Your Escort to Buy Good Bath Towels and Bathrobe!

Creative people prefer comfy bathrobe while they design new concepts. Hence, the bathrobes and the bath towels are the biassed wears of artists. So, how do you get to know which one you should opt for? For all such concerns and matters, we have researched well. Moreover, we are keen enough to share some of these with you guys. So, we welcome you to our Ultimate Guidebook of Bath Towels and Bathrobe.

Do you Require a Towel Buying Guide?

Do you require a towel buying guide
Bath towels should be bought with care.

Let’s divide the segments and start off with the best material to soak yourself with, a towel. Bath towels are the most lovable items in a home after pillows. Meanwhile, they can be frustrating at times when you are not able to find them. Nevertheless, buying a good bath towel is often neglected by the masses. The mistake is appreciated by noobs, and they pay for it afterwards. But this laxity can be avoided without any pain or extra surcharge. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to buy some good bath towels. But if still you feel insecure then this guru guide is composed for you and people like you. Let’s take you through an insightful information-oriented guide for better bargains.

Best Fabrics for Bath Towels

Talking about best fabrics for bath towels, one should always opt for the ones which soak better. Meanwhile, we all have personal preferences too. However, the general of thumb says to pick one of these followings;

Cotton Bath Towel

Nature always wins the race, same goes with the cotton fabric. No chemicals included; natural cotton is always worth it. It is cool, comfortable, easy to soak and is pretty handy too. Meanwhile, it is also priced reasonably everywhere. When at a bath towel hunt, make sure that the cotton bath towels are in your bucket when you return.

Linen Bath Towel

Linen Bath Towel
Linen bath towels are lighter than the cotton ones

Moving on to our next enlisting, the linen bath towels. It is another very famous fabric to look at while browsing bathing accessory ideas. Although the linen bath towels are good, they are not as good as their cotton counterparts.

Cotton and Polyester Blend Bath Towel

Cotton sometimes likes to be blended with other materials but it’s not always a good option to opt for. However, the blend of cotton with polyester is a considerable one. One may find a less budgeted replacement of cotton here. 

Things to Consider while Buying a Nice Bath Towel

Once you find the relevant fabric, it’s time to consider other important things.

100% Combed Cotton

A combed cotton makes sure that the shorter threads are removed. Meanwhile, a 100% combed cotton is expected to be more durable and last longer than ordinary fabrics. The cosiness of these bath towels is reliable even after dozens of laundries.

The Weight

A good curated towel is a bit heavier than others. Meanwhile, you have to pick such bath towels which are heavier and can soak nicely.

No Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine is a dangerous chemical for fibres. Meanwhile, most of the towel packages warn you to ‘Don’t Use Bleach’. Moreover, if it says such things then avoid using bleach. Using chlorines can weaken the threads of your towel hence making them lose their charm.

On this note we conclude our towel section. Now it’s totally on you to find what types of bath towels you will bring. However, if you follow our easy tips, we bet you are not going to settle for below par bath towels.

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The Bathrobe Buying Guide

The Bathrobe Buying Guide
Bathrobes can be worn as a loungewear

Progressing to our next segment of the blog which is composed of a guide for a good bathrobe. Let’s get into the zone for a cosy outfit, we love to be in. Before we commence, I want you to take this blog very seriously. Since it’s a matter of your comfort and leisure, which will make you relate to every word kept here.

Best Fabrics for a Bathrobe

Unlike bath towels, there is no particular need to find a better soaking material for a bathrobe. Choosing a bathrobe is a completely independent opinion. However, we can help you drive a better decision. Without further ado, following listed are the best fabrics for a bathrobe;


Where there is wool, there is a way. Yeah, I modified that phrase but the thing I want to convey lies in the quality of wool. An automatic addition to this list is counted as an essential option for buying a bathrobe. Wool is nice on shoulders and is pretty warm too, hence no other fabric is better in winters.


To encourage the mode for a French eve, the Chinese material always tops the list. You might have seen Silk bathrobes in many movies. Silk is smooth and vibrant; hence it stands out differently in a room.


A nice replacement of wool for a cheerful rendezvous, can be found in fleece. Since it is warm enough to keep the essence of the room alive for long hours. Meanwhile, the fleece bathrobes can be a nice addition to your wardrobe.

What to Consider while Buying a Nice Bathrobe?

If I was asked to wear one thing for all my life, it would be a nice, comfy, soak bathrobe. And why not? Since the warmth inside a bathrobe will preserve heat for long hours. Meanwhile, it can help radiate your immune system as well. Nevertheless, here are few tips you should consider before buying a new bathrobe;

Weight: If you are supposed to wear a bathrobe in cold areas, opt for a heavier one. Meanwhile, if you are moving to a cooler area, a light weighted one will do.

Wet Absorbent: Some fabrics do not possess the characteristic to absorb water i.e. silk and many others. Hence, you have to determine whether you want it for a poolside or just to lounge at home.

Price: It is highly recommended to find the relevant options within your price range.

With this, we conclude today’s blog. If you are having boring days, find us on Facebook, and LinkedIn where we share informative stuff. Meanwhile, to avail 20% discount on JO Ustad Service check out our WhatsApp. If the future beholds, we’ll meet again with some interesting blogs, until then take your special care.