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Efficient Parking Solutions
Car Parking Lifts and Systems
Elevators Car Parking System
Automated Vertical Car Parking System
Advantages of Smart Parking Solution in Pakistan
Challenges of Smart Parking Solution in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the Asian countries where you can see various types of vehicles; that is not common in other countries like Calligraphic Truck, Qing Qi, Rickshaw, Local Bus and Motorcycles. However, it represents our culture and diversity within the nation. In addition, with excess vehicles on the road and the low maintenance of parking lots, people face traffic and parking issues. So, do you think the Smart Parking Solution in Pakistan can help us to prevent parking issues? Are you ready to take a door towards technology?

Well, the answer is Yes! Smart Parking Solution does not only help us to park efficiently but also saves petrol, time and effort to search for a parking space.

Efficient Parking Solutions 

efficient parking system
Electric Car Parking Lots

Since the number of vehicles on the road has increased; certain solutions are introduced. You can park your vehicle in an advanced way through electric car parking lots; that indicate with parking lots are available or not. Here are some Efficient Parking Solutions given below;

  • Car Parking Lifts & Systems
  • Automated Vertical Car Parking System
  • Elevators Car Parking System

Car Parking Lifts and Systems

The Car lifting parking system sometimes referred to as space-saving system. It resolves the issues of parking lots. Furthermore, 15 to 20 vehicles can be parked within only 2 conventional parking spaces. Vehicle operated by parking assistance or automatically in car lifting system. Similarly, it delivers your vehicle to the floor in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

Lahore is the 1st city to launch a car lifting system. However, it enables the vision of fast, easily accessible and efficient parking within organizations, firms, and offices. However, it does require qualified staff for the maintenance and managing of the elevators car parking system; when the car is lifting in the parking system the operator needed to be careful and experienced enough.


  • Available for various types of vehicles.
  • Save Parking Spaces.
  • Demolish traditional parking system
  • Effortlessly operational
  • Quick parking vehicles
  • Recognise your vehicle
  • Easily accessible to instal and modulation within 5 days per system
  • Smoothly operate
  • No noise of the car lifting.
  • Cars are protected from dents, the environment, harmful substances, and theft.

Elevators Car Parking System

elavating car parking
Elevating vehicles

Car parking is becoming a major issue in many places. Because of the lack of parking lots people have to face major traffic issues, especially in metropolitan cities like Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. On the contrary, a smart parking solution will resolve your parking anxiety.

However, the usage of an elevator car parking system is convenient and configurable. It uses minimal land and saves a lot of fuel. Furthermore, the driver must remain in his car while it is hoisted or lowered into the garage utilising an elevator car parking system with an operator on board in this car parking system.

Elevating systems can be modified as per the building architecture and aesthetics. The elevator’s roof will be set at the same level as the courtyard or garden’s pavement. It is installed inside the building.


  • Operated manually and automatically
  • Driver safely park your vehicle
  • Less time consuming
  • Save Fuel
  • Modified according to Building Architecture.

Automated Vertical Car Parking System

 You can say, Automated Vertical Car Parking is the huge version of Elevating car system and car lifting parking system. Furthermore, it may take the use of limited land resources to increase the number of parking spaces available, ensure the safety and convenience of access to the automobile as the entrance point, and turn the standard single-story ground, or underground garage into a multilevel storage garage. Each Storey enhances the surrounding building, maximises space, and extends parking.

In addition, this system has smart parking sensors to identify the card reader, one vehicle, one card, and a high level of automation. It’s also developed for large scale organisation such as retail malls, garage parking lots, supermarkets, and hospitals.


  • Creative and Inventive Design
  • Intelligent Identification System.
  • Ensure that the vehicle is Secure
  • Simple to Access.
  • Multilevel Garage Parking
  • Extend Parking Space

Advantages of Smart Parking Solution in Pakistan

Avanatges of Smart Parking Solutions
Parking system indicating a vacant parking space.

 As Pakistan is adopting the technology approaches to develop the country likewise Speedo Bus, Green Line Metrobus, and Orange Line bus services; which makes it easier to travel in local transport. Apart from that, Smart Parking Solution in Pakistan is another biggest approach to resolving the parking issues.

Karachi is the biggest city in the country; so, the problems within the city’s problems are gigantic and hectic to resolve; as we all know, the traffic and parking issue in Karachi is the prevailing problem that the netizens had to face. Smart Parking Solution implemented to address the challenges through various technological planning and strategies.

However, in shopping malls in the cities of Pakistan; smart parking sensors are implemented in foremost shopping malls likewise Lucky One Mall, Emporium Mall, The Centaurus Mall, and Dolman Mall (Clifton). On the contrary, many prominent shopping malls do not have any parking system; that creates a fuss on the road.

Challenges of Smart Parking Solution in Pakistan

On the other hand, smart parking solutions have not yet fully penetrated society. Consumers have been inconvenienced by using a web application to look for parking lots or entrusting their automobiles to automated parking systems. However, they still follow the traditional method of parking.

However, parking vehicles on main roads and service roads are the most common thing. Even though the penalty for wrong parking payments is as high as 1000 rupees pkr.

To conclude, smart parking solutions are the need of every developing country; for that awareness of the technology among the netizens is essential. 

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