Different Types of Bathroom Designs in Pakistan

Types of Bathroom Designs:
Beach style

A bathroom is one of the highly-used areas in your house. It is more than just a place to shower – it’s a sanctuary where you can enjoy your privacy and ponder over. Hence, the interior of your bathroom should be calm after a long, hard day. In this blog, we will share some bathroom designs and ideas in order to make this space aesthetically pleasant and a source of joy for you. 

List of Best Bathroom Designs & Ideas

When looking for bathroom designs for your home, you need to carefully pick the material and the colours according to what helps you calm down. We have handpicked a few bathroom styles and designs below to help you choose the right one. 

Here is the list of latest bathroom designs:  

  • Rustic 
  • Victorian
  • Eclectic
  • Contemporary
  • Tropical
  • Traditional
  • Beach style

Rustic Bathroom Designs 

Rustic is a modern style, which is a combination of raw and organic finished with wooden elements to make it look extremely pleasing. In such bathrooms, you usually place large lights near the vanity area. These designs make it appear majestic. The elements in this bathroom are sturdy and durable, complemented by metal towel bars. 

The rustic bathrooms are easier to clean and therefore their maintenance isn’t a problem. 

Victorian Designs 

Victorian Bathrooms in Pakistan
Victorian bathrooms have claw-foot bath tubs

One of the most beautiful designs is the Victorian-styled bathroom. They boast both stylish and luxurious fixtures such as the claw-foot bath tubs. The tiles are jewel-embedded, gold rim accessories, and pedestal sinks. These bathrooms require you to have beautiful and intricate rugs to make it look a lot more appealing than casual bathrooms. 

Traditional Bathrooms 

Traditional bathrooms are known for their practical designs and their immense functionality. The intricate use of wood along with the use of glass is very evident in traditional bathroom designs; while the colours that are used in the designs are mostly classic colours. In addition to the use of excessive wood, in traditional bathrooms, the bathroom window designs are usually large in order to provide an excess amount of light.

Eclectic Designs 

Eclectic Bathrooms in pakistan
Eclectic bathroom designs are a mix of old and modern designs

One of the most outstanding bathroom ideas is using eclectic designs which is a mixture of modern and old style bathrooms. The colours used in this design are unusual colours combined with stone flooring, marble sinks, wooden cabinets, and glass mosaic tiles in backsplashes. If the overall vibe of your house is simple and dull, then eclectic is the design you should be choosing. It will make your house stand out a bit.


Low-cost bathroom designs are usually contemporary. These are clutter-free and have less ornaments. There are very few or no bathroom accessories to clutter the vanity or other places in the bathroom. The contemporary design focuses on getting less, but top-quality bathroom accessories for your bathroom. 

Tropical Designs 

An interior design baths ideas list is incomplete if we don’t talk about tropical designs. If you’re someone who is extremely fond of nature and vibrant colours, then choosing a tropical bathroom design is perfect for your washroom. However, creating a tropical style bathroom is a little tricky; you can go overboard trying to give it a tropical feel. If you want to opt for tropical designs, while maintaining creativity you need to think smartly and use the empty spaces to your favour. 

Beach-Style Bathrooms 

Beach style bathroom in pakistan
Beach style bathroom designs are clutter free and more spacious

Looking for a design with a beach vibe? Beach-style bathrooms are your answer. 

Beach style bathrooms usually use the tones of blue and turquoise to give it a calming look. They are spacious and airy as compared to other bathroom designs. It is imperative that you keep the bathroom empty and not too cluttered. You can even add a few sea shells, or ocean themed art in order to create a pattern in the theme. 

In this blog we have discussed a number of styles of bathrooms for you to choose from, and we hope this information was useful for you. If you have picked one of these designs, but would still want to make your bathroom a safe space for the elders and the children of the family, you can read about how to make your bathrooms slip-free to avoid any accidents.  

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