Everything You Need to Know About Vehicle Transfer Letter in Karachi

Recently bought a vehicle and wondering how to obtain a vehicle transfer letter in Karachi? Fret not, we have you covered with this simple guide on transferring ownership for a vehicle in the city.

Karachi is populated with individuals who own multiple cars since it is among the main markets for vehicle dealing in Pakistan. Not to mention, many locals and people from across the country head to these markets with an intention of buying or selling a new or used vehicle.

So, if you’re someone who has recently bought a used car or are intending to do so, you might want to know how to obtain a vehicle transfer letter in Karachi. 

Let’s begin!

Where to Obtain the Vehicle Transfer Letter in Karachi?

We understand that legal documentations like a vehicle transfer letter in Karachi, makes everyone a tad bit worried, but it’s far more complicated if you have no clue how to begin.

Before we get into further details, you should know that the Civic Center, Karachi – located on University Road –  is the place to start. Also, Civic Center operates on a first come first serve basis, which means that if you want things done quickly you must reach there a little before time! 

Process of Obtaining a Vehicle Transfer Letter in Karachi

There are several stages you have to go through in order to complete the vehicle transfer deed. When performing the transfer deed for sale/purchase of a vehicle, the process that one needs to go through is listed step-by-step below: 

  • Step 1: Purchase & Attestation
  • Step 2: Vehicle Inspection
  • Step 3: Documents Submission 
  • Step 4: Receiving 

 We have explained each of these steps for the vehicle transfer letter in Karachi below in order to provide a much more in-depth understanding of the process.


There are various shops you can buy transfer of ownership, sale/transfer deed, and the scanning order forms, from.

The first thing you need to do when starting the transfer deed for sale or purchase, is to head over to the nearby photocopy shop. You will find several shops near the Motor Registration Office of Excise and Taxation Department in the Civic Center, so that you can buy forms for the transfer of ownership, sale/transfer deed, and the scanning order form. 

 Note: These forms would cost you a total of PKR 550. We have mentioned the distribution below: 

Stamp Paper Cost: PKR 200
Attestation Charges: PKR 350  


The next step in obtaining the vehicle transfer letter process is vehicle inspection.

Following the purchase and attestation of forms, the next phase in obtaining a vehicle transfer letter in Karachi is vehicle inspection. This could be easily done at the ‘Motor Vehicle Checking Staff’ office at the Civic Center. In order to get your vehicle inspected, you need to fill the transfer of ownership form and bring the following documents with the filled form:

  • A copy of CNIC of both the buyer and seller
  • A No Objection Certificate (NOC) by the bank
  • The original book and running papers of the vehicle in question 
  • Original Registration Certification 
  • The original sales certificates and invoices of the vehicle 
  • A sales letter issued by the Vehicle Dealer to the MRA (Motor Registration Authority) 
  • Tax receipt of registration fees and number plate 

 Note: These documents are to be submitted before the inspection begins. The person in charge of inspection will verify your documents and then proceed with the process, focusing on the number plate and engine details. 

In the next step for obtaining a vehicle transfer letter in Karachi – your documents would be verified by the Motor registration office of the excise and taxation officers. Once your documents are verified, head over to the queue with your already filled Sale Deed and Scanning Order form. You must join the queue with your car’s respective number plate’s alphabetical series. 

The details of the processing fees for the transfer of vehicle ownership in Karachi is mentioned below:

  • The processing fees for vehicles with the engine power of 1000 CC is PKR 1200 
  • For cars that exceed 1000 cc, the fees would be PKR 1500. 

 Note: At this point, you will receive a receipt with the date and time for when you need to pick up your documents. 


In the last stage of the process of obtaining vehicle transfer letter in Karachi, you need to go collect your documents from the same window you had submitted them. One of the only requirements when collecting your documents is to have your name authorized on the scanning order form.

Note: It usually takes around 10 days before you can go collect your documents.

We understand that the process of vehicle ownership transfer in Karachi can be a little overwhelming, it is the sole reason why we have added the whole process of obtaining your vehicle transfer letter in Karachi with its cost, time, and details.
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