Experience the Adventures of the Deosai National Park 

Pakistan is among those countries of the world, which are blessed with the natural beauty of the land. Whether you go for valleys, mountains, rivers, or lakes, everything is just astounding and mesmerizing. Similarly, Deosai National Park is one of them you need to visit at least once in your lifetime. Especially if you are fond of the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges. Let’s take you on a virtual tour of this captivating place in Pakistan.

About Deosai National Park

About Deosai National Park
For a perfect vacation, Deosai National Park is the place you need to visit with your family and friends.

Deosai means “the Land of Giant or Shadows”. Also, the locals call it “Summer’s Place” as tourists can visit only in summers because the weather is extremely harsh in winters. The Government of Pakistan with the cooperation of WWF (World Wildlife Fund) launched this park in 1993 for the preservation of wildlife, especially the Himalayan Bears. 

They are among those animals which are endangered so fast and have reached a total population of just around 35 in the first decade of the 21st century.  Also, explore Hingol National Park in southern Pakistan and its mysteries.

Sheosar Lake

This park provides a fascinating view as there are a few alpine lakes around it. Especially, Sheosar Lake is the most beautiful one. Moreover, there is the Shigar River which forms sub-rivers like Kala Pani and Bara Pani to contribute to the beauty of that landscape. Make sure to keep hygiene in it because environmental issues could damage tourism in Pakistan

Location of Deosai Park

If we discuss the location of it, it is right at Deosai Park Road in Astore Valley of Gilgit Baltistan.  Geographically, it is in proximity to Western Himalayas, Karakoram and Nanga Parbat. These mountain ranges of Pakistan are clearly visible, which provide a gripping view from Deosai Park.

Also, Ladakh Territory is in its east, while this whole region is a land of mountains, valleys, rivers, meadows, and lakes if you explore further. This Deosai Park is at 13500 ft (4,114 m) above sea level with an area between 3000 sq km to 3600 sq km. Have a look at these highest mountain ranges in Pakistan.

How to Reach Deosai Park?

 If you travel by road, there will be an unforgettable view of mountain ranges you can experience.

But how can a person reach this place? For that, you have two ways, either by road or by plane. If you go by air, you can catch a flight from Islamabad to Skardu. It will hardly take 1 hour to cover 300 km of distance. After reaching Skardu, you can move towards Deosai National Park by road, which is only 30 km away from Skardu. 

If you choose the bus service, it will be via Gilgit from Islamabad to Skardu. However, it will take around 600 km via bus/car service. In addition, it will take more than 12 hours, so you had better carry some snacks with you. Moreover, NATCO Bus Service (Northern Area Transport Corporation) and private car services are options for it.

Deosai National Park Wildlife

This park is also famous for its Flora and Fauna, which provide a wide range of wildlife. Namely, Himalayan Brown Bear, Himalayan Ibex, Gray Wolf/Himalayan Wolf, Markhor, Snow Leopard, Tibetan Red Fox, Himalayan Marmot, Himalayan Snowcock, Peregrine Falcon, Golden Eagle, Bearded Vulture, Lugger Falcon, and Musk Deer. These animals are not just rare in the world but also some of them are becoming endangered. This is the beauty of Deosai National Park wildlife, where you can rarely see them.

Deosai National Park Hotels and Foods

Chapshuro (tortilla with meat filling) is like a Baltistani version of pizza.

There are numerous hotels near Deosai National Park. Also, some people choose accommodation with basic facilities while some go for luxury. It all depends upon your budget. In addition, the range of charges per night for a person is between Rs. 2,500 and Rs. 30,000. Location, amenities and demand factors affect the prices of these hotels. The closer the access you have from Deosai Park, the higher the charges will be.

You may also try local dishes of Skardu like Chapshuro, Apricot Cake, Gyal, Balay, Prapu, and Tumoro Tea. These are some of the traditional dishes of the Baltistani people, which you can try in the mountainous region of Pakistan. Moreover, Mutton Stew is also a very famous dish here. 

Deosai National Park Camping

If you have a dream of camping and hiking just like the shows you might have watched on your TV, this is the place to make your dream come true. Furthermore, many people visit this place for camping adventures. From camping to horse trekking and wildlife experiences, you will find everything you have ever imagined before. Lastly, you may soothe your eyes with the Milky Way at night while camping there. 


That’s all from us about Deosai National Park. Make sure you know these useful backpacking tips. Visiting these places is a once-in-a-blue moon moment for all of us. Because it is not easy to travel in this busy life, especially after the shrinkage of the economy since Covid19.

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