despite to what the city was facing, the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) and the Grand Leisure Corporation joined hands to provide the inhabitants of Karachi an ideal entertainment destination, the Port Grand. Since 2011, it has been operational and is providing entertainment according to the demands of a diverse audience. Let us take you through the Port Grand and its outdoor dining, evening walks, open air theatres, huge concerts and boat rides. Not only these, as the management claims ‘there is something for everyone, here’.

Port Grand Location

The Port Grand location is easily accessible from every part of the city. It is situated under the main Native Jetty Road. The management has acquired the land under the Native Jetty Chowrangi. In addition, the project has also acquired the old bridge of Native Jetty Road which previously connected mainland Karachi to Keamari. From under the Native Jetty Chowrangi, it is adjacent to the Shri Laxmi Narayan Temple. Along the strip of bridge, it is surrounded by the China Creek Karachi on both sides. This old bridge is now transformed into a fine food street where you can enjoy a walk or your dinner with cool breezes caressing you all the time.

Old Native Jetty Bridge
The Old Native Jetty Bridge is used as a Promenade in Port Grand Karachi (Courtesy TripAdvisor)

Port Grand Timing

The questions which are asked the most, are all regarding the timing of Port Grand Karachi. No doubt that the city’s nights do not sleep because of the enthusiasm found in its people. Meanwhile, Karachiites are known to be very lazy as they wake up late and sleep late. Such traits make it open its gates late and provide a variety of entertainment till late hours. Subsequently, the ultimate goal of this place was to revolutionize the ‘Nightlife Culture in Karachi’, and they have been doing so since 2011. The chart for Port Grand timing is shared below;

Monday: 4:00 pm to 11:45 pm

Tuesday: 4:00 pm to 11:45 pm

Wednesday: 4:00 pm to 11:45 pm

Thursday: 4:00 pm to 11:45 pm

Friday: 4:00 pm to 11:45 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 

  • 8:30 am to 2:00 pm (Breakfast)
  • 4:00 pm to 11:45 pm

You can always have a peaceful walk by the waterfront if you are there in the evening. Although the gates of Port Grand Karachi open at 4:00 pm, it is rare to see any food stalls or entertainment stuff available before 6:00 pm. Just Karachi things!

Port Grand Entry Fee

Karachi Harbour
Karachi Harbour can be seen clearly from Port Grand. 
Credits: instagram@abdullahclicks

The Port Grand entry fee is now adjusted as Rs.300 per person. On purchasing an entry ticket, you are given a redeemable voucher of Rs.100. Moreover, these vouchers can be used on selected items inside the premises. However, children under the age of 2 years and senior citizens over 65 years of age are free to enter.

Note: On special occasions such as concerts, culture shows, car expositions and fairs, you have to buy ‘Special Passes’. The rates of these passes may vary. On such occasions Port Grand ticket price is not charged. However, one must buy the special passes for the desired event.

Food in Port Grand

Food in Port Grand
Juicy Steak being served in Port Grand

Beside all the entertainment it provides, diverse cuisine restaurants are always a treat to have. There is a variety of food options available for the foody people. Meanwhile, the restaurants here cover a variety of traditional Pakistani dishes as well as famous Central Asian and East Asian cuisines. The list of restaurants in Port Grand includes;

  • Rashid Sea Food & Restaurant
  • Akbari Nihari
  • The Grand Chai Khana
  • The Balcony
  • Afridi Inn
  • Kababjees Express
  • Ghaffar Kabab House
  • City Bistro
  • Chow Wow
  • Babujees
  • Agha Yaseen
  • Angelini’s
  • Gardenia
  • Grab n Go
  • Turkistik- The Turkish Ice Cream
  • The Soda Fountain
  • Wall’s Happiness Station
Food in Port Grand

All of these restaurants meet the taste of all the foodies coming here. In addition to these restaurants, Port Grand food street is famous for its wide range of street food. The most popular street food options includes Bun Kabab, Chana Chaat, Gol Gappay, Ice Cream Rolls, Samosa and Spring Rolls along with many others.

Since we are taking you on a trip with us at Port Grand, you might look into some top-notch buffet restaurants in the city of lights or you might want to know more interesting information about Empress Market Karachi.

Entertainment in Port Grand

Juicy Steak being served in Port Grand
Concerts and Musical Nights at Port Grand are very popular among young generations

Although the entertainment starts as soon as you enter this lavish enclave of calm, the place has other options designated for mere entertainment. These entertainment facilities includes;

Grand Circus

Man spitting fire during the fire performance
Man spitting fire during the fire performance

The magicians offer a totally unforgettable experience by stunning and entertaining the audience. Everyday, Port Grand’s fire dancers stage up a beautiful fire performance. Ultimately, they do it with coordinated precision and tremendous fire artistry using a dynamic blend of flame and gymnastic techniques. Guests can also enjoy a comedy performance with unique puppets that are designed to actively engage a wide range of ages and audiences, ensuring nobody is left out.

Days: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Show Timings: 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm, and 9:30 pm

6D Cinema

6D Cinema is one of its kind in the city
6D Cinema is one of its kind in the city

This 6D cinema uses modern technology and has a tremendous impact on the audience, with a combo of 6D special effects seats and 3D stereoscopic movies.

Days: All days

Show Timings: 5:00 pm till 12:00 am


Karaoke in Port Grand
Let the singer in you groove to the music at Karaoke in Port Grand

Listen to the music, read the lyrics and let the beat hit you. Enjoy tunes with your vocals added to the mix and let the world hear your ability at the Karaoke at Port Grand. Of course, one can mould the songs of west and sub-continent into their own groove.

Days: All days 

Show Timings: 5:00 pm till 12:00 am


kiosk of Palmist
The kiosk of Palmist can be seen from a distance in the Courtyard

You can discover what your palms say about you and your life by visiting the magical palmist. Wait for the unforeseen to appear!

Days: All days

Show Timings: 5:00 pm till 12:00 am

Speed Boating

Speed Boat
Whole Family can enjoy the thrilling Speed Boat around the Mangroves

On the greatest Speed Boating, Mangrove Boating, and Floating Decks in Karachi, one may enjoy the thrill of marine excitement with a big tour of the wetlands.. However, the Port Grand boating ride charges are Rs. 500 per person. There are many special packages on boat rides such as family packages. Meanwhile, on such packages Port Grand boating ride charges are adjusted in lump sum amounts.

Days: All days

Show Timings: 5:00 pm till 12:00 am

Events at Port Grand Karachi

place in Port Grand
Many local and international events takes place in Port Grand

Port Grand is very popular for hosting very large public events. It has a very huge courtyard which can easily hold an audience of up to 2000 thousand people. Meanwhile, many event planners book its courtyards for huge fairs, festivals and public gatherings. Some of the examples of public events take place here are;

  • Concerts
  • Culture Festivals
  • Auto Exhibitions
  • Flower Festivals
  • Live Match Screenings
  • New Year Nights
  • National Festivals
  • Product Launching Events
  • Literary Event
  • Carnivals
dining table of Napier’s tavern
From the dining table of Napier’s tavern, one can enjoy the view of Karachi Harbour

Port House, Napier’s Tavern, Bay View, Jamming Corner, Festival Boulevard, Temple Point, Mermaid’s, and Sea Floating Decks are some of it’s various locations for public, private, and corporate events. The Promenade’s eateries can handle a wide range of festivities for thousands of people, with comprehensive security, valet services, photography assistance, and a number of other attractions.

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