Paradise Water Park- Time to Beat the Summer Heat

Hot scorching sun rays bring us to the water parks and various other fun places in the city. However, when searching for family picnic options, we get concerned about safety also. In order to provide you with the best services, Paradise Water Park has great fondness among people. This water park is one of the best action-packed theme parks featuring water sports, plummeting slides, a relaxing wave pool, and the first-ever aqua disc in the country. Sounds fascinating right? Let’s jump in the splash of facts and find out the details of this fantastic water park.

Details of Paradise Island Water Park

Where is Paradise Island Water Park Located? 

Where is Paradise Island Water Park Located
The route of Paradise Island Water Park

The Paradise Water Park Gharo is located at a distance of approx. 70 kilometres from Karachi, which is at a drive of approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes. However, the water park is situated on the Main National Highway Road, Thatta. You can drive there via private car. Alternatively, if you are planning a short trip, you can book a van or any suitable vehicle, depending on the family size.  

Where to Buy Paradise Water Park Ticket?

The tickets are available at the main entrance gate, which can be bought while entering the water park. Additionally, Paradise Water Park contact number is available on their official website; you can register your entry over there. 

Ticket Price is as follows:

  • The ticket for a single person is PKR 800.
  • Kids under 2 years have no charges

What Are Paradise Water Park Opening Hours?

The water park is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm in the afternoon. These timings are followed from Monday to Sunday. Meanwhile, Sunday is dedicated to Family Day

Features At Paradise Island Water Park

Undoubtedly, It is the top place to visit this summer for some refreshment. Moreover, the facilities and features it provides at economical rates are quite appreciable. Some of the best features it offers are as follows:

  • Thrilling Water Slides at Escape
  • Fun Wave Pool
  • Rain Showers
  • Birthday Celebration
  • School Picnics and Corporate Events

Thrilling Water Slides at Escape

The most common fact about waterslides is that they can be big, small, and have various shapes and designs. However, irrespective of a straight slide or curve, the goal is to provide ultimate fun. And that is the thing we all love best about water slides. 

The park consists of 22 thrilling water slides, which are unique in their shape and characteristics. Although, you might be thinking about is there any water slide for kids? Well, yes, it has 8 small slides for kids. These water slides are not very high and not attached to deep water, relieving the parents. Indeed, kids are fond of slides. Sliding down with excitement into the water is always refreshing. 

Fun Wave Pool

Fun Wave Pool
Water forming delightful waves.

Paradise Island Water Park has a series of attractions for visitors. Hurricane wave pool is made up of artificially constructed water waves; like the ocean sounds cool, right? Here you can enjoy the sea feel in a pool by bobbing up and down in waves. 

Additionally, if you are afraid of seawater, you can spend your time here without any fear of drowning. Children and grownups can enjoy the endless waves crashing over them. Hands down! This is the best summer fun.  

Rain Showers

Once the summer heat waves hit the city, people rushed towards the seaside and beaches. Besides, the majority opt for farmhouses and water parks.

However, you will find water parks filled with people enjoying water slides and having rain shower parties. Similarly, the rain shower in Paradise Island Water Park is a unique feature, providing water splashing activities. The disc has amazing flickering colourful lights, giving the ambience of the party.   

Birthday Celebration 

Birthday Celebration
A birthday celebration at the water park. 

A birthday celebration at the Water Park is always way more fun. A large area of this water park is dedicated to hosting events like weddings, parties, and events. Family get-together makes the place happen with tons of joyful moments.   

School Picnics and Corporate Events

Moreover, school picnics and corporate events are also organised at Paradise Water Park. Schools’ students and offices can avail themselves of some discounts. Additionally, family dinners and official dinners are also organised at the park. To avail of all this, the initial step is to book the slot as soon as possible. For more details, you can call the number given below. 

Paradise Island Water Park Contact Number: +(92)301-2228631

Final Thoughts

Well, that is everything about the Paradise water park in Karachi, and you should visit it once a year. You will find adventurous water sports in a safe and sophisticated environment. The kids will love this place, because of so many water activities. In order to cope with the summer, jumping in cold water is a perfect idea. So, are you excited to visit this amazing Water Park?

Besides, if you are in Lahore looking for a summer vacation escape, Deosai National Park is the perfect escape. 

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