A Wake Up Alert-Traffic Issues in Pakistan

The rising population of the country ultimately brings a lot of problems. People migrating to the big cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Quetta, and Lahore are clearly seen struggling with traffic congestion. The problem of traffic control, lack of awareness about traffic signs, an increasing quantity of vehicles, and disturbing infrastructure of roads are the most common traffic issues in Pakistan.

However, in our daily life, we face massive traffic problems. Either stuck in a traffic jam, or some uncertain situation keeps delaying to clear the roads. Therefore, the situation leads us to reach belatedly at our destination. Somehow the condition on roads makes us helpless and drains the energy to stay active. In this blog, we will look at the cause of traffic and how we can resolve the situation.

10 Main Causes of Traffic Issues in Pakistan

When talking about traffic issues in Pakistan, we will definitely encounter a long list. Some of the main causes of traffic problems in Pakistan are as follow:

Road Constructions

Road Constructions
Man working on the road in a day time.

Construction work on the road has a significant impact on traffic flow. It affects traffic operations and leads to a significant roadblock. Besides, without any diversion plans and digging the roads bring trouble to both organisations and commuters. It increases the delay period in the construction due to ongoing passing vehicles and long queues stuck on the mid-road.

Manual Traffic Control

Traffic signals are commonly used to control traffic automatically. However, in some parts of the cities, we can often see the traffic lights are switched off and the traffic police department controlling the traffic manually. In a manual procedure, they often get confused, and errors can be found in the controlling system. Evening time is the most rushed hour when traffic flow increases, and thus makes a confusing situation. Common mistakes include enabling one side of the road for a long time and the other side for a short minute.

Lack of Road Awareness

Lack of Road Awareness
Traffic light displaying red, which means stop.

Most of the drivers operate the vehicles without any prior road knowledge. The lack of awareness about traffic rules like jumping lanes, overtaking, speeding, and other factors cause major traffic accidents.

Driving With Frustration

When driving a vehicle, it needs a lot of concentration. It includes your focus should be on roads and other passing vehicles. Moreover, when driving, it is essential to be mentally active. Driving with frustration and depression brings problems to all other vehicle operators around the road. 

Less Parking Facilities

Less Parking Facilities
Vehicles parked near the building, which can impact the traffic flow

Parking area issues are the most common problem people face daily. In search of finding a space to park, disturb the other moving vehicles on the road. Additionally, Mega Cities like Karachi Lahore have common parking issues where people have to park their vehicles on the main street, which impacts the traffic flow and congestion.

Road Obstacles

While driving the vehicle on the road, you are most likely to experience obstacles on the way. Some of the challenges include double parking on the road, ongoing road work, lane closure due to road work and traffic flowing on the other side, road narrowing down, or maybe a sale going on in the supermarket, and people rushing to grab the finest item as soon as possible. All these road obstacles end up in a long traffic jam.


Violation of traffic rules. (Courtesy: Dawn.com)

Walking pedestrians are the main hindrance which increases the road traffic. People passing the road often hurry without looking here and there and cross the roads that bring the uncertain situation. 

Inadequate Green Time

Inadequate green time takes around 5 to 10 seconds to move from a stationary position to ongoing. It is important to pay attention to the traffic lights to eliminate the traffic hurdles. Keep the car or any vehicle ready to move when the light turns green. 

Increased Vehicles

Increased Vehicles
The ratio of vehicles is increasing day by day on the road.

In December 2019, Pakistan’s registered number of vehicles was reported at almost 6,209,626 Units. The numbers increased in majority from the data of last year, which was 5,923,280 Units in December 2018. From such a number of registrations, we can assume that the counting could be doubled over the past years. However, the increase in vehicles around the city increases traffic and pollution in the environment.

Car Accidents

An accident is an emergency situation requiring all vehicles to slow down or stop. Meanwhile, the rushing ambulances should be given way. Large lanes of the road or the narrow road get closed entirely due to the crash. More the vehicles entering the slower the flow of traffic increases the road jam. 

How to Fix the Situation?

Traffic Situation in Pakistan is getting worse day by day. The reason mentioned above is the common situations a person faces every time on the road. However, to overcome the situation, we need a proper traffic system where drivers and pedestrians can efficiently move across the roads. For example, smart parking is a great initiative for controlling the excess car waiting in the parking area for a vacant space. Furthermore, Orange Train Lahore can decrease traffic volume on the road. The commuters will shift towards the train, due to its efficiency and fast service.

In short, countries like Pakistan need to emphasise the technology for making a proper traffic system. Being a citizen, it is also essential to look out for all the safety measures when driving a vehicle. 

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