Learn How to Apply for Raast Instant Payment System and Get Ultimate Benefits

The technology in our world is upgrading with a speed of thunder that you can hardly imagine.  In the same way, the payment modes are also advancing so fast that the process completes with a blink of an eye. Moreover, every developed country has launched its own central and online payment service to merge all the financial users on one platform. Similarly, the Federal Government of Pakistan also introduced its Raast Instant Payment System to provide a safe and prompt platform to its citizens. Now, what is Raast payment?

This initiative will open windows of opportunities for startups, freelance markets and small online businesses for financial operations without any transaction charges. It was launched in 2021 as Pakistan’s first instant payment service mode to enhance financial operations with secured and quick features. Furthermore, the purpose of the Raast Instant Payment System is to serve all the parties like general consumers, retailers, SMEs, and financial corporations with numerous benefits. In addition, its core purpose is to curb high transaction costs and eliminate flaws in online payment transfer services. Also, read about Roshan Digital Account and its benefits.

Operational Bodies

This mode of payment is secure and swift because of compact cooperation among the core operational bodies of the financial system. Also, all of them work closely by following the regulation of the central bank which is the State Bank of Pakistan. Also, learn how to protect your online banking information.

  1. Commercial Banks
  2. Microfinance Banks
  3. Government Institutions
  4. EMIs (Electronic Money Institutions) and PSPs (Payment Service Providers)

Payment Modes

If we discuss payment modes, there are two very common modes that anyone can use. Likewise, those who have internet service and those who don’t can use this service conveniently.

  1. Mobile application/Internet banking
  2. Agent (bank’s branch representatives)

Benefits of Raast Instant Payment System

Mobile phone with online banking portal
Raast Instant Payment System has improved mobile banking in a way, which can help every scale of business round the clock.

If we talk about its benefits, there are too many. Because of them, the financial system is improving as well as insecurities in online payment are somehow decreasing. Also, have a look at the number of advantages of this service.

  • There are no transaction charges at the moment.
  • Transfer of payment to all commercial banks.
  • Instant money transfer service 
  • Secured system
  • Modes of transferring the payment are USSD service, internet banking, mobile banking, banks’ branches, and ATMs for P2P (Person To Person) via 1link service. 
  • One platform for all the regulatory authorities and users of digital payment. 
  • Bank to bank, bank to governmental bodies, bank to consumers, and vice versa for payment transfer service.
  • Enables all the domestic transfers of payments.

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What is Raast ID?

Mobile phone in woman hands
Your contact number is your Raast ID, which you can use instead of IBAN for transactions.

It is your current mobile number that you can share with others as your Raast ID for transfer of funds just like Easy Paisa Payment Service. Also, there is no such Raast payment app to download as it is just a feature in commercial banks’ mobile apps and internet banking portals. 

All you need to do is register your mobile number with your bank account so you will not have to share the account number of the bank every time you do a payment transfer. Furthermore, make sure you contact your bank for the number of services your respective bank is offering. 

  • You must have a bank account or any payment service provider to avail yourself of this service. 
  • Each user can have only one Raast ID no matter how many bank accounts or mobile numbers that person owns.
  • For any changes in your ID or deletion of it, you need to approach your respective bank through which you generated it earlier.
  • In case of any complaint, you need to contact your respective bank’s helpline.

Raast ID Generation Steps

Register button of a keyboard.
All you need is a bank account to generate your ID for smooth transactions.

It is not as complex as you think. Moreover, this ID generation method is quite simple for anyone to do. All you need to do is use your smartphone or personal computer to follow the steps below.

  1. Download your bank’s mobile application/visit the website for online banking.
  2. Login via your ID and password.
  3. Click on the “Raast” option.
  4. Fill out the details and register to link your bank account with Raast.

Besides, if you do not have a smartphone or internet access, you may visit your nearest bank’s branch to seek help from their representatives for the transfer of payment via the Raast Instant Payment System. 

How to Transfer Payment with Raast?

Laptop with online banking portal
Now online payment mode is better and more secure.

Here comes the main crust of this topic the online banking process. Once you have completed the above process of ID generation, now you can finally send and receive payments. Also, here are some easy steps to do that;

  1. Log in to your bank’s mobile application or website portal
  2. Click the “Raast” option 
  3. Select the “Raast Fund Transfer/Payment” option.
  4. Enter beneficiary details (IBAN/mobile number) with the amount.
  5. Proceeds for payment transfer.


After all of the above information, now you can use Raast Instant Payment System to experience a new financial service. A service that can help you send payments to your relatives or clients without any worries and transactional costs. Also, here is NADRA E-Sahulat, which is another financial platform from the Government of Pakistan.

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