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NADRA E-Sahulat Franchise Locations
NADRA E Sahulat Online Payment
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Nadra E Sahulat, a service that changed the transactional modes of Pakistan. After its launch in 2005, as a pioneer of e-commerce service, it unrolled ways for more online payment companies. With kiosk machines as a tool of the transaction, it opened a gateway of revolutionary services to sort out financial problems. It is a subfield of NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority), one of the core institutional pillars, which holds the record of all the citizens of Pakistan. No official or any institutional activity is possible in Pakistan without verification of NADRA

With its inclusion in the services, people can now transfer money through NADRA E-Sahulat. Furthermore, they can process biometric verification for car registration. Not just that, there are numerous services this platform offers to remove hurdles of payment processes. We will discuss everything to answer your queries in this blog. 

NADRA E-Sahulat Franchise Locations

Franchise Locations
NADRA E-Sahulat Franchise Locations

With over 1200 franchises in the country, NADRA E-Sahulat is fulfilling the transactional needs of people. With availability far and wide, people who live in remote areas can also avail of this service. You can locate your nearest NADRA E-Sahulat franchise from its official website. You can select a franchise with additional services. For instance, there is a Covid certificate service and a Biometric verification service.

NADRA E Sahulat Online Payment

NADRA E Sahulat Online Payment

With the help of this platform, now all the money-related problems might be over. From utility bill payment to disbursement, everything is available to cater for massive demand. From a metropolitan city to a remote area, this service knows how to fulfil the needs of people. Money transfer has never been so easy. Here is the list of all the services it offers.

  • Utility Bill Payment
  • Loan Collection (Micro Finance)
  • Donation Collection
  • Calling Cards
  • Domestic Remittance (Money Transfer)
  • Fee Collection
  • E-Pins (Scratch)
  • Pak ID CNIC Fee Collection
  • Citizen Verification
  • Disbursement

NADRA E Sahulat Vehicle Verification and Transfer Service

If you are also having risk or fear of fraud before buying a vehicle, this platform can help you even with that. Now you can have a biometric verification system to register and transfer a vehicle at any franchise of it. After that, you will have to show the verification receipt to the ETO office, they will verify it with a transaction id to complete vehicle registration and transfer purposes. This biometric verification for car registration can save many people from double-dealing cases.

Transfer Money Through NADRA E-Sahulat

With the help of the money transfer/domestic remittance service of NADRA, people can transfer money to anyone within the country. NADRA signed an agreement with HBL and Jazz Cash to further expand its operations. You can call it one of the earliest initiators of online domestic remittance services. Below is the process you need to follow to transfer money.
(Note: Expired CNIC will not work in this process)

For Sender

  • Visit any nearest franchise of NADRA.
  • Show your original CNIC and submit a photocopy of it.
  • Share receiver’s CNIC number.
  • Pay the amount that you want to transfer.
  • A confirmation SMS of 5 digits-code will be sent to the sender.

For Receiver

  • Visit any nearest franchise of NADRA.
  • Show your original CNIC and submit a photocopy of it.
  • Share 5 digits-code with the franchisee that the sender shared with you.
  • Receive the amount

Fee of Transaction

Rs. 11 – 1000Rs. 60
Rs. 1001 – 2500Rs. 120
Rs. 2,501 – 4,000Rs. 180
Rs. 4,001 – 6,000Rs. 240
Rs. 6,001 – 8,000Rs. 300
Rs. 8,001 – 10,000Rs. 350
Rs. 10,001 – 13,000Rs. 400
Rs. 13,001 – 15,000Rs. 450

NADRA E Sahulat Biometric Verification Service

Biometric Verification Service
With the help of a biometric verification service,
the online payment process will improve as well as authorities will tackle malpractices better.

The biometric verification of CNIC eliminates fraud and malpractices in financial activities and E-commerce. The sender can verify the receiver through their CNIC number from any franchise before sending any payment to them.

PAK ID Application

With the help of this application, now citizens can apply remotely for their CNIC. All they need to follow is below.

  • Install the “Pak Identity” mobile application.
  • Upload details through facial recognition, biometric fingerprints and documents’ pictures.
  • Fill in the information.
  • Pay online.
  • Process for home delivery.

NADRA E Sahulat Complaint Management System

Complaint Management System
CMS helps to improve the system with quick response and proper communication.

A complaint Management System is where the hopes are connected. Users need someone to listen to their issues, therefore, this facility was mandatory for a broad variety of services this platform offers. You can contact customer service via below email id and contact number to have your issues addressed.  

Email ID: info@esahulat.com.pk

NADRA E Sahulat Contact Number: 051-90391757

NADRA E Sahulat Bill Payment Method

Bill Payment Method
A safe and secure payment method with ease of access

You can pay your utility bills of electricity, water and gas from any franchise of it. This Service made lives easier. Furthermore, it is just a simple procedure you need to follow for a successful and secure bill payment. 

  • Visit the franchise with the utility bill and payment. 
  • Share your bill’s reference number and verify it.
  • Pay the amount. 
  • You will get a receipt as confirmation of bill payment.  

NADRA E Sahulat Donation Service

You can also donate to the below hospitals with a similar procedure. Simply, pay the amount and receive a receipt from the franchisee.

  • Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital (SKMCH)
  •  Sahara For Life Trust (SAHARA)
  •  Shifa Foundation
  •  Shalimar (Business Trust Hospital)

NADRA E Sahulat Online Registration

Description: NADRA E Sahulat online registration, which helps people apply for housing schemes as well as franchisees to operate the portal.

This registration service tends to resolve several documentation issues of citizens. With the help of online registration, people had applied for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. There were different phases of online registration of NPHS, which benefited people to register for properties. This scheme’s purpose was to cater to homeless people who can’t afford to have shelter. Furthermore, we also discussed online registration for vehicle verification and the transfer process above. In addition, If you want to be a franchisee, you can also avail an online registration to have a licence.

To operate a franchise, you need to follow some procedures and documentation. After that, the applicant will be provided with the license of the franchisee to start the operations. 

How to apply for NADRA E Sahulat Franchise  

  • Visit the website
  • Click the 4th tab “Franchise” at the top of the page.
  • There are 5 options.
  • Apply online as well as download the application form.
  • Fill both online and hard copy of the form. 
  • Pay voucher of Rs. 600 in HBL bank. 
  • Now submit that form and voucher in any nearest NADRA E Sahulat franchise.

NADRA E Sahulat Login Process 

NADRA E Sahulat Login Process
An easy portal for franchisees to process all the tasks of NADRA E Sahulat.

If you are a franchisee or looking to become one, you will have to follow the above procedure. In addition, you will have to log in to start operating the portal. NADRA management will provide you with all the credentials to operate your portal.  

Steps to Login

  • Visit the official website of NADRA E-Sahulat
  • Click on the last tab at the top right corner of the page
  • Fill in the user name and password that you were provided by NADRA.  
  • Click “Sign in”


With this advanced service that could resolve numerous problems in Pakistan, NADRA E Sahulat is somehow saving lives and careers that was a dream a few decades ago. With an extensive range of facilities, people can conveniently pay bills and fees without any fear of late submission. We hope we have provided all the answers in this blog.

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