Protect Your Kids with These Balcony Safety Techniques

Safety is something that we all need in our lives, no matter how smart we are, but none of us would like to take chances. All of us want safety for our kids, especially toddlers. They crawl everywhere inside homes without knowing any threat in their way. Here comes our responsibility to make things safe. This is why we will share some methods and tips to make balconies safe for kids. We turn a blind eye to many things around us that can be lethal for our kids. It is our responsibility to make things right for the sake of everyone’s lives.

Some spots in our homes are not safe for kids at all. For instance, balcony, terrace, kitchen, basement and even bathrooms. Just in a blink, kids can do anything without knowing any consequences. In this blog, you will learn some balcony safety ideas to make a balcony safe for kids; so, you will not have to worry at all. In addition, you may also learn these safety tips to keep your family safe from gas cylinder accidents.

Ideas to Make Your Balcony Safe for Kids

Ideas to Make Your Balcony Safe for Kids
Some easy ways can help you protect your children.

If money can save someone’s life, it is better to spend it in the right place instead of waiting for an unwanted scenario. You may also try these amazing wall stickers to keep your kids busy in their rooms. Here are some ways that can help you protect your child on a balcony. 

  • Plexiglas sheet or Polycarbonate sheet
  • Protective grill
  • Safety net
  • Removal of climbing objects

Plexiglas Sheet

plexiglas sheets
It will not only protect your child but also amplify the beauty of your balcony.

Toddlers are not smart enough to cross simple obstacles and here is what you can do with this balcony safety product. Plexiglas or Acrylic Sheet is a really handy item you can use as your balcony railings. Not just it will look lavish but it will also make your balcony safe for kids. Another way is you can attach those Plexiglas Sheets on your railings to avoid kids passing through them. They will not be able to get their heads into those wide railings anymore. You can trust these balcony safety screens without any worries.

Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate Sheet
Durable and resistant polycarbonate sheets can make your balcony safe for kids.

Another option is a polycarbonate sheet, which is similar to the above Plexiglas sheet, but stronger and a little bit costlier. Definitely, you would not compromise on cost when it comes to making your balcony safe for kids. These balcony safety screens are well worth an instalment. After installing them, your kids can’t even break them and you can stop thinking about safety every minute of your day. Balcony safety products like polycarbonate sheets can be your safety partner. These sheets can also be cleaned easily as well as there is no chance of rust on them. 

Safety Net

safety net
Make sure you cover entire railings with this net to have complete safety.

Whether it is a balcony of a home or a border fence between countries, fibre and metallic nets are a durable option to restrain anyone. If you can’t use the above options, you may go for a safety net to cover your railings to make your balcony safe for kids. You have no idea how handy this balcony safety net can be for you. These nets are very important when your child moves too much and you can’t keep an eye on them all the time. A narrow-gap net can also prevent toys or balls from getting out of your balcony when kids play there. Because kids are very curious to see beyond the railings and you would not want that, obviously.   

Removal of Furniture or any Climbing Object

Removal of furniture or any climbing object
Plant pots and similar objects can be dangerous for kids near balcony railings.

No matter how many protective sheets and products you use on your balcony’s railings, your efforts will go in vain if you make a little blunder. Yes, a blunder. Never leave any chair, table, stool or even any object that can help your kids climb over railings. There are some objects like boxes and plant pots that can be problematic for you, your kid can use them as a means to climb the balcony. If you can’t remove them, don’t let your kids reach the balcony without your supervision. And don’t forget to keep the balcony locked always. 

Safety Grill

Safety Grill
The best way to make your balcony safe for kids.

The most efficient but also the most expensive option to make your balcony safe for kids is the safety grill. It will not just restrain your kids from balcony accidents but also will secure your home from thieves if you go for the completely covered option. There are many balconies safety grill designs you may try according to the structure of your home. Make sure the gap between the grill bars is as little as 9 cm so kids can’t pass through their bodies.

Tips on Balcony Safety for Kids

Tips on Balcony Safety for Kids
Keep an eye on toddlers if your room is attached to a balcony.
  1. Never leave your kid unsupervised on the balcony when there is no safety sheet, net or grill.
  2. Make sure your balcony railing gap is not more than 9cm otherwise it can be problematic for you.
  3. Always lock your balcony when you are busy with a task and can’t keep an eye on your child.
  4. Put feet rattles on your toddler so you can hear when they move.
  5. Use an alarm system on your balcony door if you can afford it.
  6. Keep all the plant pots, chairs, table, stool and boxes far away from balcony railings.
  7. The most important one, make sure any electric wire is insulated and away from your grill or metallic net.
  8. You may also use a guardrail gate or toddler gate to prevent them from reaching the balcony. 
  9. Warn your kid not to stand near the railings of a balcony if he can’t be stopped.


We hope we have provided you with enough information to help you make your balcony safe for kids. With the help of these methods and tips, you cannot just have a sigh of relief but also your kid can roam easily without any interference. Because your kid’s safety matters the most. Besides, you may also read about Omicron Virus for the safety of yourself and your family. If you are looking to keep your house clean, here are some home cleaning tips. That’s all from us, for more informative blogs, visit Jagah Online. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.