Roshan Digital Accounts (RDA) Pulls in PKR 400 Million within Four Months

Karachi: RDA receives cashflow worth PKR 400 million only in 4 months, according to the news report. This increase in finances has been appreciated and displays a sign of reassurance in the government’s scheme.

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The RDA scheme is interested in increasing the monetary inflows which have a higher rate of return as opposed to the returns promised by bank development schemes.

Up until now, the total number of Roshan Digital Accounts is 80,000. Even though the State Bank of Pakistan did not share the exact breakdown or classification of these account holders across the country, it is the belief of some experts that the majority of account holders are residing in the Gulf region.

The accounts are activated only for non-resident Pakistanis, giving them the access to open remote bank accounts in Pakistan via online digital portals.

Naya Pakistan Saving Certificate initiative was also launched by the government subsequent to the Roshan Digital Accounts.