Karachiites to witness a severe monsoon season!

Karachi: On Wednesday, Mr. Jawad Memon, an officer of the meteorology department, released a statement saying “In most places, clouds of the pre-monsoon system haven’t formed properly but the weather will remain pleasant”.

As per the meteorological department, the monsoon season will start from the first week of July, starting from the south of Sindh, however, the city will receive light showers during the week.  

He further added that a spell of heatwave will affect the cities of Sindh during the next week, with the temperature reaching up to 40 degrees.  The department of meteorology predicts a record breaking rainfall. 

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The last monsoon season left the city in a state of emergency. Houses in various parts of the city were submerged, flights in and out of the city were cancelled and about 50 people died, while many fell victim to destruction caused by the rain. 

The city could potentially face worse conditions as compared to last year, due to the combination of heavy rainfall and clogged storm drains. 

Mr Jawad Memon highlighted the fact that Sahiwal would be facing a severe heatwave spell for the next five days, while no rainfall is predicted for Punjab. 

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