Major Gas Cylinder Safety Tips You Should Follow At Home

LPG Gas Cylinder Safety Tips
Gas Cylinder Maintenance
Empty Cylinder Safety
Gas Cylinder Price in Pakistan
General Cylinder Precautions

Considering the current shortage in gas supply, we can see the usage of LPG is rapidly growing. The majority of the population, particularly the household, is switching to gas cylinders as a temporary solution. Households utilise LPG gas cylinders at home to cook food because there is no other option. The term LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas which is highly flammable, and it is the individual responsibility to take care around it. If you are using LPG at home, it is crucial to keep an eye on kids near the kitchen. Moreover, we have a few gas cylinder safety tips to ensure your protection when dealing with the gas cylinder at home.

A few guidelines from our side and a few efforts from your side can help you with safe cooking, also reliable for the long term.

LPG Gas Cylinder Safety Tips And Precautions

LPG Gas Cylinder Safety Tips
Gas Cylinder Safety Tips

Mishandling gas cylinders can be a hazard to you and the people around you. We have written down tips and precautions you should follow while using a gas cylinder at home.

1. Handle With Care

Dealing with cylinders requires a lot of attention; you must watch your steps when moving the cylinder. Avoid lifting and rolling the cylinder instead; use a hand cart designed for cylinder moving. By this, you can also avoid dropping or hitting the cylinder on other objects. Place the cylinder in an upright position, away from all flammable substances. Also, lifting cylinders from caps and magnets can be dangerous. It is essential to be careful when handling gas cylinders.

2. Gas Cylinder Maintenance

It is risky to use outdated cylinders at home. The Gas Cylinder Maintenance includes the latest equipment, continuously verifying before use. Also, there is a threat of using dented, rusty or old cylinders. It is better to invest in a good brand cylinder for a secure life.

3. Empty Cylinder Safety

We deal with empty cylinders very smoothly without any fear, but we don’t realise empty cylinders have residual pressure. When working or lifting with empty cylinders, assume them equivalent to a full. Before taking out the empty cylinders, make sure to airtight all the valves and caps.

4. Always Buy A Good Condition Cylinder

When searching for a gas cylinder for home use, always go with the best condition cylinder. We have to be extra careful with the home cylinder usage as the women spend most of their time in the kitchen making food and kids buzzing around. Check for the seal and safety cap, ensuring a fresh cylinder. A good purchase can be promising with long durability.

5. Storing LPG Cylinder At Home

Important tip: Avoid mixing it with the empty cylinder when storing a cylinder at home. Keep it in a safe place away from kids. At the same time, cylinders must be kept in a ventilated space where air can pass. The ideal place is to store where air circulation is easy. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, electric sockets, and other flammable subjects. If the cylinder is at your home longer than 5 months without use, empty it or return it to the supplier.

6. Disconnect LPG

If there is something important to attend to, switch off the stove. Do not leave the gas stove burning while cooking. Keep the doors and windows open for ventilation. Once done, disconnect the LPG regulator and close the cap on the cylinder.

7. LPG Gas Cylinder Leakage

Most of the injuries are due to the leakage of gas. Close all the valves and burner knobs if you smell a gas leak. Do not panic; stay calm and focus on resolving the issue. Ventilation is the best way to avoid any harmful situation. Besides, close all the sources of fires, and contact the gas distributor near you. 

Gas Cylinder Price in Pakistan

Due to excessive use of LPG, the prices are also increasing. The LPG cylinder price in Pakistan is around Rs. 2,500. With the shortage of pipeline gas, the use of gas cylinders is rapidly growing. Every domestic household is seen purchasing the cylinder for basic food cooking. Highlighting such circumstances, it is important to cut the cost to reduce the burden on the consumers.

LPG gas cylinder2 Kg Gas CapacityRS. 1,499
LPG gas cylinder4 kg with Regular and BurnerRS. 3,252
LPG gas cylinder6 Kg Gas CapacityRS. 2,999
LPG gas cylinder8 kg with Regular and BurnerRS. 3,499
Table showing the recent Gas Cylinder Price in Pakistan

These are some of the prices of cylinders available in the market, you can find the different prices with different features, according to your need. From storing capacity in kgs, along with regulator and burner are high. 

General Cylinder Precautions

Keep your valves close when not using the gas cylinder
  • Keep the door and windows of your kitchen open.
  •  Stay near the stove when cooking.
  •  Wear a comfortable dress while working in the kitchen.
  •  Buy only good quality, sealed cylinders.
  •  If you smell a leak, close all the fire-catching objects.
  •  In an emergency call, the suppliers instead repair it by yourself.
  •  Close all the knobs, burners at night and when going out. 
  •  Stay patient with LPG cylinders.
  •  Work on the less flame.
  •  Keep your cylinder away from electric sockets.

These are some of the tips every household needs to keep in mind for the coverage of uninvited accidents. Find an authorised cylinder provider to buy a good shape and well-performing cylinder. 

Accidents do happen, but awareness and proper usage are vital when keeping an LPG gas cylinder in the home. The tips mentioned above and precautions must be taken seriously for safe cylinder use. If you liked our informative blog, make sure to stay updated with JagahOnline blogs, do follow us on Facebook as well.