Everything to Know About LDA Land Usage Rules 2020

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has, quite recently, introduced Land Usage Rules 2020. According to the new rules, the land is categorized into ten classes that will further promote, expand, and elevate the current usage of land in the City of Gardens. 

In this article, we will take a look at how this planned framework will help the city transform the current land usage, along with some essential details. 

Let’s begin! 

Land Usage Rules 2020 Announced by LDA 

As mentioned in the beginning of the blog, the Lahore Development Authority has recently announced Land Usage Rules to elevate the current situation of Lahore’s real estate market. The current classification has been made into three broad categories that are further divided into residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, institutional, mixed-use, open spaces, recreational, etc. 

These are three broad categories introduced in the new Land Usage Rules announced by LDA:

  • Permitted Use 
  • Permissible to Use
  • Prohibited for Use 

Residential properties such as houses, apartments, and residential buildings while additional spaces such as playground, parking, graveyard, old home and orphanages, plant nurseries, urban farms and forests have been highlighted in the category of ‘Permitted Use’. 

Moving forward, the permissible use of land in residential areas allows the development of a corner, retail shops, daycare centres or nurseries, schools, coaching or tuition centres, rehabilitation centres, and community centres. Meanwhile, fitness centres, religious institutions, ATM facilities, and medical clinics have also been added to the list. 

Offices, parking lots, colleges and universities, libraries, government or semi-government offices, hospitals, and diplomatic enclave are also categorised as ‘permissible to use’. Similarly, commercial zones can be used for the construction of multi-storey buildings, cinemas, auditoriums, exhibition halls, departmental stores, shopping malls, and small markets. Not to mention, the construction of tribunal on commercial zone is also permitted if the said property is not more than 2 kanal. 

Industrial zones can include cottages, small to large scale industries, warehouses and storages, and loading and unloading spaces, and petrol or gas stations. In addition to that, using the land for activities such as storing, packing, cleaning, preparing or manufacturing of blasting powder have been prohibited. Similarly, ammunition, fireworks, gun powder, sulphur, mercury, gasses, nitro-compounds, phosphorus, dynamite, explosives, bombs, and other such materials have also been marked as ‘prohibited for use’.

So, this is where we will wrap our piece on Land Use Rules 2020 announced by Lahore Development Authority. As per the official document, these regulations were drafted after taking legal advice, suggestions, and due considerations from town planners, businessmen, architects, lawyers, and developers of the city. 

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Cover Image Credits: Facebook/Lahore Development Authority