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Update (Feb 16, 2022):

The sudden hike in petrol prices in Pakistan may impact the FESCO bill tariff. Ultimately, consumers will have to be cautious about electricity consumption in the upcoming summers. The overall crisis of petrol in the entire world hit almost every country regardless of what economic level they have. Due to a halt in the supply chain during 2020-2021, caused by COVID19, petrol prices are now roaring everywhere. This major hike is an all-time record-breaker in the history of Pakistan. This issue was about to occur a few months back in November 2021 when a dispute took place between the federal government of Pakistan and the petrol pumps union (Pakistan Petrol Pump Dealers Association). As a result, PPDA announced a strike that hit the entire country’s transportation for around 3 days. The matter was temporarily settled but the prices couldn’t be held stable for so long.

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, a power supply company that serves some of the major cities of central Punjab. Before discussing the FESCO online bill we need to have a brief look at the foundation of FESCO. With its inauguration in 1998, the energy sector has further expanded to cater for an extensive area, an area that plays a vital role in Pakistan’s textile industry.  For instance, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Mianwali, Khushab, Jhang, Chiniot, Bhakkar and Toba Tek Singh. It is one of the reasons why Faisalabad is called “Manchester of Pakistan”. FESCO comes under the regulations of NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) and WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority). 

How to do FESCO Online Bill Check 2021

FESCO Online Bill Check
Enter your reference number and get your bill’s status within a few seconds.

You do not need to go to any regional office, you do not need to even contact the helpline for this task. The only thing you need is a smart device and an internet connection. Furthermore, use your personal computer or a smartphone and follow the below steps to see the status of your FESCO online bill.

  • Visit the official website of FESCO
  • Select the “Customer Service” tab.
  • Select the “Web Bill Printing” tab.
  • Enter your reference number in the box.
  • Click on “Search”.

How to Process FESCO Online Bill Payment

There are multiple ways for online payment as well as you may choose the conventional payment method. From mobile applications to post offices, there is a broad range of payment options. For online, you may either download your concerned bank’s mobile application, Jazz Cash application, UBL Omni application or even EasyPaisa application. Processing payment through these applications is a piece of cake. Lastly, just download, Install, Register your account, select the “Utility Bill Payment” option, fill in details and proceed to the transaction. 

  • Easy Paisa
  • Jazz Cash 
  • Commercial Banks (Branch/Mobile application) 
  • NADRA Collection Points
  • UBL Omni Mobile Application
  • Post Offices

In addition, If you have a connectivity issue, you can visit any commercial bank’s branch, Pakistan Post office, UBL Omni bank or NADRA collection points with your bill and payment.

What is FESCO Online Application?

FESCO Online Application
FESCO Online Application

You may submit a FESCO online application as well as a complaint via the website. Both are available on the website. Whether you have a complaint or need to launch a request for any issue related to billing or meter respectively, everything is available on the website. Here is how you can process them.

  • Visit FESCO’s official website.
  • There is a 5th tab at the bottom of the home page.
  • Click “New Connection”.
  • Now fill in all the details in the form that will open on a new page.
  • Also, upload the scanned copies/clear mobile pictures of all the required documents.
  • Click on “Terms and Conditions”.
  • Click on “Submit” to complete the request.

Complaint via the website (E-Complaint form) 

  • Visit the official website.
  • Select the “Ease of Doing Business (e-service)” tab. 
  • Select “Complaint Registration”. 
  • A new page will open with the name “CCMS”.
  • Select “Register Complaint” at the top of the page. 
  • Now you can fill all the required boxes to launch your complaint. 

How to Avail FESCO Bill SMS Service?

To avail of the SMS alert service, you do not need to visit any regional office. This procedure is as simple as pie. Everyone in this modern world needs notification for every transaction or news alert, while SMS service is great as well as cheap for that. Below is how you can activate your FESCO SMS service.

  • Just visit the official website of FESCO.
  • Click on the tab “Customer Service” in the left panel.
  • Now click on number 9th option “SMS Registration Form”.
  • Enter your reference number and mobile number in the boxes.
  • You can find the reference number from your old bill or contact the helpline number if you do not have an old bill.
  • Click on “Submit/Update”.

How to do FESCO Bill Check by Meter Number?

