The Mysterious Chaukhandi Tombs of Karachi

Necropolises have been a sign of ancient existence, which you may find in the entire world. Because past civilisations are buried under these necropolises with secrets to be revealed. Similarly, countries like Egypt, Iran, Italy, and Greece, exhibit mammoth remnants of historical events, which reordered the entire world. Chaukhandi Tombs are also among them, which you need to explore once in your life. Also, have a look at these historic forts in Pakistan.

Here we will uncover some important information about one of the ancient sites of Pakistan. The reason is its dead silent necropolis with mysterious tombs. Let’s have a look at them. 

History of Chaukhandi Tombs

History of Chaukhandi Tombs
This specific mausoleum shows that these must be some high-status graves as compared to others.

 If we go back in the time, historians claim that this Chaukhandi Tomb belonged to the Jokhio Tribe (Sindhi caste) and Baloch families. Moreover, it depicts a lost world of these families, which used to rule in this region during the 15th Century according to some historians. 

This place came under the spotlight when H. D. Baskerville, an assistant collector of Thatta, noticed it in 1917. As a result, this necropolis was included in Pakistan’s tentative list of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Have a look at some of the other heritage sites in Pakistan.

If it belongs to the era of the 15th century, this might reveal some culture of the Mughals too. Because they were the ruling power in the subcontinent at that time. However, you can find Mughal remnants in central and northern Punjab of Pakistan.  

Significance of Chaukhandi Tombs

At the moment, there are almost 1500 tombs. While only 30% are intact till now. If you look at their structure, all of them are kind of pyramids with slabs increasing to the bottom with yellow sandstone slabs. These sarcophagi have very eccentric structures as per their ancestors. If you look closely, you will see the engraving of Sindhi and Balochi cultures. Whereas, you can identify male tombs through engravings of weapons and horses, while female ones through jewellery and body ornaments. 

Furthermore, you may see a mausoleum in the middle of the graveyard, which signifies the grave of this tribe’s leader or saint. Because nothing is written on them except traditional carving. Historians recognized them as an Islamic necropolis because all the tombs are in the direction of the Holy Kaaba (an Islamic site for prayers). This feature also helped historians recognise the background of these Chaukhandi Tombs. You may find out more in Pakistan’s province of Sindh similar to it. All these places have significant values in the hearts of the locals.

  • Mohen-Jo-Dar
  • Makli Hills 
  • Harappa
  • Miani Sahib Graveyard

Location and Timings

If you are planning to visit this place, make sure you carry everything with you. Have a look at these places for tourism in Pakistan. Also, if you are a student of media science studies or any related field, you might further observe the intricate work on these graves. Because all of them will show you some kind of cultural communication of that era. 

In addition, if you visit this place in the early morning, that will be great, otherwise, you may face extremely harsh weather in the early afternoon.

Address: National Highway-5, near FAST University, Landhi Town, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

Timings: 7 am – 7 pm (standard timings)

Ancient Site of Tourism in Pakistan 

Ancient Site of Tourism in Pakistan
Historians from all around the world would be wondering to study further about this ancient place.

Many ancient sites like this are in Pakistan, which you may visit for adventure or educational purposes. Likewise, in Chowkandi Graveyard, many students, writers, tourists, and also movie/TV serial creators visit this site. The reasons are the hidden mysteries and captivating formations of tombs in this graveyard. 

Haunted Stories of Chowkandi Graveyard

Here comes the legends of Chaukhandi Tombs. Where many people consider it one of the haunted places in Karachi. Well, if you visit any graveyard at night, it will be the most haunting moment of your life. However, you may read about it in this list of haunted places in Karachi.


All these mysteries will remain unearthed because many lost civilisations are beneath this land. The way Mohen Jo Daro was itself a mystery for a long time, this place is also following the same pattern somehow. If you want to know more, you need to visit it to experience the peculiar theme of this place.  Read everything about the mysteries of Hingol Park here. If you need more content like that, visit the Jagah Online blogs section and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.