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Themes of TDF Science Museum
Importance of TDF MagnifiScience Centre, Karachi
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We have all seen science museums in movies and cartoons where students visit as a school trip for learning and amusement but we never experienced that. Finally, generations from now on can experience science projects, exhibitions, optical illusion rooms and lots of incredible scientific activities in Karachi. Credit goes to Dawood Hercules Group to establish the TDF Science Museum here. It is better to have a slight intro about the founders before we go for our main topic.

The Dawood Foundation (TDF) is a subsidiary of Dawood Hercules Group, which also owns giants like Engro Corporation and DYL Motorcycles. It was founded by Seth Ahmed Dawood and has been serving in the field of education and production since 1960. Besides, Dawood College of Engineering & Technology and Karachi School of Business & Leadership are two of the successful educational projects of this group. The latest one is TDF MagnifiScience Centre (Science Museum) that we will discuss in detail.

Talking about TDF MagnifiScience Centre, it started from science exhibitions in 2016 specifically for children, which is also known as MagnifiScience Children’s Studio. Finally, it was transformed into MagnifiScience Centre for all ages and officially inaugurated in 2021 as the first science museum in Karachi. 

This museum will help everyone understand how things work scientifically. Not just theoretical education is enough, you also need a practical part to complete your understanding of how each and every process takes place in your surroundings. Those who already visited it shared top reviews for TDF Magnifiscience Centre. From basic to advanced level, all the themes are here to cover an entire horizon of science. 

Themes of TDF Science Museum

Themes of TDF Science Museum
Image courtesy: Official Facebook page of TDF Science Museum.

We find it very common in 1st and 2nd world countries that schools take their students to science museums for better learning and mental development. These trips help students think in a different way to bring new ideas and innovation. Similarly in Pakistan, it is mandatory for every school and college to take students to a science museum for a composed learning process. TDF Science Museum focuses on school trips, workshops, science fairs, and exhibitions; which are rare nowadays. 

Themes include mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and botany to demonstrate ecosystem, optical illusion, renewable energy process, force and motion, basic science for kids and much more. Some of the themes are;

  • Physical-world
  • Water-world
  • Mangrove wetland 
  • Witch house 
  • Mirror maze 
  • Friction slide
  • Television broadcasting
  • Human body

Also, have a look at National Museum of Pakistan, which is hardly 7-10 minutes of drive away from TDF MagnifiScience Centre.

Importance of TDF MagnifiScience Centre, Karachi

Importance of TDF MagnifiScience Centre, Karachi
Image courtesy: TDF MagnifiScience Centre’s official Facebook page.

We all know that our country lacks advanced education in most regions. Hardly a few cities have a proper and updated course structure, which is not enough to progress as a nation. Education is something that requires consistency and persistence to achieve as a nation. In addition, we rarely see Pakistanis in the field of modern science and information technology. As a result, our students struggle to reach the C-level positions in tech giants like Apple Inc., Google, Yahoo, Facebook and others. All we need to do is invest in education more than anything else. Luckily, this TDF Science Museum is on its way to open windows of learning and development. Because these science fairs and exhibitions help discover intellectuals in a country, which contribute to innovations and discoveries.      

TDF MagnifiScience Centre Ticket, Contact and Venue

If we discuss TDF Science Museum’s charges, it is as per the facilities and environment you get there. The entire TDF Science Museum is of international standard with equipment. Furthermore, you can contact them for any inquiries and information during working hours. Visitors get 3 hours of duration to enjoy here for the price mentioned below. 

Rs. 700 per person (Monday-Thursday)
Rs. 800 per person (Saturday and Sunday)
Contact Number: 021-38899672
Address: Plot no 1 RY-15 Railway Quarter, Railway Road, Karachi.

Its location is just a few minutes of drive away from the famous beaches of Karachi, where you can witness an alluring sunset with calm tides on your way back home. 

About TDF MagnifiScience Centre Timing

If any of you wish to have a trip there, this TDF Science Museum is operational 6 days a week. In addition, the timings are divided into 3 slots because of COVID19 restrictions. Don’t forget to keep masks and hand sanitisers before arriving here. 

Normal Days

For Monday to Thursday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Last entry: 3:30 p.m.)
For Saturday and Sunday
10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (Last entry: 6:15 p.m.)

COVID19 Schedule Slots

10:00 a.m. to 12:55 p.m.
1:10 p.m. to 4:10 p.m.
4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


Experience in TDF Science Museum
Time to finally experience a mirror maze that you might have seen in movies.

When you go to TDF Science Museum, you will remember your childhood looking at those science projects and models. No matter what age you are, there is a lot of fun and amusement at this place with kids, especially in mirror and optical illusion sections. Have a great time there with your family or students because a bundle of surprising stuff is waiting for you. Besides, you may try other famous family places like Port Grand or Karachi Highway Restaurants for amazing family time. Here are the Top Supermarkets and Malls in Karachi for your shopping on your way back home. You may visit JagahOnline for more informative blogs. Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.