If anyone is looking to get the status of the FESCO online bill through meter number, sorry, it is not possible. Only your reference number is the code you can use to check the status of your bill. In case you have lost your previous bills and can’t find a reference number, contact the helpline or visit the nearest regional office of FESCO to get your reference number. 

How to Calculate FESCO Bill Manually?

People often face issues in calculation, which leads to a panic situation. If you need to calculate the FESCO bill manually to eliminate any doubts about reading, you can simply follow the steps below.

  • First of all, multiply the wattage of an appliance by the hours of its usage.
    For example, the wattage of a fluorescent lamp (energy saver) x hours used (14 watts x 6 Hrs. per day).
  • Divide it by 1000 to get the kWh rate (84/1000).
  • Multiply it by the kWh rate per unit (0.084 x 14.01).
  • You will get the cost of electricity by that. (Rs. 1.176 for the usage of a fluorescent lamp per day).

Cost of electricity (Per unit rate x number of units) + Meter rent + FC (Financing Cost) surcharge + GST + FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment) + TV fee + TR (Tariff Rationalization) surcharge = Total electricity bill

How to Check FESCO Bill Unit Rate 2021 and FESCO Bill Calculator?

FESCO Bill Calculator
With the help of the number of units and per-unit price, you can easily calculate your bill by yourself.

The electricity tariff has multiple ranges with separate charges per unit. From 0 to 700 onwards, this range goes on. Furthermore, standard electricity peak hours in Pakistan are from 6 pm to 10:30 pm, charges are higher in peak hours. Thus, during peak time, the rate will be Rs. 19.19, while Rs.13.30 for non-peak time.

FESCO Bill Unit Rate (Domestic 2019 – Current)

Rs. 14.59 for units 0 -100

Rs. 16.41 for units 101-200

Rs. 17.53 for units 201-300

Rs. 19.07 for units 301-700

Rs. 20.61 for units above 700

(Commercial 2019 – Current)

Rs. 19.56 per unit (For less than 5 kW sanctioned load)

Rs. 19.22 per unit (For more than 5 kW sanctioned load)


To illustrate, you consumed 830 units in a month. Here is how you will calculate them.

For first 0-100 units, per unit price will be Rs. 14.59                     (100 x 14.59) = Rs. 1,459
For next 101-200 units, per unit price will be Rs. 16.41                 (100 x 16.41) = Rs. 1,641
Next 201-300 units, per unit price will be Rs. 17.53                       (100 x 17.53) = Rs. 1,753
Next 301-700 units, per unit price will be Rs. 19.07                       (400 x 19.07) = Rs. 7,628
Lastly, 700 and onwards, per unit price will be Rs. 20.61               (130 x 20.61) = Rs. 2,679.3
                                                                                                         Total = Rs.  15,160.3

How to Generate FESCO Duplicate Bill?

People often lose their old or even recent utility bills, but there is a simple way to generate a duplicate bill. What you need to do is simply visit the official website of FESCO and follow the steps below. With the help of that, you will be able to get a duplicate bill and then simply have your FESCO bill printout. 

  • Just visit the website of FESCO.
  • Click on the tab “Ease of Doing Business (e-Service)”.
  • Now click on “Duplicate Bills”.
  • Enter your reference number in the box.
  • You can find the reference number from your old bill or contact the helpline number if you do not have an old bill.
  • Click on “Search”

Tips to Reduce Electricity Bill at Home

  • Switch all the conventional energy savers/bulbs with LED lights.  
  • Use a gas stove and gas geyser more than a microwave and electric heater.
  • Turn off heavy appliances like the refrigerator when using a water pumping motor or air conditioner.
  • Use solar panels for a massive cut down of electricity bills (If affordable).
  • Use an inverter air conditioner instead of a standard air conditioner.
  • Avoid using heavy appliances during peak hours (6 pm-10 pm).

Head office address 

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, West Canal Road, Abdullah Pur, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

FESCO Contact Number
+92- 41- 9220184
+92- 41-9220229

UAN number 080066554


We hope that we covered all the queries related to FESCO online bill, which can help all the users to properly check, calculate and pay their electricity bills. Finally, fuel prices, GST, and other additional charges also matter alongside variable charges, which is why we have also elaborated the calculation above to clarify the per-unit price method. If you belong to the Peshawar region, the PESCO bill online method might help you. For further informative blogs related to electrical usage or billing, you may visit Jagah Online. You may also contact us for suggestions and feedback via blogs@jagahonline.com.