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Orange Train Lahore Route
Orange Train Lahore Station List
About Orange Train Lahore Ticket Price
About Orange Line Train Schedule

Public transportation in Pakistan had always been a concern when it came to the safety and comfort of passengers until the Punjab Mass transit Authority (PMA) introduced modern means. Whether it is Lahore Metro Bus, Lahore Speedo Bus, Multan Metro Bus, Pakistan Metro Bus (Rawalpindi/Islamabad), or Orange Train Lahore, credit goes to the previous government’s efforts and consistency to finally provide well-reputed modes of transport to the citizens of Punjab. In addition, Karachi Green Line Metro (Bus Rapid Transit System) was also initiated by the previous government (PML-N’s government). Here is all about the Karachi Green Line BRT System.     

If we discuss Lahore Orange Train, this one is the best so far as the first driverless train service in Pakistan. Initiated in May 2014, by the Government of Pakistan and the Government of China as a gesture of friendly relations between these two countries. After 6 years of process and a cost of $ 1.7 billion, it was finally inaugurated on 25th October 2020. This entire operation and manufacturing will be under the control of Guangzhou Metro Group, Norinco International, and Daewoo Express.

  • 27.1 km distance 
  • 27 trains
  • 80 km/h speed
  • Total Stations 26 (24 elevated, 2 underground)
  • An average of 250,000 passengers per day

Orange Train Lahore Route

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From southern Lahore to northern Lahore, people can easily travel to reach their destination in an air-conditioned and smooth environment. People also use Lahore Speedo Bus to cover the remaining distance to their respective destinations.  

  1. Ali Town to Thokar Niaz Baig   
  2. Thokar Niaz Baig to Chauburji
  3. Chauburji to GPO Chowk
  4. GPO Chowk to Qila Gujjar Singh
  5. Qila Gujjar Singh to Bohar Wala Chowk
  6. Bohar Wala Chowk to Sultanpura (Coop Store)
  7. Sultanpura (Coop Store) to Dera Gujran

Orange Train Lahore Station List

It covers a total of 26 stations passing through main routes, towns and landmarks like Raiwind Road, Multan Road, Lake Road/ Edward Road, McLeod Road, Nicholson Road, GT Road, Johar Town, Allama Iqbal Town, Chauburji, and also Lahori Gate. Even the Walled city of Lahore along with historical landmarks are near Orange Train’s route. Presently, you may take Metro Bus Lahore from the nearest station to reach the above historical places.

  1. Ali Town 
  2. Thokar Niaz Baig 
  3. Canal View 
  4. Hanjarwal 
  5. Wahdat Road 
  6. Awan Town  
  7. Sabzazar  
  8. Shahnoor 
  9. Salahuddin Road 
  10. Bund Road 
  11. Samanabad 
  12. Gulshan-e-Ravi 
  13. Chauburji 
  14. Lake Road  
  15. GPO
  16. Lakshmi Chowk
  17. Railway Station
  18. UET (University of Engineering and Technology) 
  19. Baghbanpura 
  20. Shalamar Garden 
  21. Pakistan Mint 
  22. Mahmood Booti  
  23. Salamatpura 
  24. Islam Park 
  25. Dera Gujran
  26. (Back to Stabling Yard)

About Orange Train Lahore Ticket Price

Its ticket price is not that much as well as there is going to be discount service for senior citizens, students and working women via special Orange Train cards. It is also expected that there will be free of cost service for senior citizens soon.

Ticket price: Rs. 40 

About Orange Line Train Schedule

Orange Line Train Schedule
Orange Train Lahore is a disciplined transportation system with automated operations.

Hence the operational timings of Orange Train Lahore are 16 hours with a headway of 2 minutes at every station. However, this duration is enough to serve everyone from morning to night. Previously it was till 8:30 pm, which was recently extended till 11 pm. 

Orange Line Train Timings: 7:30 am to 11 pm

Since no helpline or contact number was issued by PMA specifically for Orange Train Lahore, people can use the same helpline as Lahore Metro Bus.

Helpline: 042 111 222 627


It is just the beginning of an entirely new era of the modern transportation system in Pakistan because there are more projects to be launched in Lahore and other cities. Likewise, Purple Line and Blue Line Metro Trains. In addition, Orange Line, Blue Line, Yellow Line and Red Line projects are going to take place in Karachi after the success of Green Line Metro.

We hope we have assisted you with mandatory knowledge so you can enjoy your journey in Lahore. Here is all you can read about Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore. Also, have a look at these 13 Gates of Lahore , Perfumes In Karachi and Best Food Streets in Lahore. Furthermore, you may read more informative blogs at Jagah Online. Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.