Stepwise guide for CNIC verification at NADRA in Pakistan


How to Create an Account at NADRA Online 
How to Use NADRA’s CNIC Verification Portal?
Account Top-Up via E-Sahulat or Debit Card 
NADRA Online Verification Portal is for Everyone
Benefits of NADRA E-Sahulat

The process of CNIC verification at NADRA anywhere in Pakistan has become a matter of minutes owing to the web-based portal. In this blog, we have covered the process in a stepwise manner, along with some useful information that you should know about the online services.

How to Create an Account at NADRA Online 

NADRA is like a bank of information and data in Pakistan. Every legal citizen of the country is registered on this database and checking their identity has become a seamless process. 

With the help of NADRA online services, anyone can verify anyone’s identity within a few taps. 

To begin with, you need to create an account on the official website. Afterwards, you can verify as many CNICs as you want after paying a minimal fee. 

Let’s take a look at how you can register at NADRA online and avail its services. 

For Pak-Identity registration, open this link on your phone or PC:

Now, follow these steps:

Create account on NADRA verification portal
Create your account on NADRA verification portal.
Credit: taken from official website
  • Click on ‘Create a New Account’ to sign up. 
  • Then fill out the form and provide details such as name, mobile number, birth date, etc. 
  • When you’re done entering all the information, type the captcha code for verification. Click on ‘Save and Continue’.
  • You’ll get a verification code via email or SMS.
  • Use the code, click on ‘Verify’, and you’ll be forwarded to the login page.
  • After completing your account registration, login to your account to get access to online services. 

Now, understanding completely about the registering procedure at NADRA’s verification system, let’s jump into step 2 for verifying CNIC with NADRA and get access to NADRA’s online services.

Note: It is necessary to log-in to your own account to avail the NADRA services. And, for a seamless experience, it is recommended to use the desktop version of the website. 

How to Use NADRA’s CNIC Verification Portal?

Here's how to create your account on verification portal
Here’s how to create your account on NADRA’s verification portal
Credit: taken from NADRA’s official website

Here are guidelines for authentication for your national identity number.

  • After logging to your account, accept the terms and conditions of the service by clicking ‘Accept and Continue’.
  • You’ll see different options on your screen including CNIC/NICOP online, Family Registration Certificate or FCR, and Verisys Services. 
  • For CNIC verification at NADRA, click ‘Verisys Services’.

Last step will explain to you about your fee submission.

Account Top-Up via E-Sahulat or Debit Card 

Activate your account by the given code
Activate your account by the given code and log in to NADRA verification portal

Before you can proceed to the verification process, you will be asked to top-up your account by using the credit/debit cardPKR 300. The minimum amount for top-up is PKR 300. 

  • After paying your fee from debit or credit card, fill the required details. Then you will need to ‘sign the declaration’ and view your desired information.
  • Once it is verified, you can easily apply for other services, such as FCR, Pakistan Origin Card/POC or CNIC/NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis).

NADRA Online Verification Portal is for Everyone

This online facility has made it easier for people to verify the identity of people living in Pakistan. This is mostly used by employers or landlords to get the identity verification of another person. 

According to the official website of E-Sahulat NADRA, the verification service is making every business person’s life easy: 

“Citizens are utilising verification services to verify the particulars of another citizen before making any business deal and transaction. The facility is being used to ensure safety in all business or domestic transactions including sale and purchase of property, automobiles, ownership transfer, and/or hiring of employees.”

It is necessary to be on the safer side than to be deceived –  this facility ensures safety in business and domestic matters including:

  • Sale and purchase of real estate and automobiles
  • Ownership transfer
  • Hiring employees
  • Any other business-related activity 

Benefits of NADRA E-Sahulat 

The online portal benefits the citizens in various ways:

  • We don’t have to stand in long lines to apply for various documents.
  • Every record detail is saved digitally, and can be edited and open any time you want.
  • You can keep track of your documents such as Family Registration Certificate.
  • This online facility is benefiting Pakistanis overseas.

FAQs About CNIC Verification in Pakistan

How useful is Pak-Identity online portal?

You can easily apply for different types of ID cards by filling the application form Pak-identity.

  • You can apply for NICOP 
  • Can apply to reprint an ID card, in case of stolen or damage.
  • Renewal your expired Card and modify if you want to make any changes
  • You can cancel an ID card by ID Cancellation or apply for FCR, CRC, and POC.

Why to choose Pak-Identity?

  • It is fast, simple, and convenient in terms that you can avail several services from the comforts of your home or office.
  • Your card will be delivered whether you live overseas or in Pakistan.

This was our stepwise guide on CNIC verification in Pakistan. We hope that the blog provided you the information you seek. For more ideas and tips, keep checking JagahOnline Blogs. Don’t forget to like our Facebook Page.