Pakistan Citizen Portal App: A Hope for Citizens of Pakistan 

(Cover image credit: Official Facebook page of the Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit)

Every country has problems from micro to macro levels. Even if it is a developed country, various issues are raised by the citizens on a specific platform so the authorities can address them. Similarly, in Pakistan, many issues need attention from the authorities. Thus, the government of Pakistan launched a platform with the name ‘Pakistan Citizen Portal’ and the Pakistan Citizen Portal app is helping all the citizens along with overseas Pakistanis. Have a look at the procedure for launching a complaint and its benefits.

What is Pakistan Citizen Portal?

What is Pakistan Citizen Portal
(Image credit: Official Facebook page of the Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit).

Due to numerous issues and inefficient results, the Government of Pakistan launched a program, Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU), in the year 2013. Later it turned into the Pakistan Citizen Portal to have better coordination between the institutions and complainants. Likewise, it aims to serve complaints of citizens, especially issues of women, physically challenged people, foreigners, and overseas Pakistanis. 

Another reason for launching this platform was to provide accountability, justice, and performance updates to the people of Pakistan. As a result, micro-level issues will not remain untapped anymore. Now people can raise their voices against oppression regarding issues which they face on a daily basis.

Types of Issues 

Almost all types of issues are dealt with here. For instance, health, education, transport, energy supply (water, gas, electricity etc.), government organisations, taxation, registration, heirship, law and order, security, agriculture, disaster, media, cyber-crime, and many other areas. In this way, people can finally find a solution to their long-term disputes. Due to this PM Citizen Portal app, their issues will be resolved with more efficiency and diligence. Also, read about Clean Green Pakistan, which is a great way to resolve environmental issues in Pakistan.

Benefits of Citizen Portal Pakistan

The issues, we have shared above if you or anyone else faces them, it’s time to use the Pakistan Citizen Portal app. If we discuss in detail, people often raise issues like pension delays, land disputes, clean water unavailability, hygienic problems in neighbourhoods, etc. So far, many cases have been resolved with proper procedures to avoid discrepancies in the future. These citizen portal complaints will also help improve the performance of government representatives on different levels of organizations.

So far, the government has resolved a huge number of cases as per the records on the Pakistan citizen portal. Because of on-time coordination, people are seeking help with the hope of sustainable solutions. Moreover, you don’t need to wait for years for a solution to your problem since this portal is here to provide facilities as well as a sigh of relief.

Pakistan Citizen Portal App

For better usage and experience, the Pakistan Citizen Portal app was launched so people can easily launch complaints without much effort. Moreover, you can download it from the platforms below.

  1. Google Play
  2. App Store
  3. Huawei AppGallery

How Can I Register Complaint in Pakistan Citizen Portal?

How Can I Register Complaint in Pakistan Citizen Portal
With some easy steps, you can register yourself to be part of this powerful platform to raise your voice against numerous issues.

Here comes the most important part. How to launch complaints on the citizen portal? Well, you don’t need to follow any complex set of steps because things are much simpler than you might have expected. 

  1. Download the Pakistan Citizen Portal app.
  2. Do your registration via your CNIC and mobile number.
  3. You will receive an SMS for verification.
  4. Now register your complaint on the citizen’s portal.

How to Withdraw Our Complaint?

In case you have launched a complaint and now you need to withdraw it, there is an option for that. Due to many reasons, people decide to change their minds and this is why here are some steps you can follow to cancel a complaint. 

  1. Login to the citizen portal.
  2. Click the “Complaints” option.
  3. Now click the “Open” option.
  4. Click the “Withdraw Complaint” option.
  5. Mention the reason for dropping your complaint in the box (a number of options are also available for reasons).
  6. Click the “Submit” option.

Other Modes of Complaints

Not everyone can use a mobile application all the time. Some people need to share their issues via different modes because of several reasons. If you can’t launch a complaint via the Pakistan Citizen Portal application, you can follow the below ways of launching a complaint.  

  • Telephonic call
  • Social media
  • Post
  • Email
  • Website
  • Visit office

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Contact Details for Complaints or Queries

For many reasons people contact authorities whether they have a need for additional information or any other reason, below are the contact details you may save.

Contact number: (051) 9201968

Email ID: (


There are many benefits of the Pakistan Citizen Portal app, which you can avail of. However, it will take time to reach a maturity level because lots of problems need to be addressed. Besides, you may also look for other programs of the government of Pakistan like the HEC Scholarship. Also, read about Roshan Digital Account Pakistan and its benefits.

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