Everything You Should Know About Bath Mats And Bath Rugs

Whether your bathroom is personal or shared with family or roommates, it is essential to keep it fresh and well maintained. To maintain the bathroom, make sure it is clutter-free, the stock of soap bars and liquids is stored nicely in one place, and no water splashes on the floor. These are some bathrooms maintenance tips you should consider. However, a wet bathroom increases the chances of slipping. To avoid such mishaps, bath rugs and bath mats are preferred.

Well, most of us are very unsure about the difference between bath mats and bath rugs. We clearly place anything around the bathroom floor to make it functional. While decorating your bathroom, it is helpful to know their difference. Both have different functionalities, purposes, sizes, and decorum. Let’s have a look at the contrast between both items. Once you get all the useful tips, you can decide between a mat and a rug.  

What is Bath Mat?

Bath Mat
Leopard print bath mat

The wet floors of the bathroom can turn your surface slippery and lead you to injuries. To make your bathroom trouble-free, bath mats are a perfect choice. The purpose of a Shower Mat is to soak water, dry your feet, and make an anti-slip surface. You can find non-slip bath mats under Rs. 1500. Once you have taken a shower or bath, you can place your feet on the anti-slip surface. 

Bathroom mats are the need of every household; they soak up water splashes to keep your floor dry, clean, and bacteria-free. Placing a mat in your bathroom also helps in maintaining hygiene. You can find a bath mat at a very reasonable price of Rs. 400 at JO mall. Additionally, you can get different mats of different sizes, shapes, and colours. The standard mat of size 20 x 30 is often used on the front bathroom door, outside the shower, or bathtub. Also, look at how you can use the bath mat properly.

Use of Bath Mat includes; 

  • Take a shower
  • Once done, grab a towel inside the shower
  • Dry off water particles neatly 
  • Finally, step out onto the bath mat

Bath Mat Size Chart

Bath Mat SizeUse
16” x 23”Perfect for small bathrooms, Front of the door
20” x 30” – 34”Smaller spa tub
24” x 40”Double vanity, Mega Bath Tub, open shower
27” x 48” or greaterRoom bathrooms, wall to wall

Types of Baths Mats

The bath mat comes in various fabric materials. Before making any purchase, you should know the difference between Cotton and Polyester bath mats, likewise other fabrics. This will help you make the smart selection. 

Cotton Bath Mats

Cotton Bath Mats
white cotton bath mat

If you like to take care of your feet and toes by simply making them dry, then a cotton bath mat is a perfect choice. Cotton mats are highly popular and used in every household. They have a tendency to moist all the liquid and provide a soft touch to the feet. Also, the cotton material is durable and lasts a long time.

Polyester Bath Mats

Polyester Bath Mats
Polyester bath set

The general purpose of the bath mat is to absorb excess water. Hence, various materials are used for manufacturing these mats. A microfibre bath mat is listed as a polyester-based material, whose benefits include; washable, dry quickly, high durability, and a reasonable price. These mats are often placed in high-traffic areas like public washrooms, family functions, and other crowded places. 

What is a Bath Rug?

bath rug
Stylish bath decor and bath rug

The bath rug is the luxury add-on in your bathroom. It gives you a royal and guest-friendly atmosphere. Rugs are commonly a great source of home décor; besides, they emphasize your home interior. While the bath rugs are perfect for aesthetics, they can also play a preeminent role in your bathroom.

Bath rugs come in various shapes and sizes. You can select the rug depending on the type of bathroom design. Additionally, the size selection can be made according to the dimension. These rugs can be coordinated with the colors of tiles, curtains, and towels. The primary purpose of a bath rug is to look eye-pleasing and give a comfortable touch to your feet. You can place them anywhere in the bathroom. Some highlight places include;

  • Front of the sink
  • Toilet
  • Bath Tub
  • Vanity
  • Center of floor
  • Right front of the door

Bath Rug Size Chart

Bath Rug SizeUse
17″ x 24″Shower front door, Pedestal sink
21″ x 34″Bathtub
22″ x 60″Double straight vanity
27″ x 45″Master bath area

Types of Bath Rugs

The main use of a bath rug is to provide comfort, soft, and silky touch to your feet. To obtain the glamorous look in your bathroom, these materials are used for manufacturing rugs.


Woolen texture rug

Wool is the luxury choice among bath rugs. They are thick in size and absorb water quite nicely. The high-quality wool rugs are expensive, but they are worth the investment. If you are into home décor, this should be your first choice. 


Microfibre rug near the sink

Microfibre is often made up of Polyester smaller fibres, and it is included in a synthetic rug type. These rugs are highly absorbent and stay for a long time. It is light in weight and is easy to clean. 


Cotton is a common household mat or rug fabric material. It has high absorbing power and dry quickly. Hence it is a perfect choice ensuring the softness and easy cleaning material. 

Which one is better: Bath Mat or Bath Rug?

Bath rug and mat both are functional, serving different purposes. In simple terms, a mat is usually used for soaking up the water and keeping your feet dry. Compared to bath rugs, they are more on the side of bringing a beautiful interior to your floor. Moreover, they both are comfortable, but most people choose the bath mat as it is more functional than the rug. 

This is all about bath rugs and mats. Do visit JO Mall for the amazing bath products and amazing discounts. If you want to read more about bathroom styling, you can check Bathroom designs and Bathroom floor tiles.

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